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Taupo – Volcanic tours in New Zealand


Taupo is a town on the shoreline of Lake Taupo in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand; it is the seat of the Taupo District Council as well as it is situated in the the southern part of Waikato Region.
In 1953, Taupo was formally constituted as a borough; however from 1989 it is often administered by the Taupo District Council, the district which includes both Taupo by itself along with the surrounding hinterland. Because of this, it really is sometimes generally known as a city. It is the 20th largest urban region in New Zealand, along with the second-largest in the Waikato Region (behind Hamilton).
The term Taupo, for which the town is often identified, means to say “The great cloak of Tia”, wherein Tia is the term of the discoverer of the lake.

Geothermal activity

To find yourself in the heart of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, one really does not need to travel far to come across geothermal activity; as there are lots of samples of this around Taupo, even though these are not as greatly marketed or developed as those in close proximity of Rotorua; they nevertheless offer a fascinating understanding of the fragility of our planet.

Maori Culture

Enroll in an Eco-Cultural Tour to discover Maori culture. The guide is going to take you through the wonderful Pureora Forest Park; and also describe how the Maori individuals made use of the forest sources in their everyday lives.

Areas to see

There are numerous sights of interest in the Taupo area, the majority of that happen to be free of charge, so you ought to set per day aside to take a look at a few of the sights. To go around the sights transport is essential – a mountain bike at the minimum for those who have some physical fitness or maybe a rental car or shuttle for individuals who choose to relax while on holiday.

Aratiatia Dam

The initial dam in the Waikato Hydro power system. The gates are opened every day at 10AM, 12PM, 2PM as well as 4PM (10, 12 & 2 in the course of winter), these causes the breathtaking recreation of the Aratiatia Rapids.

Huka Falls

These falls are New Zealand’s most traveled to place in terms of natural appeal, situated just to the north of the town on the Waikato River. New Zealand’s greatest river is forced between a thin split in the bedrock. It is quite an amazing spectacle with streams often exceeding beyond 220,000 litres per second.


A fairly lakeside village 15 minutes drive west of Taupo.

Lake Taupo Museum and Art Gallery

This is a little museum situated in close proximity to the centre of town behind the Great Lake Centre on Story Place. Includes displays on the Maori, Volcanic as well as early European history of Taupo. A Maori conference house has been recreated within the building as well as exhibitions of art by local as well as New Zealand artists happen. The “Ora” garden which earned the 2004 Chelsea Flower Show has been recently added in a particularly created outside region.

Lions Walk

A walkway beginning in the town, and then proceeding south for around 5 miles following the lake edge. Provided in places by way of the efforts of local service clubs. Walking like this is great.

Mount Tauhara

The mountain, located on the eastern side of town can be climbed fairly easily (obtain directions from whichever hotel you are staying at) along with the views from the top on a definite day are remarkable, take your camera with you.

Waipahihi Botanical Reserve

Situated in the suburbs, this reserve has both vehicle as well as walking tracks, having both forest and also gardens. Additionally boasts the most effective vantage view points of the lake as well as mountains of the Tongariro National Park.

Craters of the Moon

A simple 45min/2.75km walk through a lively and ever transforming geothermal wonderland.

Volcanic Activity Centre, Karetoto Road

Just north of town in the Wairakei Tourist Park is the Volcanic Activity Centre which offers an understanding of the Taupo Volcanic Zone. There are numerous interactive exhibits and educational trips which can be arranged.

Fun Things to do

• Bungy jumping
• Jet boating
• Skydiving
• Cruising/sailing
• Chartered & Fly Fishing
• Chartered Trout Fishing
• Fly Fishing
• Scenic flight
• Walking / Hiking
• Mind Junction
• Topgun Paintball
• Lilliput Farm
• Taupo Horse Treks

Best time to visit (weather)

The weather of Taupo is cold as well as windy; when compared to other areas of the North Island. This really is because of the town being situated inland, which ends up in a weather condition where there is a lot of amassing of dry air leading to serious frost during winter season. Nevertheless snowfall in Taupo is uncommon. The summer weather in Taupo is mild with highest average climate reaching 23 degrees as well as a minimum average temperature of ten degrees.


Great Lake Cycle Challenge: This event began in 1977 with simply 30 riders; over a period of time, this 160km path cycle around Lake Taupo now appeals to over 10,000 entrants each year. Additionally it is now a part of the prestigious UCI Golden Bike Series. The last Saturday in November is the timeframe for the event.

Ironman New Zealand: Taupo continues to be home to this event ever since 1999. Ironman New Zealand is the oldest event beyond the borders of the world championships in Hawaii. It is held on the first Saturday in March each and every year.

Levene Half Marathon: New Zealand’s biggest half marathon as well as the biggest in the southern hemisphere, covers the shoreline of Lake Taupo for the majority of the course. It is held in early August each year.

Oxfam Trailwalker: The world’s most effective team challenge for anti-poverty as well as overcoming injustice provides you with a rewarding physical endeavor, an exciting experience to share with buddies as well as colleagues; along with the opportunity to take action amazing on your own and others.

Taupo on Google Maps

How you can get there (flights / airport, bus, trains, driving)

By plane:
Taupo Airport is serviced by Air New Zealand. You will find flights every day from Auckland. This airport also provides for private jets as well as other aircraft; which is the most active parachute drop zone in New Zealand. Panoramic flights as well as skydiving are a well known appeal for the area.

By bus:
InterCity, Manabus as well as Nakedbus offer bus facilities to Taupo many times per day from all through the North Island.

Adventure travel networks, for example Kiwi Experience, Stray as well as Contiki additionally visit Taupo (each day in summer).

By car:
Approximate time for driving is:
• Auckland – 4hours
• Samilton – 2hours
• Rotorua – 1hours
• Napier – 2hours
• Wellington – 5hours

Get around:
Tours nearby and local regions can be viewed using any of the following:
• Shoursuttle
• Taxi
• Rental Cars

Distance from major cities
• Choursathoursam Island and Taupo (853, 98 km.)
• Old and Taupo (70, 24 km.)
• Gisborne and Taupo (169, 07 km.)
• Taranaki and Taupo (159, 35 km.)
• Manakau and Taupo (237, 19 km.)
• Nelson and Taupo (372, 60 km.)
• Napier and Taupo (115, 46 km.)
• Taupo and Manawatu-Wanganui (128, 00 km.)
• Taupo and Whoursangarei (363, 69 km.)
• Taupo and Kamo Bypass (368, 84 km.)
• Taupo and Whoursakapara (384, 35 km.)
• Taupo and Diamond Sarbour (616, 68 km.)

Overall, Lake Taupo is beautiful and an area which is fun filled, exciting and filled with adventure and beauty.

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Free things to do in Taupo:

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