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Travel – Jasper – Canada – Part 3

Jasper is a specialized municipality in western Alberta in Canada, very attractive for nature lovers. Read more about this in the previous part (Jasper Natural Park – Part 2)

Cross-country Skiing
• If you are interested in cross country skiing, then there are a number of such options in Jasper.

Mountain Galleries
• In 1992, a film-maker and artist named Wendy Wacko set up galleries in Jasper in 1992.
• These are one of the largest commercial galleries that have been established in Western Canada.
There are other branches in the following areas:
– Banff
– Whistler Resort
• This collection represents the work of some major and mid-career artists.
• The advantage of this kind of gallery is that it takes the full advantage of the 35 years of working experience of Wendy Wacko in the arts.
• The gallery, in addition to representing artists, also provides upcoming artists with studio space and accommodation as a part of the residence program in all 3 locations.

Activity: Ice Skating
• When you think of Canada, you would think of an ice skating rink and team, and you can enjoy the experience of ice skating on a frozen lake in Jasper in the Rocky Mountains.

Activity: Ski Touring
• Ski touring has a number of proponents, and as you would expect, Jasper National Park offers a variety of options for a day tour as well as overnight.

Activity: Dog Sledding Tours
• Dog sleds have an incredible reach in rough areas, and provide the best way to venture deep into the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

Activity: Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding
• Like other winter and ice / snow options, Downhill skiing and snowboarding have their own adherents and enthusiasts, and when you consider the rugged landscape of The Rocky Mountains in Jasper National Park, there are a number of options for downhill skiing and snowboarding.

Activity: Snowshoeing
• Snowshoeing is getting to be very popular, and the park provides a number of such options for this activity.

Acivity: Maligne Canyon Ice Walk
• This walk provides visitors with a great experience of the wonders of the Maligne Canyon.

Some of the Natural Wonders in Jasper

Columbia Icefield
• When you consider regions to the south of Alaska, this Ice field is counted as the largest such ice field. Since it is glacial, it provides a shimmering perspective, with snow cover extending to an area of about 390 sq. km.
• The Athabasca Glacier, another attraction, is a tongue of the Columbia Ice field and can be visited through a thrilling 90-minute Ice Age adventure. The adventure provides some great views of what people come to look for – streamlets that are fed by ice, as well as deep icy crevasses.
• There are guided Glacier Ice-walks; you can also visit the Icefield Interpretive Centre. The center provides various exhibits with educational information.
• In the ice field, you can get facilities such as camping, Seasonal accommodation, and food options.
• And, of course, there are hiking trails nearby.

Maligne Lake
• The lake has the same name as the valley in which it is located, the majestic Maligne Valley
• This is a real beautiful lake, with another great property, being the 2nd largest glacier-fed lake in the world. The lake has a length of about about 22 km.
• For tours of the lake, there are boat options, in this case, there is a 11.5 hour boat cruise available.
• Some of the attractions of this cruise include views of glacier-studded mountain peaks, and will take you past the world-famous Spirit Island.
• The Boat Cruise is open in summer from between May to October.

• Another place worth visiting is the historic Maligne Chalet, the restoration being the labour of a local craftsman called Floyd Coleman.
• The chalet is worth visiting because of the setting of the Chalet, located next to the Maligne Lake and with the Rocky Mountains all around, and becoming a nice romantic place.

Maligne Canyon
• Canyons, especially when they are deep and sheer, provide a great view and tourist attraction. And one of these is the Maligne Canyon, this being one of the most spectacular gorges present in the Canadian Rockies.
• There Canyon has sheer limestone walls and with the depth of these wheels walls going down to 50 meters.
• And like any other great natural place, there is a great trail that passes through a picnic area and crosses a total of 6 bridges. From this location, one can enjoy the spray from the Maligne River.
• Another great view is by peering into the mossy depths.
• In winter, the guided Canyon Tour is a different tour, one that takes you across the floor of the frozen canyon. This kind of tour should not be missed.

Best time to visit / climate

• Jasper’s summer months are temperate, which means you can enjoy a quick dip in the lake without freezing yourself, and also makes outdoor activity comfortable.
• As you get to Fall, it brings beautiful colors along with fabulous hiking conditions.
• Spring is good in most parks, and here also Spring brings wildflowers and gushing rivers which also makes it the ideal time for rafting.
• Winter has both cold snaps and warmer Chinook winds and in between also provides a good feel of Alberta sunshine.
• Altitude of the place is: 1062 m
• Time of the year for Spring: mid-April and reaches the high country by mid-June.
• July is the warmest month with a mean daily maximum temperature of 22.5 degrees Celsius.
• September and October brings fall and along with these, also bring in clear skies and cooler temperatures.
• The winter season has periods of cold snowy weather with the coldest month being January (the average maximum temperature of -7.8 degrees Celsius – cold)

Location on Google Maps

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How to get there

By vehicle:
• Driving to Jasper National Park is scenic and beautiful.
• One of the options is the Highway #16 (also known by an alternate name: the Yellowhead Highway) which runs through the park.
• This highway is the main east-west route to and from Jasper.
• However, this highway pales in comparison to the Icefields Parkway which is the most scenic stretches of highway in the world.
• This highway runs north-south connecting Jasper and connects with the Trans-Canada Highway #1 near Lake Louise and Banff.

By Air
International airports are serviced by major national and international carriers in:
1. Edmonton
2. Calgary
3. Vancouver

By Rail
• Jasper National Park can be accessed by both Via Rail and Rocky Mountaineer.
• Rail travel allows travelers to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery found anywhere on the planet.

By Bus
• Sundog Tours has services to the Calgary International Airport from Jasper via Banff.
• This runs along the spectacular Icefields Parkway.
• The Edmonton International Airport links the new Edmonton-Jasper connector to Jasper.
There is Greyhound bus service regularly to Jasper from:
1. Calgary
2. Edmonton
3. Vancouver

By Rental Car
There are several car rental agencies located in the Jasper.

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