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Travel – Jasper – Canada – Part 2

Part 2 of the article that talks about Jasper (Jasper – Part 1)

Jasper is a specialized municipality in western Alberta in Canada.

Places to see in Jasper

Maligne Lake
• There are regular boat trips to see this lake – 2 different parts of this lake have 2 different colors.
• An island called Spirit Island is located in the center of Maligne Lake.
• Taking a boat cruise is the only way to see this lake with the cruise taking 1.5 hours per round trip.

Activities to do here
• Excellent camping options in the summer.
• In winter, the activities change, focusing on Cross Country and downhill skiing
• Rent a bike is always an option and there are options available with many shops offering rent bribes. Going on such bikes helps to see the area all around.
• One of the best ways to relax after a long day of hiking is Miette Hot Springs.
Some other options to see and do include the following:
• Jasper Tramway
• Columbia Ice Field
• Mount Robson
• GyPSy Guide
• Pyramid Lake
• Maligne Canyon
• Athabasca Falls
• Dogsledding

Some tips about Summer experiences in Jasper

Boating and Paddling
• Jasper allows visitors to do boating in rowboats and canoes in the various lakes and ponds in the park. The lakes allow boats with electric motors as well, but the restrictions are more to do with pollution, such as:
• The boats should not have on-board generators.
• Use of gas-powered motors is restricted.
When in doubt, should talk to Park staff before starting.

• Since it was founded in 1907, Jasper National Park’s have many trails for walking, and provide great natural experiences.

Jasper Dive Adventures
• Now enjoy Jasper from underwater in the crystal clear waters of Patricia Lake. This provides a great experience.

Historical Tours
• Jasper National Park has a non-profit group which provides many historical tours.

Motorcycle Touring
• Get your motor running on great roads with some great views and excellent visages of nature all around.

Galleries and Museums
• For those who like to also enjoy cultural and historical experiences of the place they are visiting, Jasper provides several cultural opportunities for visitors.

Jasper Riding Stables
• For those who want to get a feel of a western adventure, Jasper Park Riding Stables and Outfitters provides opportunities for those who like such experiences.

White Water Rafting
• Thrill seekers like to have a feel of white water rafting, Jasper has a number of rivers and provides an excellent adventure in summer.

Horseback Riding
• In a throwback to older times, horse riding opportunities exist in the mountains of Jasper National Park providing a natural feel while visiting the park.

• Even the presence of a Golf course in Jasper is an attraction for many tourists, with the course preparation taking a lot of time. The course took 200 men and 50 teams of horses working for a year to prepare.

• There are a total of 10 camping areas operated by Parks Canada in Jasper National Park.

Helicopter Tours
• Like many other ways of sightseeing, a helicopter based method of sightseeing provides a great overhead view of the park, and the experience is an incredible experience.

• For the committed anglers, there are opportunities to fish in the park and fishing is permitted for anyone above the age of 18 without a permit.

Jasper Tramway
• Tramways also provide a rich experience for visitors, and a tram (The Jasper Tramway) takes the visitors up to an elevation of 2277 feet.

Galleries and Museums

• Jasper offers many cultural opportunities for visitors in the form of museums and galleries.
• This experience provides visitors with a chance to explore the history of the region.
• For a place offering such a view of natural beauty, it can be interesting to see an experience of the artistic side of the Rocky Mountains.
• As one goes through the town one can see many historical landmarks.
Some of them are:
– Two Brothers Totem Pole
– 6015 Rail Engine
– Mile Zero
– Mystery Rock

Some of the museums in the area are:
Jasper-Yellowhead Museum and Archives
• This museum is a treasure house housing many displays and artifacts.
Natural and human history are explored in the displays of the:
– Jasper National Park area
– The Yellow head Corridor
These have displays of:
– Those who were some of the explorers of the region
– Development of the fur trade as well as evolution of the railroad

• There is a gallery in the Jasper-Yellowhead Museum and Archives which is dedicated to local artists.
• Phone: 780-852-3013
– 400 Bonhomme St.
– Jasper, Alberta
– www.jaspermuseum.org

Best time to visit / climate

• Jasper’s summer months are temperate, which means you can enjoy a quick dip in the lake without freezing yourself, and also makes outdoor activity comfortable.
• As you get to Fall, it brings beautiful colors along with fabulous hiking conditions.
• Spring is good in most parks, and here also Spring brings wildflowers and gushing rivers which also makes it the ideal time for rafting.
• Winter has both cold snaps and warmer Chinook winds and in between also provides a good feel of Alberta sunshine.
• Altitude of the place is: 1062 m
• Time of the year for Spring: mid-April and reaches the high country by mid-June.
• July is the warmest month with a mean daily maximum temperature of 22.5 degrees Celsius.
• September and October brings fall and along with these, also bring in clear skies and cooler temperatures.
• The winter season has periods of cold snowy weather with the coldest month being January (the average maximum temperature of -7.8 degrees Celsius – cold)

Location on Google Maps

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How to get there

By vehicle:
• Driving to Jasper National Park is scenic and beautiful.
• One of the options is the Highway #16 (also known by an alternate name: the Yellowhead Highway) which runs through the park.
• This highway is the main east-west route to and from Jasper.
• However, this highway pales in comparison to the Icefields Parkway which is the most scenic stretches of highway in the world.
• This highway runs north-south connecting Jasper and connects with the Trans-Canada Highway #1 near Lake Louise and Banff.

By Air
International airports are serviced by major national and international carriers in:
1. Edmonton
2. Calgary
3. Vancouver

By Rail
• Jasper National Park can be accessed by both Via Rail and Rocky Mountaineer.
• Rail travel allows travelers to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery found anywhere on the planet.

By Bus
• Sundog Tours has services to the Calgary International Airport from Jasper via Banff.
• This runs along the spectacular Icefields Parkway.
• The Edmonton International Airport links the new Edmonton-Jasper connector to Jasper.
There is Greyhound bus service regularly to Jasper from:
1. Calgary
2. Edmonton
3. Vancouver

By Rental Car
There are several car rental agencies located in the Jasper.

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