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Travel – Dead Sea – Jordan – Part 4

The Dead Sea also referred to as the Salt Sea, is a salt lake surrounding Jordan to the east as well as Israel and the West Bank to the west.

What to See in and around Dead Sea?

• Dead Sea Panoramaic Complex/Dead Sea Museum
– The Dead Sea Panoramaic Complex/Dead Sea Museum is a whole new complex of regional museum regarding the Dead Sea, panorama watch out, restaurant and meeting hall on a high steep cliff.
– It is actually accessible from both Dead Sea and Madaba by vehicle.
– The museum is managed by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature and owns interesting information about the geology, ecology (animal and plant), archaeology, historical past and industry of the Dead Sea and areas in the neighborhood.
– It also offers information about the environmental problem concerning the Dead Sea, such as lowering of the Dead Sea water scale and sinkhole in the Dead Sea coast.
– As the name implies, it possesses a remarkable view of the Dead Sea along with the hills.
– Experiencing the sunset from below is a fantastic experience.

• The Mujib Reserve of Wadi Mujib
– It is considered to be the lowest nature reserve in the world.
– It is located in the mountainous terrain to the east of the Dead Sea, about 90 km southern of Amman.
– The 220 sq kilometers reserve was designed in 1987 by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature.
– The Mujib valley continues to be developed for grand adventure tourism.
– It has various facilities established which includes a Visitors’ Centre as well as a beach region on the Dead Sea.

• Experiencing Jordan’s Grand Canyon involves:
– Swimming
– Jumping
– Abseiling
– Floating
– Red walls are filled with running water that plunges from a 15 m waterfall.

• Hammamat Ma’in
– It is a remarkable number of all-natural hot springs and waterfalls, some of that had been channeled into pools and baths.
– A spa resort is located in the vicinity of the waterfalls

• Lot’s cave
– It is located on the remains of a classic Byzantine monastery and there is also a chapel above the city of Al Safi.
• Admission is free.
• The area is formally closed for development work nevertheless a local guide might escort you up the 300 steps to the cave itself.
• If you happen to be a smaller group, you will be allowed to look inside the cave.
• From the place, it is quite possible to pay attention over the irrigated areas which have developed as the Dead Sea has retreated lately.

Things to do in and around Dead Sea

• It is nearly impossible to drain in the hyper-saline waters.
• A number of visitors mask their body with therapeutic muck.
• Because of the saline nature, you can float very easily in the Dead Sea; actually it is very hard to drown.
• A widely known fad by visitors is usually to get their picture taken while taking a look at a newspaper and floating on the quite surface of the water.
• The muck along the seashore of the Dead Sea is made up of plenty of minerals which are believed to possess therapeutic and medicinal advantages.
• There are many salt deposits and crystal deposits that stretch along the shoreline.
• A number of visitors go for a walk along the beach searching for large bits as souvenirs.
• The water of the Dead Sea provides an oily feel to it.
• Wear water-resistant sandals.

1. Zara Spa, Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea, Sweimeh, Dead Sea Road
• It is located approx. 55 km southern of Amman
• Ph:+ 962 5 356 11 11
• fax : + 962 5 356 11 22
• Time : 8 .30 am – 8 .30 pm
• There are numerous swimming pools which features various mineral quantities, like a heated pool for winter.
• A vast private beach functions along the Dead Sea shore.
Therefore you can find:
– Jacuzzi
– Tennis courts
– A fitness centre
Additionally there are four restaurants along with a number of cafes and bars.

2. Al Wadi Resort
• Phone: +962(5) 349 3333
• Email:
• Fax: +9626(5) 349 3344)
• Type: Resort and Waterpark

3. Amman Beach Resort
• It is a public resort that provides clean facilities. It includes:
– changing rooms
– fresh water showers
– a pool
– a restaurant
– Entrance is 15 JOD
– Lockers can be rented for another 1.5 JD, as well as towels for additional 1.50 JD

4. O Beach Dead Sea Resort
– Tel + 962 5 3492000

Best time to visit / climate

• The Dead Sea’s weather offers year-round warm skies and dry air.
• It possesses lower than 50 millimeters (two inches) mean yearly rainfall.
• The average summer temperature is between 32 and 39°C (90 and 102 °F) .
• Winter temperatures vary between 20 and 23 °C (68 and 73 °F).
• The area has weaker ultraviolet radiation, especially the UVB (erythrogenic rays), and the environment is characterized by an excellent oxygen content because of the high barometric pressure.
• The sea impacts temperatures close by as a consequence of the moderating effect a huge body of water bears on climate.
• In the course of the winter, sea temperatures are generally greater than land temperatures, and the other way round throughout the summer season.
• This is the consequence of the water’s mass and also specific heat capacity.
• Typically, you will find 192 days above 30 degree C yearly.

Location on Google Maps

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How to get there?

• The Dead Sea is a well known day trip from Amman along with several Jordanians which proceeds there on a Friday.
1. By Bus
Alpha Daily Tours (Tel. (06) 5855196)
• Arrange one day tour which includes lunch, pool and beach facilities.
• Embarkation is from Alpha Terminal 7th Circle in Amman.
• The bus departs at 7 am every day to the Dead Sea.
all through the journey.

Other possible ways to reach Dead Sea:
• On the Jordanian side, the Dead Sea is possible as a day trip from both Amman and Aqaba.
• The road is a great dual carriage way.
• Visitor spots are accessible from the main road.
• Highways towards the Dead Sea are clearly signed by brown tourist signs.
• It will be an ambitious 3-hour travel from Aqaba.
• Taxi providers for travel to the Dead Sea can be bought for the day for 20 JD if you hail a cab from down town, down town accommodations charge 35 JD for the identical service.
• Most of the local hotels and resorts have shuttles that tour from Amman to the Dead Sea.
• You will find a couple of bus lines that also run from Amman every day.
• Bus from Mujaharin bus station to Rame will cost you 1 JD.
• Taxi from Rame to Amman Beach costs 4 JD or less.
• Particularly on good climatic conditions on Fridays and Sundays, buses leave from Muhajarin bus station straight for Amman Beach but if not they may drop you along the path which is only a few kilometers before approaching the sea.
• From Aqaba, a taxi can be rented for a day. The cost to enter the Amman Beach is 16 JD and cost is 11 JD for the Locals/Jordian beach.

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