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Travel – Coney Island – New York City – Part 1

Coney Island is a domestic locality as well as a peninsula on the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. It is in southwestern Brooklyn in New York City.

Overview of Coney Island

• The area was earlier an external barrier island; however, it grew to become partly linked to the mainland by land fill.
• Coney Island is widely known as the place of amusement parks along with beach front resort.
• Recently, the region has noticed the opening up of MCU Park and is becoming a haven for the Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball group.
• Coney Retreat is the westernmost part of the barrier islands of Long Island, which is around 4 miles long and also 0.5 miles broad.
• Previously, it was an island, segregated from the main part of Brooklyn by Coney Island Creek that were partly tidal mudflats, however, it has developed into a peninsula since then.
• There have been plans earlier in the 20th century to dredge and also straighten the creek as a ship canal; however they were abandoned along with the center of the creek was filled in for construction of the Belt Parkway before World War II.
• The western and eastern ends at the moment are peninsulas.
• The Cyclone, a 1927 roller coaster, is a well-known amusement park ride at Coney Island.
• Additionally, there is an excellent view of Manhattan from the top of the Wonder Wheel (a large Ferris wheel).
• Elsewhere, the amusement park is slightly seedy, that is a part of its appeal.
• The higher attentiveness of public housing projects in the nearby area will make the neighborhood around the amusement park slightly unsafe.
• Preventative measure needs to be taken when exploring these types of places.

Brighton Beach

• Brighton Beach is home to the biggest Russian-speaking local community outside the former USSR.
• It’s not like some other neighborhood in the city. Mosey on along the well-known boardwalk as well as have a shashlik with a shot of vodka for lunch.
• Sheepshead Bay is situated nearby the Coney Island amusement parks which is a neighborhood heavily populated with lots of Chinese as well as Russian immigrants.
• There are actually piers along the bay on Emmons Avenue exactly where anybody can spend a small fee to be taken out for a full day of fishing.
• Contains dining places along the Bay as well as the famous El Greco diner.

Fireworks on the Beach
• Fireworks shoot off at 9:30pm each and every Friday night time during the season.
• Fireworks usually begin the final weekend in June and also determine the Friday before Labor Day.

Food of Coney Island

Coney Island is the birthplace of hot-dog, and also there is absolutely no shortage of dining possibilities here.
Several of our favorite ones are:
• Grimaldi’s Pizza – 1215 Riegelmann Surf Ave.
• Coney Island Old Time Bagels – 1428 Mermaid Ave.
• Gargiulo’s – 2911 West 15th Street
• Footprints Cafe – 1521 Surf Ave.
• L&B Spumoni Gardens – 2725 86 sty.
• Parkview Diner – 2939 Cropsey Ave.
• Peggy O’Neill’s – 1904 Surf Ave. at MCU Park
• Nathan’s Famous – 1310 Surf Ave.
• & 1129 Boardwalk
• Totonnos Pizzeria Napolitano – 1524 Neptune Ave.
• Ruby’s Bar and Grill – 1213 Riegelmann Boardwalk
• Cha Cha’s Coney Island Seafood Bar & Pizzeria – 1315 Surf Ave.

Rides in Amusement Area

The amusement area consists of numerous rides and games. For example:
– Skiball
– All tossing
– A sideshow which includes games of shooting, throwing, and also tossing skills.
• The rides as well as other amusements at Coney Island are owned and maintained by a number of different companies, and also functions independently.
• Three rides at Coney Island are safeguarded and designated as New York City landmarks and are mentioned in the National Register of historic places.

1. Wonder Wheel
• It was built in 1918 and started in 1920.
• This steel Ferris wheel possesses both stationary cars and also rocking cars that slide along a track.
• It contains 144 riders.
• It is 150 ft tall as well as it weighs over 200 tons.
• During the night time, the Wonder Wheel’s steel frame is outlined and also illuminated by neon tubes.
• It really is situated at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park.

2. The Cyclone roller coaster
• It was built in 1927.
• It is one of the United States earliest wooden coasters.
• Well-liked by roller coaster aficionados, the Cyclone contains an 85 ft, 60 degree drop.
• It is owned by the City of New York and was functioned by Astroland under a franchise agreement.
• It is right now situated in and operated by Luna Park.

3. Parachute Jump
• It was actually constructed as the Life Savers Parachute Jump which is kept at the 1939 New York World’s Fair.
• This was unique and first ride of its type.
• Customers were hoisted to 190 feet and then dropped by use of guy-wired parachutes.
• Even though the ride happens to be shut down from 1968, it continues to be a Coney Island landmark. It is generally known as Brooklyn’s Eiffel Tower.
• Between 2002 and 2004, it had been totally dismantled, cleaned out, colored and refurbished, however, it continues to be non-active.
• After an authorized lighting event in July 2006, the Parachute Jump was slated to be lighted all year round making use of various color motifs to signify the seasons.
• In spite of this, this concept was discarded when New York City began saving electrical energy during the summer months.
• Also, it has not been lighted on a regular basis since.

Best time to visit/Opening hours

• Coney Island is a seasonal center working roughly between Easter as well as Halloween.
• Rides and also attraction are usually open up on weekends from Easter until Memorial Day, all week long from Memorial Day until Labor Day, and then weekends from Labor Day until the end of October.
• The beach and boardwalk are open up throughout the year and also Nathan’s Hot Dogs along with the New York Aquarium are available nearly every day of the year.
• The Coney Island Museum can also be open up on Saturdays as well as Sundays, from noon to 5 PM all through the year.
• Throughout the week, rides as well as attractions open up by noon and run until the late evening.
• At the time of the weekends, the same rides as well as attractions open around noon and run until the early morning.

Location on Google Maps

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How to get there?

• Coney Island is situated in the south most part of Brooklyn.
• The address is 1208 Surf Avenue.

By Train
• Take the trains D, Q N or F to go to Stillwell Avenue. This trip takes approximately 45 – 60 mins. from midtown Manhattan.

By Bus
• B36: Coney Island / Avenue U/Sheepshead Bay
• B64: Coney Island / Bay Ridge
• B68: Coney Island / Windsor Terrace
• B74: Sea Gate / Coney Island
• B82: Coney Island / Spring Creek

By Express Bus from Manhattan
X28, X38

By Car
• Take the Belt Parkway to exit 6.
• Go to south on Cropsey Avenue which goes to West 17th Street.
• MCU Park and the Parachute Jump are on Surf Avenue.
• Metered Parking is present on most of the streets.
There are commercial parking lots located on:
– West 17th Street at MCU Park
– West 12th Street between Mermaid and Surf
– West 15th Street between the Boardwalk and Surf
– Neptune Avenue between West 12th and Stillwell Avenue.

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