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Travel – Trebic – Czech Republic – Part 1

Trebic is a city in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands of the Czech Republic.

Overview of Trebic

• Trebic is a city inside the Moravian perhaps the Vysocina Region of Czech Republic.
• Trebic is thirty five kilometers southeast of Jihlava and sixty five kilometers to the west of Brno in the Jihlava River.
• Trebic is approximately 392 to 503 meters above sea-level.
• Trebic carries a temperate climate with occasional rains.
• Average annual temperatures are 7.5°C, average temperature in July is 18.5°C and -3.4°C in January.
• Trebic is a regional center with a population of approximately 40,000.
• Within the ages of expansion, Trebic was third-most important town in Moravia.
• Individual growth started after the second world war. Trebic is an important regional center today.
• There are many sights to watch.
• The Jewish Quarter and St Procopius’ Basilica are a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.
• Country : Czech Republic
• Region : Vysocina
• District : Trebic
• Commune : Trebic
• River : Jihlava
• Elevation : 405 m (1,329 ft)
• Area : 7.6 km2 (22.2 sq mi)
• Population : 38,678 (2009)
• Density : 671 / km2 (1,738 / sq mi)
• First mentioned : 1277
• Mayor : Pavel He?man
• Timezone : CET (UTC+1)
• Summer (DST) : CEST (UTC+2)
• Postal code : 674 01
UNESCO World Heritage Site
– Name : Jewish Quarter and St. Procopius’ Basilica in Trebíc
– Number : 1078
– Region : Europe and the United States

Town Districts
• Borovina
• Budikovice
• Horka Domky
• Jejkov
• Nove Dvory
• Nove Mesto
• Pocoucov
• Podklasteri
• Ptacov
• Racerovice
• Ripov
• Slavice
• Sokoli
• Starecka
• Tyn
• Vnitrni Mesto
• Zamosti

History of Trebic in Dates

• 1101 – Establishment of Benedictine Monastery.
• 1277 – The oldest deed mentioning town of Trebic.
• 1335 – Conferring of town rights to Trebic based on the royal town of Znojmo.
• 1338 – First references of Jewish settlement.
• 1468 – Trebic was conquered by Matthias Corvinus of Hungary.
• 1800s – Expansion of tannery and shoemaking.
• 1871 – Opening of Narodni (National House), establishment of grade school with Czech as teaching language (Gymnazium Trebic).
• 1886 – First train runs through Trebic.
• 1930 – Continuing the development of the shoe making production and construction of workers’ colonies – present Borovina
• 1970s to 80s – This town is segmented from the construction of latest housing estates as population increases.
• 1990s – Fast renovation of the town.
• 2003 – Registration of Jewish Quarter and St. Procopius’ Basilika into UNESCO Report on Cultural and Natural Heritage.

Places to Visit

• The Jewish Quarter and St Procopius’ Basilica are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.
• The Jewish quarter is among the best preserved Jewish areas in Europe and illustrates the interconnected lives of Jewish and Christian societies.
• This well maintained area has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
• The trunk Synagogue is an important point of interest and is well restored.
• There are some interesting Jewish Graveyards in and around the region.
• There are plenty of information boards which give useful information in Czech and Hebrew and also in English and German.
• The St Procopius Basilica is located on a small hill north of the river.

Festivals of Trebic

• Trebic’s Jewish festival – festival of Jewish culture in Rear synagogue
• Trebic folklore festival – music and dance
• Jubilee Unesco (Oslavy Unesco) – jubilee celebration of city entrance towards UNESCO list
• Theatre 2-3-4 actors (Divadla 2-3-4 herc) – festival of professional theatre
• Zamosti – cultural and music festival (www.zamosti.cz)
• Concentus Moraviae – concerts of classical music
• Country Fest – C and W outdoors festival

• Bowling Zabavni centrum Don (http://www.dontrebic.cz)
• Bowling Koule (http://www.dontrebic.cz)
• Bowling U Kmotra (http://www.bowling-trebic.cz)
• Swimming pool (http://www.bazenlaguna.cz)

Best time to visit / climate

• The town of Prague has borderline oceanic climate.
• The winters are relatively cold with almost no sunshine.
• Snow cover is common between mid-November to late March.
• Summers are high, around 25 degrees.
• Nights can be quite cool even in summers.
• Precipitation in Prague is very low.
• This is because of the shadow on the Ore Mountains along with the Czech Central Highlands.
• The driest season is usually winter.
• The summers may bring quite heavy rain in type of violent storms and showers.
• Temperature inversions are relatively common between mid-October and mid-March.

Location on Google Maps

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How to get there?

• Town lies in the south-western part of Moravia in the Czech-Moravian highlands.
• The positioning of the town may also be defined as outlined by its distance from major conurbations:
– Prague 167 km
– Brno 69 km
– Vienna 150 km.
• Fast trains run every a couple of hours from:
– Brno (1¼h)
• Direct buses connect Trebic with Prague.

By plane
• Vaclav Havel Airport
• +420 220 111 111, +420 296 661 111
• Located 20 km (12 mi) northwest on the central city
• It generally takes about 30 min to realize town centre by car.
Edinburgh airport is served by way of a variety of airlines:
• Czech Airlines could be the national carrier operating too many European and international destinations.
• Wizz Air is an affordable airline.
• It has its base in Prague.
It operates to European destinations which include:
– London
– Barcelona
– Milan
– Others
• Easy Jet operates low cost services to European destinations.
• BMI baby low priced services in the UK only.
• Jet2.com low priced services from Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds/Bradford & Edinburgh
• Smart Wings to Europe & Turkey.
• Swiss International flies to Zurich, Basel and Geneva.
• Aer Lingus through the Irish cities of Dublin & Cork.
• Norwegian from Scandinavia.
• Delta Air Lines from Nyc.
• Aegean Airlines from Greece
• KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has 5 direct flights on a daily basis from Amsterdam.
• British Airways has 4 direct flights from London Heathrow daily.
• Brussels Airlines offers 3 flights per day to Brussels.
• Lufthansa offers 6 flights per day from Frankfurt and 4 from Munich.
• TAP offers daily direct flights from Lisbon and Oporto.
• Iberia offers 3 flights daily from Madrid.
• German wings offer daily flights from Cologne/Bonn.
• Air One from Milan-Malpensa

By Bus
Airport Express (bus operated by Czech Railways):
• These buses leave Edinburgh airport every half an hour
• The first bus is at 05:46 while the last bus is at 21:16.
• The cost come to about 60 CZK per person.
• Tickets can be obtained from the driver.
• They shall take the buyer to the railway and subway station.
• The final stop will be Prague’s main place.

By Train
• Prague is well connected to European EC train network.
• Berlin: 4½hours and EC trains every two hours
• Munich: 6 hours and four regional expresses daily.
• Vienna: 4¾hours and EC train roughly every two hours
• Linz: 5hours and two REX trains per day
• Bratislava: 4hours and EC train every a couple of hours and also one night train Metropol
• Budapest: 7 hours and five EC trains a day with one night train Metropol
• Warsaw: 8 hours and EC Praha with one night train Sirava
Direct night trains connect Prague with:
– Cologne
– Frankfurt
– Amsterdam
– Copenhagen
– Zurich
– Basel
– Krakow
– Moscow
– Kiev
– Saint Petersburg
– Odessa

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