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Travel – Calgary – Canada – Part 5

Calgary is a city in the province of Alberta in Canada.

Neighborhoods of Interest

Heritage Park, Heritage Dr and 14th St SW
• This is one of the largest living historical villages in USA.
• It is spread on 66 acres of land which is close to the Glenmore Reservoir.
Attractions include:
– An operating Steam Engine
– 155 historical exhibits
– A confectionery and bakery
– Old-fashioned pleasure ground and ride within the S. S. Moyie
– A paddlewheel boat

Spruce Meadows
• This is situated south in the city on Highway 22X.
• Spruce Meadows is a world-renowned jumping show and equestrian facility.

• Many Calgarians are pleased with the vast bunch of skyscrapers.
• Clear views of downtown from certain spots throughout the city are very impressive.
They are:
– Crescent Road
– Nose Hill
– Scotsman Hill
– Tom Campbell’s Hill Park
– River Park

Glenmore Reservoir
• This artificial reservoir provides aquatic recreation. This includes:
– Sailing
– Kayaking
– Canoeing
• Equipment rentals and instruction are available.
• A multi-use path is spread about the reservoir.
It is utilized for:
– Walking
– Running
– Cycling
– Rollerblading

Canada Olympic Park
It has a training facility.
Winter and summer sports including:
– Skiing
– Snowboarding
– Luging
– Skeleton
– Bobsled
– Mountain biking
– Hockey
• COP once was used for hosting 1988 Winter Olympics.
• Lessons and equipment rentals are available for both winter and summer sports.

Calaway Park
• This is Western Canada’s largest amusement park.
• It is west of Calgary’s city limits on Highway 1.

Harvie Passage
• The first kind weir which is also called “the drowning machine” has been remade in the White water river park for paddlers.
• It can be located downtown in the Calgary Zoo for the Bow River.
• Inexperienced paddlers shouldn’t attempt Harvie Passage alone.
• The passage is put into two streams.

Spectacular Sports of Calgary

Calgary Stampede
• It is hosted yearly in July.
• For 10 days the complete city goes western.
• It is billed as “the Greatest Outdoor Show that is known”.
• The festival has events throughout the city.
• The highlights are classified as the rodeo and chuck-wagon races.
• These races boast the world’s richest prizes.

Calgary Flames Hockey Club
• It is hosted yearly from October to June.
• Price from $40-$200.

Calgary Stampeders Football team
• It is hosted yearly from June to November.

Calgary Hitmen
• It is hosted yearly from September to May.
• Prices range between $15-40.

Calgary Roughnecks
• It is hosted yearly from January to May.
• Prices range between $15-60.

Calgary Vipers
• It is hosted yearly from May to September

Calgary International Salsa Congress
• It is hosted yearly in the beginning of February.

Performing Arts
• Calgary has a vibrant theater scene.
• This includes professional and amateur theaters.
• The best theater coverage and listings are printed in the free weekly Fast Forward magazine.

EPCOR Center for Performing Arts
• 205 8th Avenue S.E.
• This is located adjacent to Olympic Plaza.
• Ph: +1 403 294-7455
• The epicentre of Calgary’s theatre scene, the EPCOR Centre hosts the 3 best-known professional theatre groups:
– The conservative Theatre Calgary
– The harder adventurous Alberta Theater Projects
– The downright avant-garde One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre
– The area has two additional theatres, so others also often produce shows here.
• There are two festivals held by the resident companies.

Architecture of Calgary

• Calgary has some highlights that could be worth seeing especially for all those who are enthusiastic about architecture.
• The Bow is a modern masterpiece made of glass and steel.
• The Bow pierces from the skyline from any angle.
• Two of the avenues named Stephen Avenue and Atlantic Avenue have tightly packed and small old commercial buildings which have great architectural details.
• The Calgary Tower is a modern tower which is magnificent.
• It has a minimalist design.
• It should not be missed for the views.
• There are construction mazes in Macleod Trail and Scarth St/1 Street SE which are good for walking and watching the most beautiful modern condominiums.

Best time to visit / climate

• Calgary is sunny and rather dry.
• It has a wide range of seasonal and daily temperatures.
• Summers tend to be sunny and mild.
• The averaging highs can rise about 23°C in July/August.
• It is usually accompanied by short afternoon storms.
• June is uniquely the wettest month.
• Hot weather (> 30°C) is rare.
• It occurs five times annually on an average.
• The temperatures typically drop during rain days.
• Winter can also vary quite a bit.
• Temperatures can get extremely cold and go <-20°C. • This is usually between November and March. • Temperatures of -30°C occur on average 5 times annually. • The average high of January is about -2°C. • There are regular but unpredictable Chinooks which are warm Pacific winds. • One of coldest months is March with temperatures of about -6°C. • January is one of the mildest month with temperatures of abut +6°C.

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How to get there?

1. By plane
Calgary International Airport
• The single terminal has 4 lettered concourses which are A,B,C,D.
• This airport is operated by Canadian and international carriers.
• The airport is served by a volunteer force.
• Calgary is both the headquarters and hub for Canada’s second largest airline.
• International destinations are served by Westjet. They include:
– Los Angeles
– San Francisco
– San Diego
– Palm Springs
– Phoenix
– Las Vegas
– Orlando
– New York

Air Canada
• Calgary International Airport is also a hub for Canada’s flag carrier.
• International destinations served by Air Canada include:
– Seattle
– Portland
– Los Angeles
– San Francisco
– San Diego
– Phoenix
– Las Vegas
– Chicago
– New York
– London-Heathrow
– Frankfurt
– Tokyo-Narita
• British Airways offers daily flights to/from London Heathrow.
• Lufthansa offers daily flights to/from Frankfurt.
• KLM offers weekly flights to/from Amsterdam.

United offers daily multiple daily flights to/from:
– San Francisco
– Denver
– Chicago
– Continental offers daily multiple flights to Houston.

Delta offers daily multiple flights to:
– Minneapolis
– Salt Lake City
• American Airlines offers daily multiple flights to/from Dallas/Ft. Worth.
• Horizon Airlines offers daily flights to Seattle.
• Thomas Cook Airlines offers weekly flights to London-Gatwick.

Non-stop charter flights operate from Europe:
– London
– Glasgow
– Manchester
– Paris
– Amsterdam
– Frankfurt

2. By car
• Calgary is approximately one hour drive East of Banff.
• It is approximately three hours South of Edmonton on highway #2.
From U.S. side
– The I-15 connects with Alberta Highway 4 which leads to Lethbridge.
– Follow Highway 3 west of Lethbridge to Highway 2.
– Then north to Calgary which is about 200 miles (320 km) north of the border.
The Trans-Canada also enters from the east.
Motorists come from:
– Saskatchewan
– Manitoba
– Points east

3. By Bus
• The main terminal is located 1 km west of the edge of Downtown.
• From the station there is good accessibility to the downtown C-Train stations through Calgary Transit.
Red Arrow
• It provides service to several Alberta cities, including Edmonton.
• The accessible bus stop is located on 9th Ave at 1st St SE.
Executive Express
• It runs a daily scheduled service from Calgary to Edmonton.
• Seats sell for
– $129 one-way
– Compartments of four seats for $299
Travel time is just below three hours.
At present there are departures in the morning from:
– The Foothills Hospital
– Hotel Alma (U of C)
– The Westin Hotel

4. By Train
• There is no Via Rail service to Calgary at present.
• There is service on the Rocky Mountaineer sightseeing train to:
– Vancouver
– Jasper
– Lake Louise
– Banff

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