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Twelve Apostles are limestone stacks in Australia

The Twelve Apostles are limestone stacks that are collectively called by this name.

Overview of Twelve Apostles

• These stacks appear off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park.
• This park is by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria in Australia.
• They are in close proximity to one another.
• This site is a popular tourist attraction.
• The Twelve Apostles are somewhat misnamed.
• Tourism officials renamed this rock formation the 12 Apostles from its former name “Sow and Piglets”.
• Some question whether there ever were 12 Apostles.
• Since the coastline changed over time as a result of strong waves coming off of the Southern Ocean, the apostles did not remain 12.
• At the moment seven are visible at a single time from any point.
• Following a collapse of one in 2005, now there are only eight left.
• If in case you include two which are in the east you are able to still scrounge up to 10.

Formation and History of Twelve Apostles

• The apostles were formed by erosion of water.
• The rough weather conditions in the Southern Ocean slowly eroded the soft limestone which leads to formation of caves in the cliffs.
• These later became arches.
• They later collapsed.
• The rock stacks which can be seen at present were left.
• These stacks are up to 45 meters in height.
• The site was known as the Sow and Piglets until 1922.
• In Muttonbird Island, near Loch Ard Gorge, was known as the Sow.
• The smaller rock stacks were known as the Piglets.
• It was later renamed to The Apostles for tourism purposes.
• The formation became popularly known as the Twelve Apostles.
• There are only nine stacks.
• The stacks are highly susceptible to further erosion due to Southern Oceanic waves.
• A 50 metre tall stack collapsed on 3 July 2005.
• At present only eight are remaining.
• On 25 September 2009, one of the smaller stacks collapsed.
• These were from the Three Sisters formation.
• The rate of erosion is about 2 cm per year.
• This erosion is at the base of the stack formation.
• This wave action may probably also form new stacks from the existing cliffs.

What are nearby coastal attractions?

1. Gibsons Steps
• Take 86 steps right down to the beach below.
• One will fell like a dwarf because of the 70-metre high vertical cliff line.
• Take a walk along the beach to the enormous offshore rock formation.

2. Loch Ard Gorge
• Climb onto top of the cliff and you’ll be amazed at the sheer measurements the cliffs as well as the narrow opening to sea in the Loch Ard Gorge.

3. Bay of Islands
• Surround yourself by the rock stacks that tower in the ocean inside the Bay of Islands making a haunting natural landscape.

4. London Bridge
• Take 86 steps right down to the beach below.
• One will fell like a dwarf because of the 70-metre high vertical cliffline.

5. Great Ocean Walk
• In 2004, the Great Ocean Walk opened.
• It connects 104 km of walking trails.
• This includes the coastline on the Great Ocean Road, stretching from Apollo Bay to the 12 Apostles.

Visitor Information Centers

The Great Ocean Road has many local accredited Visitor Information Centres.
Geelong and Great Ocean Road
• Princes Hwy
• Little River, Victoria 3211
• Phone (toll free): 1800 620 888
• Ph: +61 3 5283 1735
• Fax: +61 3 5223 2069

• 26 Moorabool St
• Geelong, Victoria 3220
• Phone (toll free): 1800 620 888
• Ph: +61 3 5222 2900
• Fax: +61 3 5223 2069

Apollo Bay
• 100 Great Ocean Road
• Apollo Bay, Victoria 3233
• Ph: +61 3 5237 6529
• Fax: +61 3 5237 6194

• Cnr Queen & Murray Sts
• Colac, Victoria 3250
• Ph: 1300 689 297
• Fax: +61 3 5232 2764

• 15 Mountjoy Pde
• Lorne, Victoria 3232
• Ph: +61 3 5289 1152
• Fax: +61 3 5289 2492

• 55 Hesse St
• Queenscliff, Victoria 3225
• Ph: +61 3 5258 4843
• Fax: +61 3 5258 3726

• Surf City Plaza
• Torquay, Victoria 3228
• Ph: +61 3 5261 4219
• Fax: +61 3 5261 4756

Some other attractions along Great Ocean Road
• Split Point Lighthouse
• A waterfall in Otway National Park
• Bells Beach Surfing mecca
• Point Addis
• Split Point, Aireys Inlet
• Angahook-Lorne State Park
• Teddy’s Lookout
• Marriner’s Lookout
• Otway National Park
• Hopetoun Falls
• Triplet Falls
• Beauchamp Falls
• Cape Otway Lighthouse
• Melba Gully State Park
• Port Campbell National Park

Best time to visit/climate

• Victoria has a moderate oceanic climate.
• It has 4 seasons.
• Its elevation is at 435 metres above sea level.
• This causes the mean monthly temperatures to tend on average 3 – 4 degrees Celsius.
• Maximum temperatures over the summer period frequently exceed 30.0 °C and often reach above 40.0 °C.
• The mean daily maximum temperature for January is 25.0 °C.
• The mean minimum is 10.8 °C.
• In July, the mean maximum is 10.0 °C (for those who are surprised, Australia is in the southern hemisphere, and hence it has summer in December January and winter in June July)
• Average July minimum is 3.2 °C.

Location on Google Maps

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How to get there?

• The 12 Apostles are located 275 kilometres west of Melbourne.
• This is about 4 hour drive along the Great Ocean Road.
• Most visitors begin from Melbourne.
• This is about 95 kms away from Torquay.
• One can also fly into Avalon Airport which is located near Geelong instead of Melbourne’s main airport.
• This is nearer to the road.
• There is car hire available here.
• Jetstar and Tiger Airways offer regular flight services from here.
• There are V/Line buses that are operated from Geelong along the Great Ocean Road.
• They go up to Apollo Bay 3 times in a day from Monday to Friday and 2 times on Saturday to Sunday.
• There is a bus from Apollo Bay to Warrnambool every Friday.
• There are also V/Line trains to Warrnambool regularly.
• They travel inland.

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Videos about Twelve Apostles

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