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Travel – Warrnambool – Australia

Warrnambool is a known regional center and former port city around the south-western coast of Victoria, Australia.

Overview of Warrnambool

• It is situated on the Princes Highway.
• Warrnambool marks the western end with the Great Ocean Road and also the southern end of the Hopkins Highway.
• This is the original Capital of Scotland.
Warrnambool was a 4×8 grid, with boundaries of:
– Lava Street (north)
– Japan Street (east)
– Merri Street (south)
– Henna Street (west)
• In the 19th century, Fairy Street which was in the proximity of the Warrnambool Railway Station was the main street of Warrnambool.
• However, Liebig Street has become the main street of the central downtown (CBD).
• The Warrnambool CBD is very notable for its quantity of roundabouts.
War memorial
Outside the CBD is the Warrnambool Botanic Gardens which features:
– wide curving paths
– rare trees
– a lily pond with ducks
– a fernery
– a band rotunda
A notable landscape architect named William Guilfoyle designed this.

Eleven suburbs surround the CBD of Warrnambool:
– North
– South
– East and West Warrnambool
– Brierly
– Sherwood Park
– Merrivale
– Dennington
– Woodford
– Bushfield
– Allansford
Only the latter four are recognized as localities of the city.

Culture of Warrnambool

• During the end of June and the start of July each year, Warrnambool becomes the place of hosting children’s festival Fun4Kids.
• It is held next to the Warrnambool Entertainment Center in the Lighthouse Theater.
• Wunta Fiesta is another festival that is held in Warrnambool within the first weekend of February every year.
• It is one of the south-west Victoria’s major community festivals.
• It incorporates numerous entertainments which is mostly music for all ages.
• The Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum in Warrnambool is built on Flagstaff Hill.
• It also supports the original lighthouses and Warrnambool Garrison.
• Its most prized item to use collection is the Minton peacock that was salvaged through the Loch Ard.
• Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village is made around the original lighthouses.
• It operates to be a heritage attraction and museum along Great Ocean Road.
• It is winner of 3 Victorian Tourism Awards.
• It is a tourist attraction.
• It houses a substantial bunch of shipwreck and maritime trade artifacts within a museum and village setting.
• The Lady Bay Lighthouse complex is on the Victorian heritage register.
• This is due to its significance to illustrate the early colonial development.
• There has been a flagstaff in addition to Flagstaff Hill since 1848.
• The current lighthouses were shifted to the present site in 1878.
• They still operate as navigation aids with the channel into Warrnambool harbor.
• The Warrnambool foreshore is a popular swimming area.
• This is next to the Lake Pertobe parklands.
• Numerous caravan parks are also be based in the area.
• Baritone Robert Nicholson recorded the song Back for Warrnambool in 1929.
• Warrnambool attracts approximately 715,000 visitors each year.
• It is just a comprehensive regional service center.
• The town’s tourism advantages from the views of the Great Ocean Road, and it’s nearby beaches.
• Many of these are used for surfing.
• In winter months, Southern Right whales may be seen in the waters at the Logan’s Beach nursery.
• Numerous boats are used for whale-watching tours.
• Visitor levels are often higher in the winter school holidays.
• This is due to the Australia’s Biggest Children’s Festival, the Fun4Kids Festival.
• The mainstay of the economy is agriculture.
• Its particular support industry is dairy and associated milk processing.

Other major industries and services include:
– Retail
– Education
– Health
– Meat processing
– Clothing manufacture
– Construction
The Fletcher Jones and Staff Pt. Ltd clothing factory was inaugurated in 1948 and was shut down in 2005.

Also See…

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum
• Opening hours: 9AM – 5PM
• This is a substantial museum.
• It has a replica community and many exhibits.
• There is also a nighttime show named “Shipwrecked”.
• It tells the story of the wreck at Loch Ard gorge.
• It is projected onto a water fountain in the lake.
Lake Pertobe and Foreshore area
Southern Right Whales at Logans Beach
• There is a viewing platform.
• Whales can be easily seen even without binoculars.
– Tower Hill
– Botanical gardens

Festivals and Events

May Racing Carnival
• This is a 3 day carnival that is held every year.
• It is action packed and attracts around 35,000 patrons.
• These include local, national and international markets.
• It is housed in a magical 2.5 acre fully indoor ‘village’.
• It is located in the heart of Warrnambool.
• This festival offers a feast of experiences.

Warrnambool Visitor Information Centre
• 89 Merri Street, Warrnambool, VIC 3280
• PO Box 198, Warrnambool VIC 3280
• Open Timings: 9am till 9pm
• TEL – 1800 637 725
• EMAIL vic@warrnambool.vic.gov.au

Best time to visit / climate

• Warrnambool has an oceanic temperate climate.
• Summers are slightly cooler when compared to Melbourne.
• Winters are slightly warmer.
• On the average, rainfall is greater than in many parts of Victoria.

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How to get there?

By plane
• Warrnambool has an airport that is located about 15km north of the CBD.
• There are no commercial flights.

By train
• V/Line operates 3 daily train services from Melbourne to Warrnambool.
• The journey is about 3 hours.
• The line operates via Geelong.
• These trains use a diner fully briefed with serving snacks.
• Generally, you must ring V/Line to generate a reservation.
• Go to a station and do so.
• This is particularly for those people who are travelling from Southern Cross Station in Melbourne.
• One can also find conductors from whom you can avail the tickets.
• Tickets are $52 return from Melbourne in the event you travel inside off-prime time or $74.20 during prime time.

By car
• From Melbourne, Warrnambool can be reached by Princes Highway.
• It takes approximately 3.5 hours.
• Alternatively, you can drive on the Great Ocean Road.
• This takes approximately 6.5 hours.
• It is worthwhile because of the spectacular views.

By bus
• V/Line runs a bus that takes the travelers along the Great Ocean Road to Warrnambool.
• It runs 3 times every week.
• There are regular buses which go to Hamilton and Mount Gambier in South Australia.

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