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Travel – Lorne – Australia – Part 1

Lorne is a seaside town along Louttit Bay in Victoria, Australia.

Overview and History of Lorne

• It is situated along the Erskine River.
• It is a destination along the Great Ocean Road tourist route.
• Prior to European settlement, Lorne was part of the traditional lands in the Gadubanud.
• They were also known as King Parrot people of the Cape Otway coast.
• Although some popular websites report that the area was occupied because of the Kolakngat Aborigines.
• Lorne can be found using a bay named after Captain Louttit.
• He sought shelter there in 1841.
• He was appointed to supervise the cargo retrieval of a nearby shipwreck.
• The coast was surveyed five-years later in 1846.
• The very first European settler was William Lindsay.
• He was a timber-cutter who began felling this location in 1849.
• The very first telegraph arrived in 1859.
• Subdivision began in 1869.
• In 1871 this town was named after the Marquess of Lorne who hailed from Argyleshire in Scotland.
• This was around the occasion of his marriage to Princess Louise who was one of Queen Victoria’s daughters.
• The Post Office opened on 29 April 1874.
• By 1922 the Great Ocean Road was extended to Lorne.
• This made the city far more accessible.
• The very first passenger service to Geelong was established in 1924.
• The guesthouses started to appear after 1930.
• A nearby fishing industry expanded significantly from the 1930s and 1940s.
• The Ash Wednesday bush fires swept the area in 1983.
• It destroyed 76 houses.

Tourism in Lorne

Popular local activities include:
– Traditional beach pursuits such as family bathing and surfing
– Pier fishing for barracuda
– Whiting
– Trevally
• Teddy’s Lookout lies by the end of George Street for the town’s southern outskirts.
• It offers fine views above the town, coastline and Great Ocean Road.
• The Great Otway National Park is nearby.
• The town’s population rises up to 13,000 every New Year’s Eve.
• This is when the Falls Festival comes about.
• Almost 20,000 spectators visit Lorne in the first weekend of January.
• This is because this town hosts the 1.2 km Pier to Pub swim.
• This really is described inside the Guinness Book of Records as “the largest organized ocean swim on earth”.
• It has currently capped 4,000 competitors.
• This town also hosts the 8 km Mountain to Surf run.
• It also hosts the Lorne Surf Boat Race.
• Terminating in Lorne on the Queen’s Birthday was the good Otway Classic Run.
• It is not held anymore.
• In the first weekend of November, there is a fair organized around the Foreshore.
• Golfers play on the length of the Lorne Club on Holiday Road.
• The city has many restaurants and cafes.
• The town takes care of a lot of vegetarians.
• In Melbourne-based food guides, local newspapers, some of them have been listed. They include:
– Greek
– Pubs
– More up market places
– Restaurants about the land end from the pier
– Italian
– The icon Arab
– Burger bars
– Cafes
– Fish & chips
– Other casual options
• While the restaurants could be closed in the afternoons, the cafes and fewer formal dining option are very busy and popular.
• The fish and chips are often very fresh in the stores that are open quite often.
• The city is serviced by one supermarket.
• This market provides a reasonable range of products.
• It provides a wide range of needs to locals and also camping families.
• Even passing motorists have availability to these needs.
• They stock local products including breads and preserves.

Other stores sell:
– more local fruits
– vegetables
– cheese
– bakeries
There are:
– large numbers of boutiques
– clothing stores
– book store
– pre-owned book store
– free galleries
– craft shops
– a pharmacy
– newsagent
– local post office

Annual events
• Pier to Pub
• Falls Festival at New Year
• Great Ocean Road Marathon

Best time to visit

• Victoria has a moderate oceanic climate.
• It has 4 seasons.
• Its elevation is at 435 metres above sea level.
• This causes its mean monthly temperatures to tend on average 3 – 4 degrees Celsius.
• Maximum temperatures over the summer period frequently exceed 30.0 °C and often reach above 40.0 °C.
• The mean daily maximum temperature for January is 25.0 °C.
• The mean minimum is 10.8 °C.
• In July, the mean maximum is 10.0 °C.
• Average July minimum is 3.2 °C.

Location on Google Maps

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How to get there?

• Lorne is about 2 hours from Melbourne.
• It lies along the Great Ocean Rd.
• This road is considered one of the best scenic drives of Australia.
• Most visitors begin from Melbourne.
• This is about 95 kms away from Torquay.
• One can also fly into Avalon Airport which is located near Geelong instead of Melbourne’s main airport.
• This is nearer to the road.
• There is car hire available here.
• Jetstar and Tiger Airways offer regular flight services from here.
• There are V/Line buses that are operated from Geelong along the Great Ocean Road.
• They go up to Apollo Bay 3 times in a day from Monday to Friday and 2 times on Saturday to Sunday.
• There is a bus from Apollo Bay to Warrnambool every Friday.
• There are also V/Line trains to Warrnambool regularly.
• They travel inland.

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