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Travel – Apollo Bay – Australia – Part 1

Apollo Bay is a coastal town located in southwestern Victoria in Australia.

Overview of Apollo Bay:

• It is situated on the eastern side of Cape Otway and lies on the edge of the Barham River.
• Apollo Bay falls along the Great Ocean Road and is considered as a tourist destination.
• Apollo Bay is quieter than other nearby places including Lorne.
• This bay also holds the Apollo Bay Music Festival and the Great Ocean Sports Festival every year.

History of Apollo Bay:

• Apollo Bay was part of the traditional lands in the Gadubanud, or King Parrot people with the Cape Otway coast.
• The Henty brothers constructed a whaling station in the 1840s, building this at Point Bunbury and the naming of the bay was done by Captain Loutit in 1845. The naming was done after the name of his vessel, having the same name.
• The first European settlers to make their base here were timber cutters in the 1850s who established sawmills here.
• Over a period of time, the settlement changed as farmers later moved into the area, creating a small place called Middleton.
• More settlement happened, with a postal service opened on 1 May 1873.
• Getting to this region in this time period was through the sea.
• With an increased settlement, the township of Krambruk (which was to be later renamed to Apollo Bay) was established here in 1877.
• In 1927, the road leading to the city was upgraded and more importantly, in 1932, the Great Ocean Road.
• These 2 developments changed the future of the town, with the new access leading the town to become a tourist destination as well as an essential fishing port.
• In 1936, a submarine telegraph link was laid that Apollo Bay to Stanley, connecting Tasmania to the mainland.
• This telegraph, the Apollo Bay Telegraph station finally closed in 1963 and is now a museum.

Events and festivals kept in Apollo Bay include:

The Apollo Bay Music Festival
• This festival was first organized in 1993.
• The festival became important enough that a poster from 1999 for this festival was featured on a postage stamp issued by Australia Post in 2006.

Other festivals:
• Great Ocean Sports Festival
• Apollo Bay and Otway District Show

Seaside village life here. What can one do here ?

1. Swim in clear water
2. Do sea kayak with local seals
3. Enjoy some deep-sea fishing
4. Learn how to surf
5. Horse ride along the beach at sunset.
6. For great views, one point is to try Chris’s at Beacon Point.
7. Look for art and curios from the many gift shops, galleries and tea houses
8. Peruse the standard Saturday foreshore niche for local crafts and produce.

• Fishing is a crucial local industry and seafood.
• It is present obviously in almost all the menu of the local cafés and restaurants.

Natural splendor
• Go to the Otways to discover mainland Australia’s oldest lighthouse.
• Explore nearby forest and waterfall walks.
• Enjoy an exciting ride throughout the ranges over an all-terrain bike.
• Take a treetop walk down the Otway Fly.
• Luxuriate in a panoramic view from the spectacular Otway Ranges.

Spot native wildlife like:

• Glow worms at Melba Gully
• The elusive platypus at Lake Elizabeth
• Koalas at nearby Kennet River

Best time to visit / climate:

• Victoria has a moderate oceanic climate.
• It has 4 seasons.
• Its elevation is at 435 metres above sea level.
• This causes its mean monthly temperatures to vary on average 3 – 4 degrees Celsius.
• Maximum temperatures over the summer period frequently exceed 30.0 °C and often reach above 40.0 °C.
• The mean daily maximum temperature for January is 25.0 °C.
• The mean minimum is 10.8 °C.
• In July, the mean maximum is 10.0 °C.
• Average July minimum is 3.2 °C.

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Australia In a Sunburned Country Frommer’s Australia (Frommer’s Color Complete)

Location on Google Maps:

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How to get there:

• It is quicker to reach by drive via Colac to get to Apollo Bay than via The Great Ocean Road.
• The Great Ocean Road does provide a scenic route though.
• Most visitors begin from Melbourne.
• This is about 95 kms away from Torquay.
• One can also fly into Avalon Airport which is located near Geelong instead of Melbourne’s main airport.
• This is nearer to the road and there are car hires available here.
• Jetstar and Tiger Airways offer regular flight services from here.
• There are V/Line buses that are operated from Geelong along the Great Ocean Road.
• They go up to Apollo Bay 3 times in a day from Monday to Friday and 2 times on Saturday to Sunday.
• There is a bus from Apollo Bay to Warrnambool every Friday.
• There are also V/Line trains to Warrnambool regularly.

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