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The Basotho Cultural Village – A scenic route in South Africa

The Basotho Cultural Village can be reached alongside the R712. This is a route from QwaQwa to Golden Gate National Park in Free State of South Africa.

Overview of The Basotho Cultural Village

• It truly is close to the popular Amphitheater of the Drakensberg mountain chain.
• It forms perhaps the scenic highlands route.
• This village is found between huge sandstone boulders.
• The restaurant offers delicious traditional meals and lightweight refreshments.
• Checking out the the Basotho Cultural Village provides you with a deeper clues about the life-style from the South Sotho through the 16th century.
• The Basotho Cultural Village nestles in the heart of the Qwaqwa Nature Park.
• It’s got been incorporated into the entire world-renowned Golden Gate Highlands National Park.
• On arrival on the Cultural Village, receptionist will show you an introductory video.
• This video illustrates the dwelling process of the museum.
This includes:
– Demonstrations of the decorations of huts
– Making of basket-ware
– Crushing of maize
– Traditional dances

The The Basotho Cultural Village Tour

• The tour will commence at the Khatloa.
• This shall be within the expert guidance of the tour guide.
• One cannot type in the chief’s village and explore the clear way of lifetime of his men and women without first receiving his permission.
• He will provide you with sip of Sotho beer as an expression of hospitality.
• Engage in a conventional bet on maraba-raba.
• On the Ngaka the throw of bones will give the visitors a peep into your future.
• For the dwellings from the third and fourth wives, visitors will like some motoho and dipabi.
• Utensils and colourful decorations are discussed and explained.
• The Village regularly hosts art exhibitions.
• There are live stage performances in the sandstone amphitheater.
The curio shop offers:
– traditional clay pots
– basket-ware
– other handmade items
– basotho arts and crafts.

Guided tours of the museum are conducted from 9:00 to 16:30 once a week.

Huts inside the village
• The interior and exterior decoration of huts is conducted by Basotho women.
• It’s called ‘litem’.
• They can always be admired on the drive-through of the Free State rural areas.
• The kit is extremely vibrant and dramatic.
The art gallery boasts:
– work of local artists
– a permanent photographic exhibition
– depiction of building process of the village.
– litem’ art in the Eastern Free State

Matlakeng Herbal trail
• One of the innovations at the Basotho Cultural Village is a walking trail.
• This trail leads the tourists to a sour grass veld habitat that is typical in itself.
One can see some:
– impressive sandstone cliffs
– running through age-old woodland
– clear unpolluted mountain streams
• A social ecologist and an ngaka (healer) escort the groups on this fascinating trail.
• Their specialty is locating an array of:
– Grasses
– Roots
– Herbs
– Leaves
– Bark in the veld
They explain how these are generally prepared to cure ailments between toothaches to STDs.

• Accommodation in the Basotho Cultural Village is available.
• They are in the form of 2- and 4-sleeper rondawels.
• This is within Basotho Cultural Village Rest Camp.

Flora and Fauna in The Basotho Cultural Village

Highlands famous for:
• Blesbok
• Duiker
• Black Wildebeest
• Eland
• Springbok
• Grey Rhebok
• Steenbok
• Red Haartebeest
Extensive bird population including:
• Cape Vulture
• Bald Ibis
• Jackal Buzzard
• Verreaux’s (Black)
• Martial Eagle
• Bearded Vulture
• Lanner
• Peregrine Falcon

Flora in The Basotho Cultural Village
• Themeda-Festuca veld
• Golden Gate’s grass
• Woodland areas
• Sloping patches of Leucosidea sericea (ouhout)
• Isolated Protea woodlands
• Protea caffra
• P. roupelliae
• P. subvestita

It is subdivided into a total of 20 local municipalities:
• Fezile Dabi District
• Moqhaka
• Ngwathe
• Metsimaholo
• Mafube
• Thabo Mofutsanyane District
• Maluti a Phofung
• Dihlabeng
• Setsoto
• Nektoana
• Phumelela
• Motheo District[dated info]
• Mangaung
• Mantsopa
• Naledi
• Xhariep District
• Kopanong
• Letsemeng
• Mohokare
• Lejweleputswa District
• Matjhabeng
• Nala
• Masilonyana
• Tswelopele
• Tokologo

National Parks and Nature Reserves

• Golden Gate Highlands Park
• Caledon Nature Reserve, near Caledon
• Erfenis Dam Nature Reserve, just outside Theunissen
• Gariep Dam Nature Reserve, at Gariep Dam
• Kalkfontein Dam Nature Reserve, approximately Fauresmith
• Sandveld Nature Reserve, near Bloemhof
• Soetdoring Nature Reserve, just outside Bloemfontein
• Tussen-die-Riviere Game Reserve, outside Bethulie
• Tweefontein Nature Reserve
• Willem Pretorius Game Reserve, near Ventersburg
• Qwa-Qwa Park, near Harrismith
• Sterkfontein Dam Nature Reserve, near Harrismith

Best time to visit / climate

• The Free State experiences a continental climate.
• It really is seen as a warm to hot summers and cool to cold winters.
• Areas within the east experience frequent snowfalls.
• This is particularly about the higher ranges.
• The west can be hugely hot in summer.
• In summer, the precipitation falls as thunderstorms in afternoon.
• There exists aridity increasing towards the west.
• Areas inside the east around Harrismith, Bethlehem and Ficksburg are very well watered.
• The administrative center, Bloemfontein, experiences hot and moist summers. It experiences cold, dry winters that are frequented by severe frost.
• Bloemfontein averages: January maximum: 31 °C, July maximum: 17 °C, annual precipitation: 559 mm.
• Bethlehem averages: 27 °C, July maximum: 16 °C, annual precipitation: 680 mm.

Location on Google Maps

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How to get there?

The Basotho Cultural Village is next to the R712. This route goes from Harrismith in the eastern side of the Golden Gate Highlands National Park. It can also go from Clarens travelling through Golden Gate.

By Car
• The N1 highway runs over the Free State.
• It comes down from Cape Town and goes further to Johannesburg and Pretoria and following that to Harare in Zimbabwe.
• Employ this route when coming from/likely to Mozambique, too.
• The N3 runs inside east in the Free State through Harrismith.
• Apply it to venture to Durban or the Gauteng area.
• The N8 route is from Bloemfontein to Kimberley.
• It goes further to Upington.
• The N6 goes south on the Eastern Cape
• The N5 only serves as an association between the N1 and the N3.

2. By Plane
Bloemfontein Airport has flights to Johannesburg and Cape Town and a few other cities in South Africa. Flights are operated through the South African Airways family.

Some Travel Books on South Africa

South Africa South Africa – Culture Smart!: the essential guide to customs & culture The Safari Companion: A Guide to Watching African Mammals


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