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Taveuni is third largest isle of Fiji – Part 2

The third largest isle of Fiji is Taveuni.

About Attractions in Taveuni

• The Waitavala Waterslide is approximately 20 minutes from the Waiyevo town when taken on foot.
• There are natural streambed chute plummets which length for 50 meters down the hillside.
• There are plenty of underwater attractions in Taveuni.
• There are 3 diving areas that are most popular.
• Qamea and Matagi lie on the north side of the isle.
• The neighboring reef systems are the Rainbow Reef and Vuna Reef.
• These reefs lie on the west side of the strait.
• They lie in between Taveuni and Vanua Levu.
• Vuna Lagoon is horseshoe-shaped.
• This lagoon is popular among-st tourists for diving.
• There are larger pelagic and schooling fish species which can be seen on south side of the reef.
• The west side is sheltered.
• The west side has many pristine soft and hard coral gardens.
• There is a surfing camp at a point called Lavena Point.
• In Taveuni, almost all plants and animals that are known in Fiji are found.
• This is so because this area has not suffered much like many other areas of Fiji.
• This is also because there are no mongooses available here which is a major predator.
• Taveuni is also known as land crabs.
• There are special Silk bats and Fiji fruit bats that are found only in Taveuni.
• There are some special species of palms also available here.
• Taveuni is also home to the:
– Taveuni Beetle
– Orange Dove
– The kula parrot
– Australian magpie
• There are 2 sanctuaries present here which were constructed to preserve wildlife that is present on the Taveuni isle.
• These are Ravilevu Nature Preserve and the Taveuni Forest Preserve.
• The former is on the east coast and the latter in the middle of the island.

• The island is heavily populated on the sheltered western side of the island.
• The administrative center of Waiyevo is midway down to the west coast.
• The twin villages of Somosomo and Naqara are largest in the urban area.
• The village of Somosomo is Capital of Tovata Confederacy.
• Tui Cakau is considered to be one of Fiji’s highest-ranked chiefs.
• Naqarai is an Indo-Fijian settlement.
• It is also the isle’s commercial centre.

• Copra is the major crop of Taveuni.
• This contributes most importantly to the economy.
• The other crops of Taveuni are:
– Taro
– Kava
– Specialty crops like vanilla
– Tropical fruit
– Coffee
• Earlier cotton was grown on Taveuni.
• This was the time of the American Civil War (1861–1865).
• Sugarcane was the next major crop of that time
• Raising of Livestock is another contributing factor of the economy.
This includes:
– Sheep
– Cattle
– Poultry
• Currently, tourism is a major contributing factor of the economy.
– There are resorts, activities and enjoyment in Taveuni.

Resorts of Taveuni

Taveuni Island Resort
• It is a very nice resort that is situated on the northern isle of Taveuni.
• It is on a hill and about a km from the airport.
• This is known for its top scuba bases in Fiji.
• At present, this resort aims at honeymooners.
• This resort is located with a spectacular view down the Somosomo Strait.
• There are bures that are completely modernized.
• They are placed over an area of 7 acres.
• There are landscaped flower gardens which are lined with white sand beaches.
• It overlooks the Somosomo Straits.
• Each bure is made out of native timber with tiled floors.
• The features are:
– louvered windows
– king-size beds
– a verandah for relaxing.

Paradise Taveuni
• This is another resort with Fijian experience on Taveuni isle.
• This is a small resort.
• This resort is placed on a deep water reef.
• This reef has snorkeling off the resort’s lava rocks.
• The Rainbow Reef is about 10 minutes.
• The resort is coupled with fabulous rain-forest and waterfalls.

Other resorts of the Taveuni Island are:
• Matangi Private Island Resort
• Qamea Resort & Spa
• Taveuni Palms
• Garden Island Resort
• Tovutovu Resort

Places to See in Fiji

• Kula Eco Park
• Nananu-i-Ra
• Albert Park
• Garden of the Sleeping Giant, Nadi, Fiji
• Fiji Museum

Things to do
Whitewater rafting
• Rivers Fiji, P.O. Box 307 Pacific Harbour, Fiji Islands
• Ph: 800-446-2411
• Rivers Fiji operates whitewater rafting and sea kayaking trips six days a week.

The Pearl
• Queens Road, Pacific Harbour, Pacific Coast, Fiji Islands
• Ph: 679-773-0022
• The Pearl Fiji Championship Golf Course and Country Club is situated in Pacific Harbor and surrounded by beautiful tropical forests.

Best time to visit / climate

• The climate in Fiji is tropical marine and warm most of the year round with minimal extremes.
• The warm season is from November till April.
• The cooler season is May to October.
• Temperature in the cool season still averages 22 °C (72 °F).
• Temperature sensitive visitors may wish to visit during the Southern Hemisphere winter.

Location on Google Maps

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How to get there?

• The Nadi International Airport is situated about 9 km to the north of central Nadi.
• It is the largest Fijian hub.
• Nausori International Airport is located about 23 kms to the northeast of Suva.
• This helps serving mostly domestic traffic.
• Labasa Airport is the main airport in Vanau Levu island.
• It is situated at Waiqele.
• This is to the southwest of Labasa Town.
• The largest aircraft that is known to be handled by Labasa Airport is the ATR42.
• Airports Fiji Limited (AFL) operates 15 public airports in the Fiji Islands.
• These include two international airports.
• Nadi international Airport is the main gateway of Fiji.
• Nausori Airport is Fiji’s domestic hub.
• It is also hub for 13 outer island airports.

• Fiji’s larger islands are equipped with extensive bus routes.
• They are consistent.
• They are affordable to the common public.
• Buses are the general transport service for the public.
• They form service between the towns on the main islands.
• Rroll-on-roll-off inter-island ferries are also served by buses.
• Bus fares and routes are regulated by the LTA.

• Taxis are licensed by the LTA.
• They operator all through the country.
• The prices for regular taxis is F$1.50 and tariff is F$0.10 for every 200 meters.

Ships and inter-island ferries
Inter-island ferries also serve between islands of Fiji.

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