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Kimberley – capital of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa – Part 2

Kimberley is the capital of the province of Northern Cape in South Africa.

Overview of Kimberley

• It is located approx 110 km east of the merger of the Vaal and Orange Rivers.
• The city has historical significance primarily because of its past related to diamond mining and also for a siege during the Second Boer War.
• This is due its diamond mining past and the siege during the Second Boer War.
• Kimberley’s water source is the Vaal River at Riverton, located at a distance of 15 km north of the city.

Memorials in Kimberley

The Miners’ Memorial
• It is also known as the Diggers’ Fountain.
• It is situated in the Oppenheimer Gardens.
• It was designed by Herman Wald.
• It was built in honor of all the miners of Kimberley.
• The memorial consists of five life-sized diggers lifting a diamond sieve.

The Honored Dead Memorial
• It was built for those who died defending the city during the Siege of Kimberley in the Anglo-Boer War.

• Burger Monument near Magersfontein Battlefield
• Cape Police Memorial
• Mayibuye Memorial
• Rhodes equestrian statue
• Malay Camp Memorial

Places famous for Architecture

• Alexander McGregor Memorial Museum (1907)
• De Beers Head Office
• Dunluce (Late Victorian)
• Harry Oppenheimer House (mid-1970s)
• Honoured Dead Memorial
• Kimberley Africana Library
• Kimberley City Hall (Neo-classical)
• Kimberley Club
• Kimberley Regiment Drill Hall (1892)
• Kimberley Sanatorium (McGregor Museum) (1897)
• Kimberley Undenominational Schools
• Masonic Temple
• Northern Cape Provincial Legislature
• Old School of Mines (Late Victorian)
• Rudd House (The Bungalow)
• The Lodge (Duggan Cronin Gallery)

Notable Religious Buildings

• Dutch Reformed Mother Church Newton
• Kimberley’s older Mosques
• Kimberley Seventh-day Adventist Church
• St Cyprian’s Anglican Cathedral
• St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral.
• Synagogue in the Byzantine style designed by D.W. Greatbatch

The Big Hole

• It is claimed to be the largest hole dug by hand.
• The first diamonds were found on Colesberg Kopje.
• They were excavated by members of the “Red Cap Party” from Colesberg on the farm Vooruitzigt that belonged to the De Beers brothers.
• The ensuing scramble for claims made this place called New Rush.
• It was later renamed Kimberley.
• Location : Kimberley
• Province : Northern Cape
• Country : South Africa
• Products : Diamonds
• Type : Open-pit, underground
• Opened on : 1871
• Closed on : 1914

Mine Museum
• Mining operations having been closed down in 1914.
• This open pit became an attraction for visitors.
• There was an official opening during the Kimberley’s centenary celebrations in 1971.
This museum includes:
– old buildings
– sundry memorabilia
– open-air representation of early Kimberley
– street scapes and dioramas
– exhibits of mining technology and transport
– One of the attractions was the Diamond Hall.

Best time to visit / climate

• The climate is mostly dry to semi-dry
• Average rainfall in the province is around 202 mm per annum, with very few places in the province actually receiving rainfall more than 400 mm per annum.
• The quantum of rainfall is more as you move from west to east, with the average being from 20 mm (0.79 in) to a maximum of 540 mm (21 in) per year.
• Rainfall falls in the west more in winter, while in contrast, summer thunderstorms provide most of the rainfall in the east.
• Some of the regions can be very hot, and the Namibian border experiences the most heat with summer maximum being as much as 40 °C (104 °F).
• In contrast, winters are typically cold and frosty.
• Out of the regions, the southern areas can be bitterly cold, such as Sutherland. Sutherland, during winter, receives snow, and temperatures can go low, below 10 °C.
• Average temperatures for summer and winter:
• Kimberley: January maximum: 33 °C (min: 18 °C), June maximum: 18 °C (min: 3 °C)
• Springbok: January maximum: 30 °C (min: 15 °C), July maximum: 17 °C (min: 7 °C)
• Sutherland: January maximum: 27 °C (min: 9 °C), July maximum: 13 °C (min: -3 °C)

Location on Google Maps

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How to get there?

To reach Kimberly
1. By road
• The N12 is the connection between Kimberley and Johannesburg (about 500km to the north-east); and between Kimberley and Cape Town (about 1000km to the south-west).
• Similarly, the N8 connects Kimberley with Bloemfontein (about 160km to the east); and connects Kimberley and Upington (about 400km to the west).
• Kimberley is connected by bus services to and from most parts of the country.

• Kimberley – Bloemfontein (Judicial Capital): 160km
• Kimberley – Upington: 402km
• Kimberley – Johannesburg: 480km
• Kimberley – Pretoria (Administrative Capital): 535km
• Kimberley – East London: 720km
• Kimberley – Port Elizabeth: 800km
• Kimberley – Durban: 800km
• Kimberley – Cape Town (Legislative Capital): 960km

By Air:
Kimberley Airport is the airport providing air access with flights to some of South Africa’s major cities being available through South African Airways.

By Rail:
The train station is located in Quinn Street; located to the east of the city center.
As part of train connectivity, Spoornet has regular inter-city trains to
• Cape Town
• Johannesburg
• Bloemfontein
• Pietermaritzburg
• Durban
• Mafikeng
In addition, by going through Bloemfontein, train connectivity is also available to Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown and East London.

How to To reach Northern Cape?

By Car
The Northern Cape Province is well connected through many national roads.
• The N1 is between Cape Town and Gauteng, passing through the south-eastern edge of Northern Cape and Bloemfontein.
• The N7 is between the Western Cape and Cape Town, going through Springbok and up north to Namibia.
• The N8 is between Upington, going through Kimberley and Bloemfontein, and then onto Maseru Bridge.
• The N10 is between the Namibian border to Upington and then to Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.
• The N12 is between George (located in the Western Cape) to Gauteng, passing through Kimberley.
• The N14 is between Springbok, going to Upington, going onto Johannesburg and Pretoria in Gauteng.

By Plane
Both Upington Airport and Kimberley Airport have flights to some of the major cities in South Africa that are operated by South African Airways.

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