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Tawang District in Arunachal Pradesh – Part 2

Tawang district is one of the 16 administrative districts of Arunachal Pradesh located in northeastern India.

Overview of Tawang District

• The area is historically a Tibetan territory.
• It is claimed by China as a part of South Tibet.
• It is the eighth least populous district in the country.
• The area that is covered by the district is approximately 2085 sq. km.

Festivals of Tawang

• There are two major religious festivals of the Monpas ie., “LOSAR” and “TORGYA”.
• Both festivals are celebrated once annually.
• The LOSAR s celebrated to the commencement of New Year.
• The festival of Dungyur is celebrated, every third year of Torgya.
• Both “Dungyur and Torgya” festivals are celebrated at the premises of the Tawang Monastery.
• It is celebrated with traditional gaiety and enthusiasm.

Lakes of Tawang

• There are beautiful lakes around Tawang.
• One is Pankang Teng Tso (P.T. Tso ) lake.
• This lake is situated above Tawang.
• It is frozen for about 4-5 months of a year.
• One can hire a local vehicle and go to this lake.
• The views from the lake are also very beautiful.
• It is only 17 KM away from town.
• It is a beautiful natural site.
• It provides tourist a lucky chance for deep communion with nature.

Other eye catching lakes are:
– Sangetser lake
– Banggachang lake

Where to stay in Tawang?

• Circuit House
• Inspection Bungalow
• Hotel Nichu
• Hotel Shangrila

Other Attractions in Tawang

Handicrafts Center
• Apart from Tawang Monastery, the town has a handicrafts center.
• It promotes the small-scale industries for local handicrafts.

The Sela Top Pass
• This pass is just adjacent to Tawang.
• It rises steeply.
• It is covered with snow for most of the year.

Jang water fall
• It is another big attraction in Tawang.
• It is one km away from the Jang town.

Tawang Cultural Festival
• This festival is organised by the state tourism department.
• It is five-day Tawang Cultural Festival.
• It is celebrated in the month of October.
• It showcases the culture and heritage of the region.

Jaswant Garh
• This is an Indian Army War Memorial.
• It commemorates the bravery of hundreds of soldiers.
• These soldiers successively fought in the 1962 war against the Chinese.
• Jaswant Singh Rawat fought along with two other soldiers bravely fought of the Chinese Army.
• They were invading Tawang, during the battle of Nuranang.
• Rfn. Jaswant Singh Rawat was posthumously awarded with the Mahavir Chakra for his outstanding act of gallantry.
• His two colleagues L Nk. Trilok Singh Negi, along with Rfn Gopal Singh Gusain, were awarded with the Vir Chakra.

Tawang Gompa
• Pray at the 400 year old Tawang Gompa.
• Turn the prayer wheels dotted outside small gompas.
• Meet and chat with Lama Monks.
• Take excursions around town to visit beautiful glacier lakes.
• Visit smaller gompas with big histories.

Things to Do in Tawang

Tawang is Trekkers paradise. It offers:
– breath taking views
– fresh mountain air
– chill weathe
– challenging or leisurely treks.

For a rigorous trek (classified hard)
• Take the Jang – Thingbu – Mago – Goi ichen Base Camp – Mago (Back) – Luguthang – Sena Chakra – RA-I route.
The softer trekking routes include:
• The Mukto – Gongkhar – Gyamdong – Khet – Kharung – Bongleng – Kungba – Namsring – Kharteng – Lumla route
• The Tawang Gonpa – Gyangong Ani Gonpa – Bhramadongchung Ani Gonpa – Tawang routes.
• Namet Village – Zarmang Ani Gonpa – Khromten Gonpa – Geshila – Klimta – Bomla – Y. Junction – Tawang route
• Take a walk around the charming town.

Best time to visit / climate

• The town of Tawang experiences a moderate climate for many months of the year.
• The best time to visit the place is between March and October.
• This is the time when the climate conditions are pleasant.
• Winters (November to February) are cold and the temperatures can be expected to drop to around the freezing point.
• Temperatures range from a minimum of -13 degrees Celsius and can go up to a maximum of around 10 degrees Celsius during this time.
• January is the coldest month of the year.
• Summers (March to June) are mild.
• The temperatures range from a minimum of 5 degrees Celsius and can rise up to a maximum of around 22 degrees Celsius during this period.
• The hottest month of the year is usually June.
• Monsoons (July to September) offers predominant rainfall and the conditions are wet for most of the time.
• Temperatures are much lower during this period but tourist visits are possible.
• Winter months are very cold, accompanied by snowfall especially during December and January.
• It is a good idea to have flexible itinerary as road blocks are common due to snow.
• March to June has pleasant climate and is the perfect period for visiting and enjoying vacations in Tawang.
• October also offers pleasing climate and is ideal for sightseeing.
• The place receives scanty rains and tourist activities are still enjoyable during monsoons.

Location on Google Maps

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How to get there?

1. By car
• The town is about a 16 hour drive from Guwahati.
• It is best to hire a Tata Sumo from Tezpur in Assam.
• From Tezpur you go to Bhalukpong (border of Assam and Arunachal) where Indian and Non Indian tourists have to show in permit.
• This permit is easily obtainable at either Guwahati or Tezpur.
• Proceed to a beautiful and rough drive up the mountains.
• It can take 12-14 hrs if you go at a stretch to Tawang.
• It is advisable to break your journey at either Bomdila or better still – charming little valley town of Dirang.
• Sela pass is notoriously difficult and heavy snowfall could force you to stay on either side.

2. Get around
• Getting around in Tawang can be divided into two categories.
• First one is travel to local sites like Tawang Monastery, War Memorial, Emporium etc.
• This can be done by booking a taxi (mostly Maruti OMNI) for half a day.
• Second one is travel to sites outside Tawang which includes P T So lake, Shungetsar (Madhuri) lake and visit to India-China border at Bumla.
• A bigger vehicle like Tata Sumo or Mahindra Bolero should be hired for the same as roads are in bad shape.
• An entire day is enough to cover these sites.

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