Malacca : capital of the state of Malacca – Part 2

Malacca is the capital of the state of Malacca which is on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia.

Places to see in Malacca

12. Saint Paul’s Church
• Take a path up the hill.
• It will lead you to this church.
• It was originally built in 1521.
• It was built by the Portuguese.
• It became a fortress in 1567.
• It remained until 1596.
• It became St Paul’s after the Dutch siege.
• It was known as Nossa Senhora da Annunciada.
• It was used as a burial ground for the Dutch.
• There are tombstones, along the walls of ruins of the church still seen.

13. Stadthuys
• It was completed in 1660.
• It is a reproduction of the former town hall of the Frisian town of Hoorn in the Netherlands.
• This existed from 1420 until 1796.
• It has the Museums of History and Ethnography.
• This is one of the oldest Dutch buildings in the east.

14. Stamp Museum, Jalan Kota
• This is sandwiched between the Muzium Rakyat and the Malay and Islamic World Museum.

15. UMNO Museum, Jalan Kota
• This is between the Islamic Museum and the Muzium Rakyat.
• This is a museum about the United Malays National Organisation.

16. Youth Museum or Melaka Art Gallery, Jalan Laksamana
• This is beside the Christ Church.
• The Youth Museum is on the ground floor.
• The Art Gallery is on the second level.
• One can see a bird’s eye view of Dutch Square from a window on the second level.
• Open on Wed to Sun 9 AM -5.30 PM

17. Yeetea house
• 22 Jalan Laksamana
• This is a popular local tea shop selling a range of tea from China and Taiwan.
• This offers a tea ceremony classes.

18. Bukit China
• Bukit China is the one of the largest Chinese cemetery outside of mainland China.
• Graves can be found here.
• They go back to the late Ming dynasty from mid 17th century.
• The earliest grave found so far dates to 1622.
• Many graves were exhumed during the British occupation of Malaysia.
• Bukit China is a famous jogging spot for the locals and jogging tracks that are available all over the hill.
• One can have a nice view of the town from the top of the hill.

19. King’s Well
• Legends have it that Hang Liu was a Chinese princess from the Ming dynasty.
• He was sent to Malacca to wed Sultan Mansor Shah in the 15th century.
• This is when the Malacca Sultanate was at its zenith.
• She had 500 followers who were all settled on Bukit China, which means Chinese Hill.
• At the foot of the hill, was where they got their water.

20. Melaka River
• There is a relaxing stroll down the river from Jalan Munshi Abdullah.
• The route takes you along a boardwalk.
• One can pass a number of sheek looking houses decorated with large paintings.
• There is a good view of Bukit St Paul over the town.

21. Malacca Straits Mosque
• This is a newly built mosque which is on the man-made island Pulau Melaka.
• It is located just off the cost of the city.
• It is magnificent at evening and night.

22. Poh San Teng Temple
• This temple is located at the foot of Bukit China.
• It is next to the King’s Well.
• It was founded in 1795.
• It was built by Kapitan China Chua Su Cheong as a graveyard temple.
• The main deity is Fu-te Zhen Shen.
• The temple was built to allow the descendants of those buried on Bukit China to conduct prayers to their ancestors.

23. Portuguese Settlement
• The descendants of the Portuguese who conquered Malacca in 1511 live here.
• The settlement is located just southeast of the city center.
• It consists of tidy rows of wooden houses.
• These lead up to the Portuguese Square and Hotel Lisboa on the waterfront.
• The most interesting times to visit is during Intrudu – usually in February.
• At this time one will get a Songkran-like drenching with buckets of water are thrown at you.
• Festa San Pedro commemorates the Feast of Saint Peter in June.
There are:
– Processions
– Cultural shows
– General merry-making
– Christmas when the whole settlement is decked in decorative lights
Getting there
Malacca Town Bus No. 17 from Melaka Sentral will bring you right into the Settlement.

24. St John’s Hill and Fort
• Malacca’s other fortress are situated on top of St John’s Hill in Bandar Hilir which is in the south of the city.
• There are beautiful views of the surroundings from the top.
• Getting there: Malacca Town Bus No. 17 passes by this fort.

Best time to visit / climate

• The climate in Malaysia is tropical.
• The north-east monsoon which is from October to February deluges Borneo and the east coast in rain.
• It often causes flooding, while the west coast which includes Langkawi and Penang escape unscathed.
• The milder south-west monsoon which is from April to October reverses the pattern.

Location on Google Maps

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How to get there?

1. By plane
• Malacca International Airport is located about 10 km from the city of Malacca.
• Firefly flies domestically from KL and only limited international flights to nearby Indonesian destinations.
• Sky Aviation, Pekanbaru in Sumatra, Indonesia: 5 times a week to/from Pekanbaru.
• Wings Air, Pekanbaru in Sumatra, Indonesia: Daily services to/from Pekanbaru.
• Firefly, Medan in Sumatra and Subang: 2 weekly.

2. By Bus
There are plenty of long-distance express buses that connect Malacca with:
– Kuala Lumpur
– Seremban
– Johor Bahru
– Singapore
– Other parts of Peninsular Malaysia.
• Express buses will also drop you off at Malacca Central/Melaka Sentral.
• Walk to the back of Melaka Sentral bus station and you can take a local bus no.17 all the way to the principal backpacker’s district.
• This bus goes to Chinatown and Taming Sari.

From Malacca International Airport
• Batang Bus from Melaka Sentral will go past the airport.
• Buses will stop by the main road about 200 m from the airport building.
• Tuahbas No. 65 to Taman Merdeka also goes from Melaka Sentral past the airport via Bachang.
• Transnasional runs multiple direct buses daily at 01:15, 07:45, 09:15, 11:45, 14:15, 16:15, 18:45, 20:15,& 21:15
• RM22/16 adult/child

From Singapore
• Many bus companies operate from Lavender St. bus terminal directly to Melaka Sentral.
• The fares can vary starting from around S$14-S$50 one way depending on class of the bus.
• Bus rides often take any time between 3.5-5 hours.

Some of the companies operating to/from Malacca are:
• Transnational
• Malacca-Kuala Lumpur Express
• Jebat Ekspres
• Malacca-Singapore Express
• Delima Express
• Mayang Sari Express
• MCW Express

3. By train
• Malacca Town is not served by any railway lines.
• The nearest railway station is at Pulau Sebang.
• Ph:+60 6 341 1034

4. By car
• Malacca can be accessed from the North South Expressway.
• When coming from the south, drive along E2 and leave the expressway at the Ayer Keroh exit.
• One can leave the highway at the Simpang Empat exit and proceed through normal road to Melaka.
• This route will pass through the town of Alor Gajah and now with the new highway.
• The trip from Simpang Empat to Melaka will take approximately 20-30 min by car.

Malacca is:
– 150 km (93 mi) from Kuala Lumpur
– 216 km (134 mi) from Johor Bahru
– 90 km (56 mi) from Port Dickson.

5. By boat
• Daily ferries run to and from Bengkalis, Dumai and Pekanbaru in Sumatra, Indonesia.
• All ferries arrive and depart from the Harbour Master’s jetty at Taman Melaka Raya near the Maritime Museum.
• To get to/away from Jetty: Malacca Town Bus No. 17 (Green) goes near the Harbour Master’s jetty which is just down the road from the Red Square.

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