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Krzyztopor – a castle situated in the village of Ujazd in Southern Poland – Part 1

Poland is a country located in Central Europe. It has a long Baltic Sea coastline. It is bordered by:
• Belarus
• Czech Republic
• Germany
• Lithuania
• Russia
• Slovakia
• Ukraine

Krzyztopor is a castle that is situated in the village of Ujazd in Southern Poland.

Overview of Krzyztopor

• This castle is in Iwaniska commune in Opatow County, Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship.
• It was originally built by a Polish nobleman.
• He was also Voivode of Sandomierz in Krzyszt of Ossoli?ski (1587-1645).
• The castle was partially destroyed during the Swedish invasion.
• This invasion is also known as The Deluge in 1655.
• It was reduced to ruin during the war of the Bar Confederation.
• The war was by the Russians which took place in 1770.

General Information of Krzyztopor

• Architectural style – Polish Mannerismearly Baroque
• Town or city – Ujazd
• Country – Poland
• Construction started – 1621
• Completed – 1644

Design and Construction of Krzyztopor

• Client – Krzyszt of Ossolinski
• Architect – Wawrzyniec Senes

• The start of construction of this castle is still unknown.
• Krzysztof Ossolinski’s father, Jan Zbigniew Ossolinski, gave him the village of Ujazd in 1619.
• It was finished around 1644 according to a documented proof.
• About 30 million Polish zlotys took on the work.
• Ossolinski died suddenly the next year in Krakow.
• The castle was inherited by Ossolinski’s son Krzyszt of Baldwin Ossolinski.
• He died in 1649 in the Battle of Zborow.
• The formidable complex was purchased by the family of the Denhoffs after his death.
• The Kalinowsk is inherited it later.
• During the Swedish invasion of Poland, the castle was captured by the Swedes in 1655.
• It was occupied until 1657.
• The damage to the structure extensive.
• It was not rebuilt.
• Several noble families lived in the best preserved western wing.

They include:
– Morsztyns
– Wisniowieckis
– Pacs

The castle in major remained in ruins.
• During the Bar Confederation, Krzyztopor, defended by the Confederate units in 1770.
• It was later occupied by the Russians, who completed the building’s ruin.
• Stanislaw Soltyk, lived there in the years 1782-1787.
• After this Krzyztopor has been deserted.
• A partial remodeling took place in 1971.
• In 1980 the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs decided to rebuild.
• It was in the intention of use as a rest area for officers.
• This work was halted in 1981.
• The castle was built by Swiss engineer Wawrzyniec Senes.
• It is an intermingling of both palace and fortress.
• The total size of the complex is 1.3 hectares.
• The length of perimeter walls is 700 meters.
• The total area of all interior rooms is around 70 000 square meters.
• The basic design was based on the palace of Cardinal Alexander Farnese.
• It is located in the Italian village of Caprarola.
• The castle once had 365 windows, 52 rooms and 12 ballrooms.
• The castle was erected upon a rocky hill.
• This was built so for defensive purposes.
• Krzyztopor was furnished with amenities.
• These amenities are rarely seen in the 17th century.

Best time to visit / climate

• The climate is mostly temperate throughout the country.
• The climate is oceanic in the north and west.
• It becomes gradually warmer and continental towards the south and east.
• Summers are generally warm.
• It is with average temperatures between 18 °C (64 °F) and 30 °C (86.0 °F).
• Winters are rather cold.
• There are with average temperatures around 3 °C (37.4 °F) in the northwest and 6 °C (21 °F) in the northeast.
• Precipitation falls throughout the year.
• The warmest region in Poland is Lower Silesian that is located in south-western Poland.

Location on Google Maps

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How to get to Poland?

1. By plane
• Most of Europe’s major airlines fly to and from Poland.
• Poland’s national carriers are LOT Polish Airlines.
• There are also a number of low cost airlines that fly to Poland. These include:
– WizzAir
– EasyJet
– Germanwings
– Norwegian
– Ryanair
There are also direct flights from United States and Canada. LOT operates direct flights from:
– Toronto
– New York
– Chicago
– Non-direct flights from other cities
International airlines fly mainly to Warsaw (WAW). Other major airports in Poland are:
– Krakow
– Katowice
– Gdask
– Pozna
– Wrocaw
– Szczecin
– Rzeszow
– Bydgoszcz
A new terminal has been opened at the Warsaw Chopin airport which will significantly increase the airport’s capacity.

2. By Train
Direct connections with:
• Berlin
• Amsterdam, via Koeln, Hannover
• Kiev via Lviv
• Vienna
• Prague
• Moscow

3. By Car
You can enter Poland by one of many roads linking Poland with the neighboring countries.

4. By Bus
There are many international bus lines that connect major Polish cities.
• Voyager
• Eurolines
• Ecolines
• PolskiBus.com
• Simple Express

5. By Boat
• From Sweden
– Ystad by Unity Line
– Karlskrona by Stena Line
– Nynashamn
– Visby
– Ystad by Polferries

• From Denmark
– Copenhagen
– Bornholm

• From Finland
– Helsinki by Finnlines

• From Germany
– Rostock by Finnlines

6. By Yacht
There are more and more ports along Polish coast. Bigger marinas are located in:
– Szczecin
– Eba
– Hel
– Gdynia
– Gdask

7. By plane
– Polish national carrier LOT has daily connections.
– These are between the biggest cities with a hub in Warsaw.

8. By train
– In Poland, the national railway carriers are PKP InterCity and Przewozy Regionalne.
– There are few local carriers that belong to voivod ships or major cities.
– Train tickets are quite economical.
There are new InterCity routes such as:
• Warsaw – Katowice
• Warsaw – Krakow
• Warsaw – Pozna
• Pozna – Szczecin
Train types
• E-IC (ExpressInterCity) / EC (EuroCity) / Ex (Express)
• TLK (Twoje Linie Kolejowe)
• RE (RegioEkspress)
• IR (InterRegio)
• REGIO / Osobowy
• Podmiejski
• Narrow gauge

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