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Udon Thani which is also known as Udorn is in the region of Isaan – Part 4

Udon Thani which is also known as Udorn or simply Udon is in the region of Isaan. It is a city of this region in Thailand.

Overview of Udon Thani

• This city is a province of Udon Thani.
• It has a population of 1,544,786.
• This city is about 560 km from Bangkok.
• Udon is also a major commercial center.
• It is in the northern Isaan.
• It is also the gateway to Laos, Southern China and Northern Vietnam.
• It was found in 1890.
• It was found by Prince Prajak Silapakom of Udon Thani.
• This is the 4th largest city in Thailand.
• It is the largest city that is outside of Bangkok area.
• Udon had a USA airbase.
• This was during the Vietnam War.
• Hence, it has an increased its wealth and importance.
• This city is surrounded by one of the major agricultural areas of the country.
• Udon Thani has become a regional hub for agriculture.

Places to see in Udon Thai

26. Ban Chiang National Museum
• It is a historical site and a popular one in the Northeast Thailand and Southeast Asia.
• The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) registered the site as a World Heritage Site of history at Carthage.
• The museum is divided into three parts:
Wat Pho Si Nai Excavation Pit
– This has an open museum.
– This is unique and the first of its kind in Thailand. A permanent exhibition of archaeological excavation is always held in order to witness art objects in layers of soil.
– Most of these are earthenware that was known to be buried with the corpses.
Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Borommaratchachonnani Building
– This building encloses an exhibition of Ban Chiang.
– This has the displays that were once brought to display in the countries like United States and Singapore. The exhibition has two segments:
* Ban Chiang in the Past
* Today’s Ban Chiang
Ban Thai Phuan
– This is an ancient site.
– The area is where the archaeological excavation was conducted.
– There are plenty of ancient objects that were found during the excavation.

27. Kham Chanot
• This is a sacred place.
• It gets a lot of respect and dignity from villagers in surrounding areas.
• This place is considered to be an entrance to the water world.
• This is a legendary place that concerns the great Naga.
• There is a shrine of Chaopu Sisuttho inside this place.
• It is considered a sacred well for worship.

28. Phrathat Don Kaeo or Phra Maha That Chedi
• It is a pagoda.
• This pagoda is in an angular shape.
• This resembles Phrathat Phanom.
• It is at a height of about 18 wa.
• The main body is divided into 2 tiers
• Each of the tiers has sculptures of Lord Buddha’s history and also the heaven – hell story.

29. Namtok Than Ngam Forest Park
• Around Than Ngam Waterfall is a mixed Deciduous Forest.
• The main species are:
– Ta baek
– Pradu
– Daeng
– Makha mong
– Chingchan
– Krabok
• The waterfall contains water at only certain times.
• It is full of water especially during the rainy season.

30. Phu Foi Lom
• This is an eco-tourism site.
• It is situated in Pa Phan Don – Pakho National Forest Reserve.
• It is known to be one of the best nature study centres that are in the Northeast region.

31. Wang Sam Mo Forest Park
• In this forest park, most of the land is plain.
• It is mostly covered and spread with:
– Pa Daeng
– Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest
– Yang
– Ta khian thong
• There are creeks and islets in this forest park.
• Here the water flows all year round.
• Wild animals that are found here are Malayan flying lemur, Palm civet, Civet, Green pigeon.

32. Wang Yai
• This is a large pond that is filled with water all through the year.
• There is a creek named Lam Phan Chat that flows through this pond.

33. Kaeng Mon Noi
• These are rapids that are around 800 m away from Wang Yai pond.
• The water cascades against boulders.
• Upon erosion by water, the waterfalls now appear very beautiful.

34. Kaeng Hin Hom
• These are large split-level rapids.
• They are around 100 m from Kaeng Mon Noi.
• The fall is heard as a resonant roar in the rainy season.

35. Tham Sing
Attractions inside the cave are:
– Sam Ton Mak
• In this area, there are plenty of betel palm trees growing.
• This area is usually flooded in rainy season.
• During the rainy season, the area is always flooded.
– Lan Thap Khwai
• There is a rock formation that is roof shaped with a broad ground.
• This is a unique formation with plants surrounded around.
• Lan Thap Khwai actually means a cattle’s rest ground.
• This is because in earlier days, the villagers brought their cattle to feed.
• The cattle used to take shelter here for a lunch break.
– Tham Khok Ma
• This is a stable cave.
• This provides a shelter of overlapping rock formations.
• There is a hole big enough for a person to walk through.
• Its name is related to the Usa-Barot legend.
– Tham Ruesi
• This is a hermit cave.
• It features a boulder that is about 2.20 m in height.
• It has an entrance that is in the shape of a shelter of overlapping rock formations.

Local Products of Udon Thani

• Khit-pattern cloth
• Silk cloth
• Pottery
• Kun Chiang: Chinese sausage
• Mu Yong: Pork floss
• Mu Yo: steamed pork bar
• Naem: sour pork
• Maphrao Kaeo: coconut sweet

Festivals of Udon Thani

1. Phra Phutthabat Bua Bok Worship Fair
• This is an annual fair.
• This festival is held during the 13th – 15th waxing moon days of the 3rd lunar month.
• There are booths of goods and local products for sale during this time.

2. Thung Si Mueang Udon Thani and Mi-khit Cloth Fair
• This is an annual fair.
• This festival is held around December.
• There are booths of goods and local products held during this time.
• The products include:
– Silk cloth
– Khit-pattern woven cloth
– Hand – woven cloth
– Mi-Khit cloth
• A golden dragon show is also conducted that is done from the Chaopu – Chaoya Chinese Spirit Shrine.

3. Ban That, Amphur Phen
• This is an annual Bun Bang Fai rocket festival.
• The festival is held at the nearby lake.
• This festival is held in the early May.
• There is firing of rockets all day on the firing site.
• The village is filled to its breaking point with small entrepreneurs.
• They sell homemade food in the small crowded streets.
• During night, concerts and shows are held at various locations in town.

Best time to visit/climate

• Thailand is largely tropical.
• It’s hot and humid all year around with temperatures in the 28-35°C range (82-95°F).
• From November to the end of February, it doesn’t rain much and temperatures are at their lowest.
• From March to June, Thailand swelters in temperatures as high as 40°C (104°F).
• From July to October, although it only really gets underway in September, tropical monsoons hit most of the country.

Location on Google Maps

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How to get there?

1. By plane
• Udon Thani International Airport (UTH) has numerous daily flights to Bangkok.
• Flights to Chiang Mai and Phuket come here.
• There are no international flights to Udon Thani.
• To get to town there is a limousine service for 80 baht per person.
• Minibus tickets are available in the booth just to the right before you leave the terminal building.
• Taxis are not permitted to wait for passengers at the airport.
• Some of the hotels have pick up service and may take an extra rider or 2 as space permits.

2. By bus
• There are two bus stations in the City.
• Bus station #2 is in the city center which is near Central Plaza.
• Bus station #1 is on the outskirts of town on the road in from Loei towards NongKhai.
• From Nong Khai, there is a bus station on Prajak Rd.
• It has buses that go to both stations.
• A bus from Bangkok takes 8-hour journey to arrive at the BKS station in the city.
• Buses depart at least once per hour after 11AM to Nong Khai.
• There are six express buses a day direct to the Morning Market in Vientiane.

3. By train
• Daily trains go to Nong Khai.
• They go over the Friendship Bridge across the Mekong River to Laos, Nakhon Ratchasima and Bangkok.
• The overnight express sleeper to Bangkok is scheduled for 9.25 hours.
• Connections to the major centres of Southern Isaan can be made in Nakhon Ratchasima.
• This is for all those who like to travel by rail.
• There are daily day-time trains, and three daily night-time trains from Bangkok to Udon Thani and vice versa.

To get around:
– Taxi
– Bicycle taxi
– By tuk-tuk
– By songthaew
– By bus
– By bicycle
– Motorcycle or car

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