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Nakhon Si Thammarat is a city/town situated in Southern Thailand – Part 4

Nakhon Si Thammarat is a city/town and is capital of the province and district with same name. It is situated in Southern Thailand.It is approximately 610 km (380 mi) to the south of Bangkok. It is on the east coast of the Malay Peninsula. This was the administrative center of southern Thailand.

Places to see in Nakhon Si Thammarat

26. Namtok Krung Ching
• This is a waterfall.
• It is situated in Tambon Krung Ching.
• This waterfall derived its name from Ton Ching.
• It is a kind of palm that is common in the area.
• The most breathtaking level is Nan Fon Saen Ha.
• This level is where water drops off a sheer cliff.
• The cliff is about 100 meters high.
• It then splashes down creating a mist covering the area.
• It is more like rain unlike other falls.

27. Rafting on Khlong Klai
• Rafting can be done on rubber boats here.
• They are provided by Krung Ching Administration Office in Mu 3, Tambon Krung Ching.
• This is near Krung Ching waterfall.

28. Tham Hong
• This place is a medium-sized cave.
• It has a stream running through its center.
• This is before it goes to subterranean to another stream outside.
• The waterfall drops down to 3 levels.
• This is the most varied characteristic of the cave.

29. Namtok Yot Lueang or Namtok Mueang Mai
• This is a medium-sized waterfall.
• It has 4 levels. They are:
– Nan Toei
– Nan Kradot
– Nan Ya Kha
– Nan Plio

30. Namtok Tha Phae
• This is a magnificent ten-level waterfall.
• It has 3 levels.
• It is accessible to the public. The levels are:
– Nan Phae Noi
– Nan Nang Khruan
– Nan Toei

31. Namtok Suan Ai
• This is in Mu 5, Tambon Khlong La-ai, Amphoe Chawang.

32. Khao Nan National Park
• The main topography is a high mountain range.
• It extends from Khao Luang National Park. The main peaks are:
– Khao Nan Yai
– Khao Nom
– Sunyen
• The park has many waterways.
• The park’s main attraction is Sunantha.

33. Wat Mokhlan Archaeological Site
• Items here include:
– traces of stone pillars
– carvings around doorways
– religious stones
– an ancient pond
– statue bases
• The Fine Arts Department declared this area an archaeological site in 1975.

34. Ban Rang Nok
• Wat Nantharam
• Khao Chong Khoi Stone Inscription
• Fan Making Village
• Namtok Yong National Park
• Tham Talot
• Kuan Im Goddess Image
• Namtok Khlong Chang and Trekking on Khao Men

35. Other attractions
• Wat Tham Thong Phannara
• Walailak University
• Ban Nai Thung Handicrafts
• Pottery Village
• Hat Sichon
• Hin Ngam Beach
• Kho Khao Beach (Piti Beach)
• Si Khit Waterfall
• Khao Kha Archaeological Site
• Hat Khanom – Mu Ko Thale Tai National Park
• Ao Khanom
• Nai Phlao
• Hat Na Dan
• Nai Praet
• Ao Thong Yi
• Tham Khao Wang Thong
• Khao Phlai Dam
• Wat Kradangnga
• Wat That Tharam or Wat Khao That
• Wat Chedi Luang
• Museum Honouring the King for the Development of Pak Phanang Basin
• Pak Phanang Coast and Talumphuk Cape

Best time to visit / climate

• Thailand is largely tropical.
• It’s hot and humid all year around with temperatures in the 28-35°C range (82-95°F).
• From November to the end of February, it doesn’t rain much and temperatures are at their lowest.
• From March to June, Thailand swelters in temperatures as high as 40°C (104°F).
• From July to October, although it only really gets underway in September, tropical monsoons hit most of the country.

Location on Google Maps

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How to get there?

1. By car
• Take Highway No. 4.
• Take the road on the Bangkok-Prachuap Khiri Khan-Chumphon route.
• Then take Highway No. 41.
• Go past Surat Thani-Thung Song until arriving in Nakhon Si Thammarat or Amphoe Phun Phin in Surat Thani.
• Then take Highway No. 401.
• Go along the coast to Nakhon Si Thammarat.
• The total distance of 780km.

2. By plane
There are two airlines operating flights between Bangkok and Nakhon Si Thammarat. They are as follows:-
• Nok Air airline
• Air Asia
• Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport

3. By train
• There are rapid and express trains.
• They depart from Bangkok Railway Station to Nakhon Si Thammarat.
• The timings are at 5:35PM and 7:15PM respectively.
• The train takes from 12-14 hours.
• Trains leave the NST Terminal for Bangkok daily.
• Timings are at 1pm and 3pm.
• The NST is in the west, centre of the town.

4. By bus
• Regular and air-conditioned buses of the Transport companies depart from Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal.
• The trip takes about 12 hours.
• Air-conditioned buses leave Bangkok
They leave at the following times:
– VIP Bus: 5:15PM and 7PM Standard
– 1 Bus: 9AM, 6PM and 8.30PM
– Standard 2 Bus: 6:40AM, 6PM, 8PM and 10PM
Travel within the province is easy with mini-bus service around the city.
Transport to nearby provinces includes:
– Vans
– Taxis
– Buses
– Trains

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