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Ko Chang is an island in Trat Province, Eastern Thailand – Part 2

Ko Chang is an island in Trat Province, Eastern Thailand.

Overview of Ko Chang

• Most of Ko Chang’s beaches are on the western coast.
• Each has built up with a distinctive atmosphere based on shopping, activities, partying or chilling out.
• Accommodation offers a style to suit every type of traveler.
• This ranges from independent low budget backpackers to those wanting a touch of luxury.

Places to see in Koh Chang

1. Klong Nueng
• This is said to be the most breathtaking waterfall
• It is tallest waterfall.
• It is located in the south-east of the island.
• At one time the National Park decided to run the waterfall as a tourist attraction.
• On the way to it you will pass by a derelict visitor center, toilet block and car park and at the end of the road is a small parking area.
• When you arrive at the end of the road and park, it is worth walking a short way up the hill on you left.
• This is to see the amazing view across Salakphet bay.
• On a clear day one can easily see Koh Mak and Koh Kood in the far distance.
• A very overgrown and noticeable trail begins at this parking area.
• After about 40 meters you will spot three signs in English and Thai.
• One is a warning of a ‘Hlippery route’.
• The trail then leads down a steep slope to the river.
• You can go back to the sign and see if you have missed an arrow or can find another pathway by the side of the river.
• If you want to see the waterfall then you are going to have to walk upstream.
• If the river is a raging torrent then it is better to call the adventure off at this point.
• Otherwise start to make your way upstream.
• You can see that locals have been here before.
• One can see the water pipes have been laid for around two-thirds of the way to the waterfall.
• These bring freshwater down to the farms below.
• Some trial and error is required when navigating the pools.
• Some are deep and some of the rocks are slippery.
• So you will probably find yourself crossing from side to side of the river several times.
• This is in order to find s route that suits you.
• It takes about 20 minutes to get to the waterfall.
• Go around it to the left.
• When you reach the waterfall the first thing you notice is that although it is picturesque, it is not very big.
• There is a narrow gulley around 3 meters wide and 15 meters long.
• Here you can swim.
• At the far end of which the waterfall cascades down the cliff. There are no long drops.
• The water runs down the jagged cliff side in a zig-zag fashion.
• Make out the top of the falls through the ranches of the overhanging trees.
• It is to get a view that shows the height properly.
• There are cliffs on both sides the rock faces obscured by all manner of vines, creepers and greenery.
• There is no noise other than a few birds & insects and the rustling of leaves in the wind.
• It is a nice spot for a picnic.
Getting there:
– Head to the south-east of Koh Chang
– Just before you reach Salakphet village you will come to an easy to spot junction
– Turn right and go a hundred metres or so and take the small road on your right
– This leads about 2km through a small hamlet, coconut plantation, fruit fields and rubber plantation to the start of the walk
– It is a very scenic drive on a narrow tarmac road with no traffic.

2. Khiri Petch
• It is a medium sized waterfall which is about 3 kilometres from Salak Petch village.
• The Khiri Phet Waterfall is 2 kms from the Salak Petch community, south of Koh Chang.
• It is a medium-sized waterfall.
• During the cool and rainy season the fall may look as if it is a two-story waterfall which is about 5 meters high.
• During the dry season you can climb up to the 7th level.
• Although not very large Khiri Phet Waterfall flows year-round.
• There is a pool at level one.
• Swimming is possible but it is advisable to check the water current especially during the rainy season.
• Hikers should wear studded shoes and avoid climbing up the levels during rainy season.
• This is because the rock may be slippery.
• The Salak Petch Forestry Office is not too far off.
• If you are driving you can park your car in the rubber plantation within the waterfall vicinity and take a 15-minute walk from there.

• There are 5 waterfalls near Bang Bao.

Best time to visit / climate

• Ko Chang has the same seasons as Bangkok.
• The best season to go is the (comparatively) cool season between November and February.
• March to May are roasting hot.
• Between June and October it rains, and a lot at that: 4,000 mm in an average year.
• Many guest houses close during this season, so accommodation is limited.

Location on Google Maps

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How to get there?

1. By plane
• Bangkok Airways flies twice a day from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport to Trat.
• The flights depart at 08:45 and 17:05, and take 1 hour exactly.
• Costs are between 1,800B and 3,300B.
• Direct door-to-door minibus transfers are there from Trat airport to Ko Chang resorts.
• They cost 475 baht/person one way and 800 baht/person return including the ferry crossing.
• From Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, take the free express shuttle bus from outside the arrivals concourse to the airport’s own bus terminal.

2. By Bus
• From Bangkok the most economical way to get to Laem Ngop is to take a 1st class bus #999 from the Eastern (Ekamai) Bus Terminal direct to the Laem Ngop piers.
• The fare is 268 baht and takes just over five hours.
• Departures from Ekamai are at 07:45 & 09:45, and return at 14:00 and 16:00.
• Subject to seat availability, this bus can also be boarded at Chanthaburi and at Suvarnabhumi Airport.
• There is a more comfortable way to travel from Bangkok Airport to Ko Chang.
• The new bus line # 392 starts from the airport at 07:30 and returns from Koh Chang at 12:30.
• Tickets can be bought online at the Suvarnabhumi Burapha Bus Company.
• There are also express shared minibuses running from Suvarnabhumi airport non-stop to Lonely Beach on Ko Chang.
• Tickets are 308 baht for the big bus and 600 baht (800 baht round trip)for the Lonely Beach Express minibus which includes a ticket for the ferry.
• Alternatively, there are 1st class (approx. 5 hours, around 250 baht) and 2nd class services from both the Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) and Northern Bus Terminal (Moh Chit) direct to Trat.
• There are frequent songthaew services from Trat to Laem Ngop (approx. 30 minutes, 50 baht/person).
• Departures from Ekamai are more frequent than from Moh Chit.
• If coming by bus from the south, the #511 air-con bus can be used to connect directly between Bangkok’s Southern (Sai Tai Mai) and Eastern (Ekamai) bus terminals.
• Connection in Trat can also be used if coming from Pattaya.
• There are direct minibus services to Laem Ngop from Pattaya, Ban Phe (gateway to Ko Samet), and Bangkok’s Khao San Road and Victory monument.
• It may also be possible to proceed directly to Laem Ngop by minibus or songthaew from the Hat Lek / Koh Kong border crossing with southern Cambodia.
• Price around 120 baht (one way) from the border to Trat bus station.

3. By Boat
• Most ferries operate from Laem Ngop, which has three piers.
• The Laem Ngop (Tha Khrom Luang or Tha Laern Ngop) pier is approximately 700 metres west of Laem Ngop.
• The Centrepoint (Tha Centre Point) pier is located about 3.5 km north-west of Laem Ngop.
• These piers serve both vehicle and passenger ferries.
• Koh Chang vehicle ferry pier is located in Thammachat Bay, around 15 km west of Laem Ngop.
• All piers on Ko Chang are situated on the eastern side of the island.
• The major piers are the two Dan Kao piers, Tha Dan Kao and Tha Ferry Dan Kao.
• To take a boat from Laem Ngop to the Dan Kao piers take around 45 minutes.
• The car ferry from Laem Ngop takes around 1 hour and arrives at the Tha Ferry Dan Kao pier.
• This pier is situated 400 meters southeast of the Tha Dan Kao pier.
• The car ferry from Thammachat Bay stops at the Ko Chang Ferry Pier in the Sapparot Bay (Ao Sapparot), 3 kilometres northwest from the Dan Kao piers.
• Light meals, fruit, fruits and beverages are available at all the piers and on the car ferries.
• There are two operators that provide daily bus services from Ko Kood to Ko Chang.
• One is based in Ban Bao, the other on Kai Bae Beach.

4. By taxi or limousine
• From Bangkok or Suvarnabhumi international airport the ride takes a total of about 5-5.5 hours by Limousine or Taxi.

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