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Hua Hin is a sea-side resort city in Thailand – Part 1

Hua Hin is a seaside resort city in Thailand.

Overview of Hua Hin

• It is popular among Thais.
• It has become quite fashionable as a weekend getaway spot for Bangkok residents, as well with foreigners.
• It is as an ex-pat retirement or holiday home location.
• There is a commitment by the local and provincial authorities’ in order to avoid the kind of overheated blight that has affected other beach resorts in Thailand.
• Hua Hin is closely associated with the Thai royal family.
• It is popularized as a resort in the early-1920s by King Prajadhipok.
• It is a quiet and relaxing seaside resort ideal for family vacations.
• It is a reasonable 2.5 hours drive down from Bangkok.
• Until 1934, it was known as Samore Riang which means “rows of rocks”.
• The tranquil fishing village was turned into a royal resort.
• It became popular among Siam’s nobility and upper classes.
• In 1928, Prajadhipok built his Klai Kangwon Palace.
• As of 2007, Klai Kangwon is a full-time residence of the current king.
• It is not open for visitors, although the outer palace grounds are open for walkers and joggers from 16:00 to 19:00 daily.
• The town is clean, warm and laid-back, making it ideal for families and couples.
• The 5 km long beach itself is pretty.
• It is more interesting than Pattaya’s, and the sea is relatively clean.
• Most of the beach can completely disappear along certain parts of the coast during high tide.

Activities at the Beach

• Sunbathing
• Snorkeling
• Swimming
• Golf
• Spas
• Caves
• Peaks
• Waterfalls
• Shops
• Seafood
• Nearby national parks

Places to see in and around Hua Hin

1. Hua Hin Beach
• There is only one beach, Hua Hin Beach which runs from one side of Hua Hin to the other.
• Hua Hin Beach extends three kilometers southwards from a rocky headland.
• This extends until a southern headland where a Buddhist temple clings to the cliffs.
• The beach has fine white sand, resort hotels and many water sports opportunities.
• These opportunities lend the resort its distinctive ambiance.
• At the south end of town, the hill of Khao Takiab interrupts the beach.
• On the other side is a lovely swimming beach.
• It has a view of Khao Takiab’s South face.
• Just a little further on, Suan Son beach is owned by the Thai army.
• It is open to the public.
• This beach is notable for the tropical sea pines lining the shore.
• A little south of the Marriott, watch for tiny sand crabs digging industriously leaving odd patterns of tiny sand clods.
• Parts of the beach closer to the town may have greenish water.
• In this case continue walking down the beach where the water appears cleaner.
• There is ample supply of deck chairs along the beach.
• Many places will charge for their hire (100 baht is common).
• Deck chairs that are part of a beach-side cafe may be free with assumption that you will buy food or drink.

2. The Hills of Khao Takiab
• The hill of Khao Takiab is 14 kilometres from Hua Hin town.
• It supports Buddhist temples.
• It offers a commanding view of the resort, particularly early in the morning.
• A local bus service from Hua Hin to Khao Takiap is on the seashore.
• Khao Takiab is one of the highest areas in Hua Hin.
• On going up this mountain by driving you will see the whole Hua Hin and also nice beaches.
• This is another good place to wait and watch for the sunset.
• The food on Khao Takiab is very delicious too.

3. Hua Hin Railway Station
• This is Thailand’s most beautiful train station.
• The local people are very proud of it.
• The wooden building used to be a royal pavilion in Sanamchan Palace, Nakhon Pathom province.
• It was rebuilt at Hua Hin in 1968.

4. Hua Hin Arts and Crafts Center
• Opens daily.
• Timings: 11PM-6:30PM.
• This is situated in an old typical house on Naepkhehat Road.
• It has a collection and exhibition of many contemporary works of Thai artists.
• It also has the old furniture and many pictures about Hua Hin in the past.
• Entry: Free.

5. Klai Kangwon Palace
• Phone: 0 3251 1115.
• Open: daily.
• Timings: 9AM-4PM.
• King Rama VII commanded the Klai Kangwon Palace to be built in 1929.
• This Spanish-style summer palace faces the sea and dominates an extensive ornamental garden.
• The Thai Royal Family still customarily spend the hottest months of the year which is usually March to April here.
• Members of the public can visit the palace every day, when the Royal Family is not in residence.
• Price: 20 baht.

Best time to visit / climate

• Hua Hin has a tropical climate with high humidity and occasional rain.
• It is typically pleasant and can be enjoyed all year round.
• The best time of the year to visit Hua Hin is in the cool season from November to February.
• For those who like it hot, then the hot season is from March to May (temperature gets up into the higher 30s).
• The rainy season is from June to October with September being the rainiest of all.

Location on Google Maps

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How to get there?

1. By Plane
• Solar Air flies to Hua Hin from Bangkok 4 days weekly on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
• Passengers leave Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport at 16:00 and reach Hua Hin at 16:30.
• Return flight to Bangkok is at 17:00.

2. By Train
• Trains are an easy way to get to Hua Hin.
• The train station is right in the center of Hua Hin.
• The trains go very slowly getting away from Bangkok, so the 2 1/2 hour road time to Hua Hin stretches to 5 or 6 on the train.
• The price of the train is around 100 baht(and only 44 baht for ordinary trains).
• Most trains on the southern route stop at Hua Hin.
• They leave Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong and Bang Sue railway stations 10 times daily between 08:05 and 22:50.
• It takes 4 hours for the journey.

3. By Bus
• From Bangkok, buses to Hua Hin leave from the Sai Tai Mai terminal about every 20 minutes.
• It takes around 3.5 hours.
• The price (1st class) is under 200 baht.
• Buses run from 04:00 – 22:20.

For more information, contact:
• Hua Hin-Pran Buri Tour, Tel: 0 2884 6191-2
• Bang Saphan Tour, Tel: 0 2435 5105, 0 2884 8895
• Bus Southern Terminal, Tel: 0 2435 1199, 0 2435 5605, 0 2434 7192

4. Minibus
• To downtown Bangkok, you can also take a minibus from near the Victory Monument near the BTS skytrain.
• Cost is 180 baht.
• The Hua Hin vans board in the alleyway next to Century Movie Plaza which is close to the stairs at the southern end of Victory Monument BTS station.
• From the Skytrain station, take the walkway south, descend the staircase on the east side to street level.
• The minibus area is next to the stairs.
• Look for a small table with “Cha Am, Hua Hin” written in English to buy your ticket.
• T-Tour, Tel. 080-090-6540.
• Minibuses from Hua Hin back to BKK (180 baht) leave opposite the Pananchai Hotel in Naebkehas Rd.
• This is some 200 m along a side road from the clock tower.
• A 1st class bus service will eventually connect Hua Hin directly with Suvarnabhumi Airport.
• The main bus station is well outside the centre of town on Petkasem Rd beyond Soi 94.
• This is some 3 km south of town center.
• A tuk tuk there costs ~180 baht.
• This bus station is for buses which are going to or from Bangkok and points south.
• The orange bus from Bangkok Southern Terminal (150 baht) which takes about 3.5 hours.
• The other first class buses go to the station beyond Soi 94 on Petkasem.
• Stop the bus at any point prior to this if you want to get off.
• The clock tower on the left is the effective town “center”.

5. By Boat
There used to be a ferry between Pattaya and Hua Hin but stopped right now.

6. By Taxi
• Taking a taxi from Bangkok to Hua Hin (distance about 200 km) is possible.
• Price after negotiation should cost around 2,000 baht.
• The price for a taxi from Suwarnabhumi (Bangkok) airport was 2,600 baht in November 2009.
• The limousine services available at Bangkok Airport are more expensive than an ordinary taxi.
• Private taxi from Hua Hin to BKK Airport should be in 1,600-2,000 baht.
• It is bookable via agents around town.
• A few are located outside the post office, and others are along Naresdamri Rd.
• Taxi to or from Pattaya around 3,000 baht.

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