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Discuss about Austria night life and culture

• Austria has lots of entertainment, clubs, nightlife, eating places and concert halls in Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Graz and Linz.
• Austria is full of intriguing travel spots.
• Here you can quite easily pass lots of time enjoying the nightlife which are found in major cities of Austria.
• There are several bars, cafes and clubs across Austria.
• Vienna and tourist venues in Austria have some of the most trendy clubs in the country.

Overview of Austrian Culture

• Austrian Culture dates back to around 1050 BC to the Hallstatt and La Tene cultures.
• Austrian Literature shall be divided into two main divisions.
• The period up until the middle of the 20th century, and the period subsequent, after both the Austria-Hungarian and German empires were ended by the 2nd World War.
• Austria transformed from being a major European power to being a relatively small country.
• Complementing its status as a land of artists.
• Austria was always a country of great poets, novelists and writers.

Most famous literates of Austria are:
• Arthur Schnitzler
• Stefan Zweig
• Thomas Bernhard
• Robert Musil

• Georg Trakl
• Franz Werfel
• Franz Grillparzer
• Rainer Maria Rilke
• Adalbert Stifter

Austrian Music
• Vienna has long been an important center of musical innovation within Austria.
• Famous composers of the 18th and 19th centuries were drawn to Vienna by the patronage of the Habsburg Dynasty.
• Vienna became the European capital of classical music.
• Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Johann Strauss, among many others were associated with Vienna.

Some of the Austrian spots to enjoy nightlife are:

1. Rockhouse
• City: Salzburg
• Category: Nightlife
• Regular concerts, workshops and CD launches are all on the program for this cultural association
2. Segabar
• City: Salzburg
• Category: Nightlife
• There are two pubs of this name on the Rudolfskai: the Segabar at number 18 already has cult status
3. O’Malley’s Irish Pub
• City: Salzburg
• Category: Nightlife
• This authentic Irish pub is located in the middle of Salzburg.
4. Steinlechner
• City: Salzburg
• Category: Nightlife
• Young people meet at the bar, where music creates a good mood.
5. Vis-a-Vis
• City: Salzburg
• Category: Nightlife
• Set in the heart of Salzburg’s “Bermuda triangle”, which is bordered by Rudolfskai and Imbergstraße.
6. Hofer Weinstube
• City: Salzburg
• Category: Nightlife
• It is a really great spot and it is one of the longest established restaurants in Salzburg has a very fine wine list.
7. Saitensprung
• City: Salzburg
• Category: Nightlife
• One of the poshest bars in Salzburg can be found built into an arch in the Kapuzinerberg.
8. Salzburger Altstadtkeller
• City: Salzburg
• Category: Nightlife
• Live music from any one of a number of different styles – from jazz and latino to folk music.
9. Salute
• City: Graz
• Category: Nightlife
• Due to its Mediterranean flair, this new café-bar is the new star in the night sky above Graz.
10. Rudolf Erlebnisbrauerei
• City: Graz
• Category: Nightlife
• In the mood for hearty traditional fare, a round of dancing, enjoying culture or drinking a good beer.
11. Romantik Cocktailbar
• City: Graz
• Category: Nightlife
• This luxurious cocktail bar in Romantik Parkhotel Graz provides the perfect setting for a stylish evening.
12. Hemingway American Bar
• City: Graz
• Category: Nightlife
• The nostalgically decorated American Bar has an elegant clientele.
13. Orange
• City: Graz
• Category: Nightlife
• What looks like a modern cafe by day, turns into a bar at night.
14. Rincon Andino
• City: Graz
• Category: Nightlife
15. Others
– Molly Malone
– Miles
– Empire Nachtleben St. Martin
– Easy Cocktailbar
– El Mariachi
– Die Cocktailbar
– Living Room Bazillus
– Chez Roland
– Take five
– Urban Keller
– Gusswerk

Places to see in Austria

– Lake Constance
– Kaprun
– Pinswang
– Salzkammergut
– St. Anton
– Thermenland
– Worthersee
– Zell am See
– High Mountain National Park
– National Park Thayatal
– Grossglockner
– Grossglockner High Alpine Road
– Villgratental
– River Danube

Historical places in Austria

• Austria boasts a wealth of majestic architecture and historic structures.
• It was long a centre of power in the Holy Roman Empire.
• Here you will find palaces and magnificent city architecture.
• Addition to these you will find grand cathedrals, monasteries and churches.

• This is the country’s capital and most popular destination.
• It is packed with Medieval and Baroque structures.
• Schonbrunn Palace with its 1441 rooms is the absolute highlight.
• Tiergarten Schonbrunn, is the oldest zoo in the world.
• The 12th century St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the most prominent religious building.
• Salzburg combines delightful Alpine surroundings with a beautifully preserved historic centre.
• Innsbruck, at the heart of Tyrol is a historical place. The Mariazell Basilica in Mariazell is one of the country’s most visited attractions and an important pilgrimage destination.

Murauer Bier
• The Murauer Brewery has a permament brewing museum.
• Turn up on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
• The tour includes the museum, brew house, a video presentation and a free Murauer beer or lemonade in any of their bars in the town.
• Price: 3€

Judenburg Sternenturm
• There is a (locally) famous planetarium.
• The town also has a town tower.
• It offers views of the entire area.

Burg Riegersberg
• This wonderfully preserved medieval castle is privately owned by the ruling family of Liechtenstein.
• Entry is cheap.
• The castle can be reached by walking up the original access path that winds its way through the castle’s defensive gates.
• There is a cable car which ascends the other side of the hill.

Zotter Chocolate
• Near Riegersberg, is the Zotter chocolate factory.
• They make all their chocolate in an ethical and organic manner.
• The tour of the factory allows you to taste all of their varieties of chocolate (around 150).

Things to do
• Skiing and Snowboarding
• Cycle Touring
• Music
• Movies
– Most trails and mountain huts are maintained by the Austrian Alpine Club.
– Some are run by other equivalent organizations, such as the German, Dutch and Italian Alpine Clubs.
– Mountain huts are meant to be shelters, not hotels.
– During the high season (August), it’s a good idea to book in advance.
– Prices for the night are usually around 10-20€ (half for Alpine Club members).
– Meals and drinks are quite expensive.

Best time to visit / climate

– Austria has a temperate continental climate.
– Summers last from early June to mid-September.
– It can be hot in some years and rainy in others.
– Winters are cold in the lowlands and very harsh in the Alpine region.
– In alpine region the temperatures often drop below -10° C (14° F).
– Winters last from December to March.
– In the Alpine region large temperature fluctuations occur all year round and nights are chilly even in high summer.
– The area around Vienna often experiences strong easterly winds.
– The high season is August.

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How to get to Austria?

1. By plane
• There are 6 airports in Austria with scheduled flights.
• The most important international airport is Vienna.
• This has connection to all major airports of the world.
• Other international airports include Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz, and Salzburg.
• They provide domestic flights as well as connections to some European countries.
• Those airports are particularly popular with cheap airlines such as Ryanair.
• For traveling to the western states it is recommended to use the very close Munich airport.
• The most common airports to visit Vorarlberg are Altenrhein (Austrian), Friedrichshafen (Ryanair, Intersky) and Zurich (Swiss).
• If visiting Austria for winter sports, choose airport considering cost and duration for the whole trip (plane+transfer).

2. By Bus
Eurolines Austria has bus schedules from Austria to all major European countries and back.

3. By Car
From Germany
– Motorway A8 from Munich to Salzburg.
– Motorway A93 from Rosenheim via Kufstein to Innsbruck, Tyrol.
– E43 (A96) from Leutkirch via Wangen to Bregenz, Vorarlberg.
– E56 from Regensburg via Passau to Linz, Upper Austria.
From Italy
– Motorway A23 to Villach, Carinthia.
– E54 via Brenner to Innsbruck, Tyrol.
From Slovenia
– E652 to Villach,Carinthia.
– E57 via Spielfeld to Graz, Styria.

4. By Train
• The OBB (Austrian Railways) operate high-speed ICE and RailJet trains from cities like Zurich,Munich,Frankfurt, Passau, and Budapest.
• Eurocity trains are the next fastest trains.
• Regional trains called EURegio and simplyRegionalzug are also avialible from all 8 of Austria’s neighbors.

Austria & the Alps 2000 – 2007 DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Austria Frommer’s Austria

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