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Travel – Los Santos, Panama – famous for its carnivals

Los Santos (The Saints) is a province of Panama with Las Tablas is its capital city. This capital city is famous for its carnivals such as the Festival Nacional de la Pollera (National Festival of the Pollera), the Festival of the Patron Santa Librada; and the Festival Nacional de la Mejorana in Guararé. Los Santos along with Herrara is known to be the birth place of the traditional Panamian dress known as the Pollera. This province is spread on a land area of about 3,804.6 square kilometers with an approximate population of 83,500. Growing corn, rice, coffee, sugar cane and the raising of livestock and commerce are its primary economy.
This province is divided in 7 districts:
• Guararé District-Corregimientos that include the cities of Guararé (capital), El Espinal, El Macano, Guararé Arriba, La Enea, La Pasera, Las Trancas,Llano Abajo, El Hato and Perales.
• Las Tablas District-Corregimientos that include the cities of Las Tablas (capital), Bajo Corral, Bayano, El Carate, El Cocal, El Manantial, El Muñoz, El Pedregoso, La Laja, La Miel, La Palma, La Tiza, Las Palmitas, Las Tablas Abajo, Nuario, Palmira, Peña Blanca, Río Hondo, San José,San Miguel, Santo Domingo, El Sesteadero, Valle Rico and Vallerriquito.
• Los Santos District-Corregimientos that include the of cities La Villa de los Santos (capital), El Guásimo, La Colorada, La Espigadilla, Las Cruces, Las Guabas, Los Angeles, Los Olivos, Llano Largo, Sabanagrande, Santa Ana, Tres Quebrada, Villa Lourdes and Agua Buena.
• Macaracas District-Corregimientos that include the cities of Macaracas (capital), Bahía Honda, Bajos de Guera, Corozal, Chupa, El Cedro, Espino Amarillo, La Mesa, Llano de Piedra, Las Palmas and Mogollón.
• Pedasí District-Corregimientos that include the cities of Pedasí (capital), Los Asientos, Mariabé, Purio and Oria Arriba.
• Pocrí District-Corregimientos that include the cities of Pocrí (capital), El Cañafístulo, Lajamina, Paraíso and Paritilla.
• Tonosí District-Corregimientos that include the cities of Tonosí (capital), Altos de Guera, Cañas, El Bebedero, El Cacao, El Cortezo, Flores, Guánico, La Tronosa, Cambutal and Isla de Cañas.
In 1855, the provinces were divided into the regions of Los Santos and Herrera and in 1941; Los Santos and Herrera were established as one province, named Los Santos. In 1945, Herrera and Los Santos became two different provinces.

Attractions of Los Santos:

• Festival Nacional de la Pollera (National Festival of the Pollera)
• The Festival of the Patron Santa Librada
• The Festival Nacional de la Mejorana in Guararé.

Beaches: Venado, Achotines, and Guararé cities have many beaches. Isla Iguana beach is well known for its blue water and white sand and this island is just about 25 minutes by boat from Pedasí.

• Museum of Nationality (Museo de la Nacionalidad)
• The Museum Belisario Porras
• The Museum Manuel F. Zarate
• The Sitio Arqueologico Cerro Juan Diaz-an archaeological site.

• The Church of San Antonio
• The Church of Santa Librada (1872): It is in Las Tablas and is a national monument.

• Guarare: This is surrounded by the little town of El jobo, Bella Vista, Las Lagunitas, La Guaca, La Pacheca and La Enea. There was an Indian chief named Guarari, who reigned over this part during Spanish colonial times and on whose name this town is named after. The pollera, the montuno and the music are special symbols of this town which are representative of the Panamian culture. This town hosts the festival, Festival Nacional de La Mejorana, which takes place from September 20th to 26th.
• Las Tablas: This city is the capital of the province. It is about 12 kilometers from the port Mensabe on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. This city hosts best carnival celebrations in the Republic of Panama. The national monumental church, the Santa Librada Church, is housed here.
• Playa Venao: This is a long beach of about three miles. It is about 6 hours from Panama City by drive. The waves are ideal for surfing and the waves are about 15 feet tall and never under 4 feet.
• Pedasí: This town is on the Azuero Peninsula which is a small coastal fishing village. The coastal roads are surrounded by scenic cliffs. One can see tide pools, beaches, and a traditional Spanish hacienda from here. There are many houses and lands that are purchased by Hollywood people.
• Red Frog Beach: This is a beautiful Caribbean beach in the province which is ideal for surfing and palms around.
• Isla Iguana Beach: This is a beach off the coast of Pedasi in the Panama Bay. This is protected by a wildlife reserve.
• El Morro: This is a rainforest in Toboga in the province. One can see Pacific Ocean from this area that is topped by this rainforest.
• Herrera: This is a neighboring province that is in Panama. This province got its name after the division of the Los Santos province. Chitre is the capital of Herrara and lies on the coastline of the province. Towards its north are the provinces by Veraguas and Cocle and to its south is Los Santos and to its east are Golfo de Parita and Los Santos and to its west is Veraguas. There are nine provinces in Panama and Herrara is the third in sugarcane production. The main economy is also due to this along with retail, equipment repair, banking, and domestic service. The other main industries include dairy, cattle, commercial fishing, alcohol, ceramics, clay products, mosaics, and cement. This province is popular for its festival Del manito ocueno which originated in the city of Ocu. Herrera is known for its best pottery in the country. There are many carnivals held in Chitré, Parita and Ocú. Chitre’s carnival is the most famous in Panama.

Best time to visit / climate:

Las Santos has a tropical wet and dry climate. The dry season is from January to April whereas the wet season is in remaining year. The best time to visit this place is in the dry season.

Location on Google Maps:

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How to get there:
This province can be reached in approximately 4 to 5 hours drive from Panama City.
To reach Panama City:
By plane: Tocumen International Airport is outside Panama City. This airport offers services for Copa Airline, American Airlines (Dallas/Ft.Worth, Miami), Delta Airlines (Atlanta, Georgia), Continental Airlines (Houston, Newark), Avianca (Bogotá, Colombia) and TACA (San José, Costa Rica and San Salvador, El Salvador) along with major Central American airlines, and several South American airlines and European Airlines. There are direct flights between Tocumen and New York, Newark, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Amsterdam, Madrid, and all major cities in the Caribbean area, Central America and South America, like Santiago de Chile.
By train:
Between Panama City and Colon, only one train service operates with a passenger car. This ride is a scenic ride with views of the Panama Canal and the tropical rainforest.

To get around locally, taking a taxi is the best way.

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