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Gulmarg which means “Meadow of Flowers”- a hill station in Kashmir.

Gulmarg which means Meadow of Flowers is a town, a hill station and also a notified area committee in Baramula district which is in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.
Gulmarg is located 52 km from Srinagar. It has an average elevation of 2,690 m (8,825 ft). Gulmarg is a majestic hill station in the district of Baramula of Jammu and Kashmir. The hill station was earlier known as Gauri marg, where Gauri stands for Goddess Parvati the wife of Lord Shiva. The name Gulmarg was given to this place by the King Yousuf Shah Chak.

Gulmarg is known for its lush green backdrop, beautiful landscapes, flowering gardens, serene lakes and pleasant climate during the summer months and falls. This is one of the best ski resorts in India as it gets heavy snowfall, especially during winter. Some of the highest ski slopes in India lies in the sloppy Himalayan regions in Gulmarg.
Gulmarg is credited with the longest and highest cable car project in Asia. The experience of cable car is breathtaking.

Attractions and Activities

• Alpathar Lake
• Baba Reshi Shrine
• St Mary’s Church
• Gondola Ride
• Skiing
• Trekking

Must go places in Gulmarg

1. Alptar Lake
• This lake is calm, beautiful and a favorite picnic spot for tourists.
• Alptar Lake is located on the valley down the twin Afarwat peaks.
• These peaks are at an altitude about 4,511 m.
• This serene lake in a triangular shape.
• It is placed in the backdrop of scenic hilly snowcapped terrains.
• The lakeside gardens add the beauty to the surroundings.
• This attractive lake remains frozen until June and during the summer.
• The lake can be reached by an adventurous trek through the snowy mountains.
• This is a perfect location for trekking enthusiasts.

2. Baba Reshni Shrine
• Shrine (Ziarat) of Baba Reshi, dedicated to Muslim scholar and saint Baba Reshi.
• This is a sacred mosque in the valley of Gulmarg.
• This tomb was built in 1480. The five century old shrine was constructed with the architectural styles of Persian and Mughals.
• Baba Reshi was an important courtier during the period of King of Kashmir Zain-ul-Abidin.
• It is considered as a holy shrine.
• The shrine is located in a vast expanse of greenish lawns.

3. Gandola Ride
• The wonderful attraction in Gulmarg is the Cable Car ride.
• This is also known as Gondola Lift/Ride (1 km west of Gulmarg’s bus stand).
• Jammu and Kashmir State Cable Car Corporations manage the Gulmarg Cable Car ride.
The ride is divided into two sections – Gulmarg to Kongdori and Kongdori to Apherwat.
• The Gondola passes over the pine forests.
• They start from a height of 2690 m above sea level and rise up to 3090 m while reaching Kongdoor.
The ride also passes by the scenic spot of Khilanmarg – a meadow with a carpet of colorful flowers.

4. Skiing
• Skiing and snowboarding are two main activities of the place.
• The slopes in Gulmarg are all natural. The gentle slopes of ski range from 200 m to 3 km.
• Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering are located here.
• They also offer 10 day & 21 day short ski courses for newbies as well as advanced skiers.
• Gulmarg has many ski resorts with all kinds of facilities for skiing. Tourists can get the help of skiing guides.
• The best time for skiing is during January to March.
• Skiing races are also organized here during the festivals like Christmas and Easter.

5. Trekking
• Gulmarg is a very popular trekking base in the Himalayan regions.
• Many trekking trails offer medium to hard adventurous trekking.
• The trek originates from the hilly terrains of Gulmarg.
• There are many resorts offering all supports for trekking expeditions.
• The trek can be accommodated with many skilled guides.
• Gulmarg-Khilanmarg, Gulmarg-Apharwat and Gulmarg-Alapther trekking trails are very popular.
• The trek passes through the breathtaking snow covered sloppy Himalayan ranges.
• Majestic views of Namga Parbat, enchanting snow covered valleys and dense forests make the trek in Gulmarg special.
• Ideal time for trekking is from April to November.

Other activities to do in Gulmarg:

• View from the Gulmarg slopes
• Cable car is used as ski lift
• Gulmarg Gondola – The New Cable Car of Gulmarg
• Khilanmarg Ropeway near Gulmarg
• World class golfing
• Mountain biking
• Horse riding
• Water skiing
• Fishing

Best time to visit / climate:

• The hill resort of Gulmarg is a place that can be enjoyed throughout the year.
• There are winter months from November to February.
• These months are ideal for skiing.
• The summer months from May to September offer pleasant weather.

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How to get to Gulmarg?

• The airport at Srinagar at 57 km is nearest to Gulmarg.
• The airport caters to the air transport to the hill resort.
• Regular flights connect Srinagar with the other major cities in India.
• The railway station in Jammu is the nearest to Gulmarg.
• This caters to the rail transport to the hill resort.

1. Srinagar by Air
• Srinagar domestic airport is connected with many airports of the major cities in India.
• Regular flights are operated between Srinagar and Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Shimla.
• International travelers get the connecting flights from Delhi International airport.
• This is at a distance of 87 km from Srinagar.

2. Srinagar by Train
• Jammu is the nearest railway station to Srinagar.
• This is at a distance of 290 km.
• Jammu railway station is well connected to all major cities in India by rail.
• Direct train services are available from Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Trivandrum.
• Taxi services are available from Jammu to Srinagar.
• The fare is about Rs 6000.

3. Srinagar by Bus
• Many tourist bus service providers arrange deluxe luxurious bus package tours from many neighboring cities to Srinagar.
Srinagar is well connected by tourist bus services to:
• Chandigarh (630 km)
• Jammu (290 km)
• Delhi (876 km)
• Leh (434 km)
• Phalgan (96 km)
– Packaged tours charge about Rs 4 – Rs 5 per km.

4. By Plane
• Sheikh ul Alam Airport is commonly known as Srinagar Airport.
• It is an international airport.
• Flights are operated by Jet Airways, Air Deccan, Spice Jet, Kingfisher Airlines, Go Air, Jet Lite and Indian Airlines from Delhi and Mumbai to Srinagar.
• The frequency is once or twice a day by each airline.
• The cost is approximately Rs 2,500 from Jammu, Rs 2,500-5,000 from Delhi one way and higher from Mumbai.

5. By Taxi
• Hiring a TATA Sumo SUV from Jammu costs approximately Rs 1,900-2,700 depending on time of year or even time of day.
• The journey takes around 8 hrs.

6. By Bus
• J&K State Road Transport Corporation (J&KSRTC) operates fairly comfortable buses from Jammu costing around Rs 350 and does the journey in around 12 hrs.
• 2 day buses run between Srinagar and Leh staying overnight in Kargil.
• There are also direct buses from Delhi taking almost 24 hrs to reach Srinagar.

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