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Travel – Saint George (Bermuda) – the former capital of Bermuda

Saint George, which is also called St. George’s parish is the former capital of Bermuda. It is the oldest such settlement, having been settled by the English in 1612. This is a historic Town, situated at the island of St. David’s across its harbor. Until 1815, this was the capital; later Hamilton took over as the capital of Bermuda. One of the features that makes Saint George attractive to tourists is that it looks the same as it was 250 years ago. It is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, listed during the 1990s. The old colonial streets and buildings are the same and the streets and alleys still carry those old fancy names like ‘Featherbed Alley’, ‘Old Maid’s Lane’ or ‘Needle and Thread Alley’.
King’s Square is the main square of the town and remains pretty original. It has a town hall, the Visitor’s Service Bureau and Ordinance Island to the south.
The main attractions of St. George are:
– St. Peter’s Church
– Bermuda National Trust Museum
– Tucker House Museum
– St. George’s Historical Society Museum
– Bermuda Heritage Museum
– Unfinished Church
– The Town Hall
– HMS Deliverance
– Water Street
– Somers Garden
– State House
– Bridge House
– The Old Rectory
As you can see from above, the town has many popular museums and other attractions:
– Bermudian Heritage Museum
– The Bermuda Perfumery
– Bridge House
– Fanny Fox’s Cottage
– Fort St. Catherine
– Heritage Centre
– King’s Square
– Major Donald H. Burns Memorial Park
– Old Rectory
– Old State House
– One Gun Alley
– Ordnance Island
– Queen’s Warehouse
– St. George’s Foundation
– St. George’s Historical Society & Museum
– St. Peter’s Church
– Stella Maris Church, Duke of Clarence Street
– Stewart Hall
– Somers Gardens
– Tiger Bay
– Town Hall
– Tucker House Museum
– Confederate Museum.

Some of the St George Bermuda Beaches
– Tobacco Bay, St. George Parish: It is a boulder-sheltered, shallow and warm-water beach and can be reached by foot from St. George square or are shuttles available. Nearby, there is a Fort St. Catherine that can be reached by foot. Rest rooms, food concession, beach rentals are available.
– Achilles Bay / St. Catherine’s Bay, Northeastern St. George Parish: This bay also can be reached on foot from St. George square and shuttles are readily available. This bay is just beside the Fort St. Catherine. Rest rooms, food concession nearby, beach rentals are also available on this beach.
– Clearwater Beach / Turtle Beach / Turtle Bay / Long Bay / Well Bay / Soldier Bay: This is near the east end of the airport in St. David’s. It is situated on a former US Air Base land that weas used for NASA tracking station at Cooper’s Island. Rest rooms, food concession and bar are available on the bay along with the Children’s playground.

Some St. George’s golf courses in the area:
– St. George Golf Course, St. George Parish, north of the Town of St. George.
– Tuckers Point Golf Course / Mid Ocean Golf Course, St. George Parish, near Tucker’s Town.
– Mid Ocean Golf Club Mid Ocean, an 18-hole golf course.

St George Bermuda Museums and Lighthouse:
– Bermuda National Trust Museum: This museum is situated at King’s Square. Bermuda National Trust Museum is one of the oldest stone buildings in Bermuda which depicts Bermuda’s role in America’s civil war.
– Bermuda Old State House: This house is the oldest building of Bermuda. This house held the parliament sessions of Bermuda until 1815 after which Hamilton became the capital and parliament moved there.
– St David’s Lighthouse Bermuda: This is at the highest point on the Eastern tip of the island. This lighthouse sends its beam 20 miles over the ocean.
– Carter House: This house is one of the oldest homes in Bermuda. It is made of stone and the old vernacular architecture of Bermuda is highlighted in this house.
– Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences: This institute was earlier known as the Bermuda Biological Station. This institute performs research operations on deep sea and coral reef behaviors.

Other attractions:
– St George Market Nights: This market is held on every Tuesday evening at 7p.m., held at Kings Square. There are displays of products, Gombey dancing, music and much more.
– Bermuda Perfumery: This is situated on Queen Street of St George. This is known to be the oldest and best perfume shop which also shows how scents are made. The perfumery is in an old farmhouse that was built around 250 years ago.
– Bermuda Railway Trail: This trail was dismantled after 17 years in 1948. It is now a public walking trail from St. George Town in the east end, through Pembroke Parish near the City of Hamilton and on toward Somerset Village in the west end. On the way one can find trestle houses, station houses and railway ties and views of the island and waters.
– St Peter’s Church: This is one of the oldest Anglican churches of the Western hemisphere.
– Bermuda Forts: There are large forts and smaller batteries on the island. They were built from 1612 to 1957. Almost 100 fortifications are built on this island. The larger ones are restored while some are on displays. Some can be reached by boat.

The forts in Bermuda are:
– Fort St. Catherine, St. George Parish: This is situated on the north-eastern tip of St. George Island. This fort of St. Catherine’s has collection of historic exhibits & artifacts. Its interior is well-preserved interior and is very popular here.
– Gates Fort, St. George Parish east (guarding Town Cut channel entrance)
– Alexandra Battery, St. George Parish east
– Fort George, St. George Parish (overlooking the Town of St. George)
– St. David’s Battery, St. George Parish east
– Martello Tower / Ferry Island Fort, St. George Parish west (at Ferry Reach)
– King’s Castle / Devonshire Redoubt / Landward Fort, St. George Parish south (on Castle Island, accessed via boat)

Best time to visit / climate:

The best time to visit St. George parish is May-September. The warm waters of the Gulf Stream give it a quasi-tropical atmosphere. Overall, Bermuda has a mild, humid subtropical maritime climate and strong winds are common in winter. The hurricane season is from June to November. It is best to avoid this time of the year.

Location on Google Maps:

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How to get there:
Saint George is accessible directly from Hamilton by bus.
By plane: Bermuda International Airport is the airport operating in Bermuda, and is located in St. George’s parish which is beside Castle Harbor. This airport has daily flights from Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Newark, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto and Washington, together with less frequent flights from other US and Canadian cities. British Airways flies from London (Gatwick) to Bermuda.
By boat/yacht: The cruise ships operate from the ports of Baltimore, Boston, Bayonne, New York, Norfolk, Miami/Ft Lauderdale, and Philadelphia on the eastern seaboard of the United States.

Get around: This parish’s locations in and around are walkable.

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