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Travel – New Providence – A Caribbean island

New Providence Island is dominated by the capital Nassau and is a Caribbean island, being the most populated island in Bahamas. Its best attractions are the small vessel harbors in the Caribbean.
The Spanish were the first to deport slaves to this place, and as a result, a small English colony was formed. This island was a nest for pirates as it was close to New Providence harbor and they attacked ships returning to Spain laden with wealth, gold and silver. Now, the Americans have taken over with tourism and two-third of the Bahamas population is housed here.
The cities of New Providence include Nassau, which is the capital, and is on the eastern side of the island. New Providence is 21 miles in length and 7 miles in width. Paradise Island is located to its north and both are linked by two bridges.

Bahamas Attractions

• Power boat Adventures: This is in the capital Nassau. One can enjoy stingray and shark encounters, with the iguanas and have a good lunch. It is scary for some of the tourists as the wave might cause the boat to shake around.
• Bacardi Distillery: This distillery was established in 1962. This is a production house for rum that is sold on the island. One can take a tour and taste sample cocktails and buy them at the store. Its gift shop is still in running mode but the distillery was closed in 2008.
• Blue Lagoon Island and Dolphin Encounters: This is an exciting tour and cruising through Nassau Harbor on large, high-speed catamarans to the beautiful private island, giving a just perfect trip. Dolphin Encounters also offers a close encounter with California sea lions along with Dolphin swim.
• Daq shack: This is a local flavor to Cable Beach. It is situated direct from the Wyndham and Sheraton. The local straw market, food and cigar vendors are part of the shack. One can enjoy Caribbean music and have fun.
• Arawak cay: This is a cay which is known for its Fish fry. The local flavor of fish can be tasted here. Other Bahamian cuisines are also available.
• Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas: This is a notch, swimming with sharks and diving expeditions are available.
• Nassau: This is the capital of the Bahamas and is on New Providence Island. This is a colonial Caribbean city which has modern American culture. It is a combination of old and new in its facilities with an old-world charm. Many of the town’s buildings are dated back to 18th century.
• Junkanoo: This is known to be the biggest event in the Bahamian calendar. This is a street carnival which is held on December 26 which is also known as the Boxing Day. On New Year’s Day Junkanoo groups rush all through the town. Nassau town is the centre of this festival. Junakanoo music is played which has African rhythms and medley on cacophony. Every year the costumes are made from the scratch.
• Dolphin Encounters: Dolphin encounters are where one gets to swim with dolphins. One can also watch from the side. This is located on Salt cay.
• Bahamas Historical Museum: This museum is housed in Nassau and exhibits the pre Columbian times to present times, around 50 years of the history of Bahamas. It has interesting historical artifacts.
• Pirate Museum: This is a tour which takes us to a journey to the heart of downtown Nassau and back to 1716. There is a replica of the pirate ship “Revenge” which can be boarded and seen from the inside.
• Aqua venture at Atlantis Paradise Island: The Atlantis resort that is located on Pirate island houses the largest water park of the world and is spread on a 97-acre Park. There are many waterslides and river rides with special effects that are great fun.
• Bimini Islands: These islands are a group in the Bahamas with an underwater cave system. It is 50 miles (80km) east of Miami and has an area no larger than 10 square miles (26 sq km). The main island of North Bimini, is seven miles long (11km).
• Paradise Island: This Island is connected to the New Providence Island by two bridges. This island has a variety of beaches and hotels and resorts. Cable beach is the popular one.
• Freeport, Grand Bahamas Island: This Island has white beaches and aquamarine seas and is fifty miles, that is, 80 km, east of Miami. Free port is an inland which is preferred by visitors for stay or they choose Lucaya which is a seaside suburb.
• Andros Island: This is the largest island in Bahamas. This island is ideal for scuba divers and fisherman. This island is not that developed but tourist enjoy on the island.
• Exumas Islands: The Exumas comprises of a myriad set of islands and cays. They are spread over hundreds of miles. There are two parts of the islands, the largest is the Great Exuma and the little is the Little Exuma.
• Long Island: This Island hosts one of the main events of Bahamas, a yachting race called Long Island Regatta. It is held in the town of Salt Pond every may. People from all over the world come here to watch it. It is one of the unspoilt islands of the Bahamas.
• Eleuthera Island: This Island has no hotels nor cruise ships and hence not very crowded. It is spread almost 100 miles (161km) but is at most two miles (3km) wide. Harbor Island is considered to be its satellite island.
• Hartley’s Undersea Walk: One can take a walk along the oceanic floor here. Diving is popular and is easy with the use of undersea botanical helmet which is useful for a normal breathing experience and dry hair.
• Pine tree Stables: Here people are taken on a two hour Bahamian horse back ride. This ride starts from Freeport and through the Pine Tree forest, through a castle and then to the dunes and along the beach.

Best time to visit / climate:

This island has a tropical marine climate and the waters of Gulf Stream are warm. The place is attacked by hurricanes and tropical storms and floods. The hurricane season lasts (officially) from June to November. The hotels charge their highest prices during the peak winter period from mid-December to mid-April and are the peak period for touring. Late summer or summer is the best time to visit the place.

Location on Google Maps:

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How to get there:
Visitors from US, Canada, EU and Japan do not need an advance visa for stays of up to three months.
By plane: the capital Nassau, on New Providence, and Freeport, on Grand Bahamas are the largest airports of Bahamas. There are smaller airports in other places.
By boat: The capital, Nassau, on New Providence Island is one of the world’s busiest cruise ship ports, and is served by ships that originate from Florida, Freeport on Grand Bahamas Island.
Getting around: One can go by Bahamasair from Nassau or take bus services from Nassau/New Providence or take a taxi or rent a car to go around the place. Mail boats are served in almost all islands in Bahamas and are the cheapest mode of transport.

Places to stay (hotels / restaurants along with website / contact numbers):

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