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Travel – Herrera, Panama – named after the general, General Tomás Herrera

Herrera is a province located in Panama. It was named after the general, General Tomás Herrera. This province got its existence after the division of the Los Santos province. Chitre is the capital of Herrara and lies on the coastline of the province. Towards its north are the provinces of Veraguas and Cocle, to its south is Los Santos, to its east are Golfo de Parita and to its west is Veraguas.
This province was created in 1854. There are nine provinces in Panama and Herrara is the third biggest in terms of sugarcane production. The economy is also dependent on sugarcane production, along with retail, equipment repair, banking, and domestic service. The other main industries include dairy, cattle, commercial fishing, alcohol, ceramics, clay products, mosaics, and cement.
This province is popular for its festival Del manito ocueno which originated in the city of Ocu. There are many carnivals held in Chitré, Parita and Ocú. Chitre’s carnival is the most famous in Panama. In addition, Herrera is known for the best pottery in the country.
This province is divided into 7 districts:
1. Chitré District. Corregimientos that includes the cities Chitré (capital), La Arena, Monagrillo, Llano Bonito and San Juan Bautistas.
2. Las Minas District. Corregimientos that includes the cities Las Minas (capital), Chepo, Chumical, El Toro, Leones, Quebrada del Rosario and Quebrada El Ciprián.
3. Los Pozos District. Corregimientos that includes the cities Los Pozos (capital), El Capurí, El Calabacito, El Cedro, La Arena, La Pitaloza, Los Cerritos, Los Cerros de Paja and Las Llanas.
4. Ocú District Corregimientos that includes the cities Ocú (capital), Cerro Largo, Los Llanos, Llano Grande, Peñas Chatas, El Tijera and Menchaca.
5. Parita District Corregimientos that includes the cities Parita (capital), Cabuya, Los Castillos, Llano de la Cruz, París, Portobelillo and Potuga.
6. Pesé District Corregimientos that includes the cities Pesé (capital), Las Cabras, El Pájaro, El Barrero, El Pedregoso, El Ciruelo, Sabanagrande andRincón Hondo.
7. Santa María District Corregimientos that includes the cities Santa María (capital), Chupampa, El Rincón, El Limón and Los Canelos.

Attractions of Herrera:
• La Casa Vegetariana: One can get vegetarian food with wide varieties of fruit drinks and soya bean milk etc.
• Gamboa Rainforest Resort: This resort has a magnificent view of the rainforest. There are adventure programs around the Panama Canal area.
• Portobelo National Park: This is a park which offers snorkeling opportunity and kayaking the mangroves and this place is famous for the Spanish and the pirates.
• Colon: Colón is a sea port that is on the Caribbean Sea coast of Panama. This is a city that is on the entrance to the Panama Canal and is capital of the province by the same name. It is also known as the second city of Panama. It is located on Manzanillo Island. It is surrounded by Limon Bay, Manzanillo Bay and the Folks River. It now includes the towns of Cristobal, Rainbow City, Margarita, and Coco Solo, and the former U.S. Army base of Fort Gulick.
• El Casco Viejo: This is a Spanish colonial city, established in 1671. This city was established after the downfall of Panama Viejo in battles and until 20th century, this city was Panama City. Panama bay and other sites depict its history with Spain, France and United States.
• Iglesia de San Francisco de la Montaña: This is a church that dates to 1727. It has unique Baroque architecture and is a declared National Historical Monument on January 27, 1937. About Seventeen kilometers from Santiago, the San Francisco de la Montaña Church is stationed. This church has hundreds of hand carved pieces and is known to have the oldest baroque group of altars of the continent. These altars are painted or covered with gold leaf. These altars have Scared scriptures carved on them with scenes. It is a reflection of Spanish Catholicism with Indian culture. This is located a few kilometers away from the Pan American Highway.
• La Laguna, Las Colinas: This place is near the mountains and beaches zone. One can enjoy being at the top of a mountain or explore the pre mountain tropical forest with birds, plants and wildlife.
• Palacio de Las Garzas: There are many historic buildings in this area.
• Istmo Brew Pub: This pub provides the tourists with locally brewed beers and imported beers.
• The Panama Canal: This canal is about 77 km (48 miles). It is a shipping canal, located in Panama and this canal joins the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean; it is a key for maritime trade. The traffic is about 1000 ships in the early days and much higher right now. This canal has its own measurement system called Panama Canal/Universal Measurement System (PC/UMS) in tons. It is one of the largest engineering projects of the times. The route is via the Drake Passage and Cape Horn at the southernmost tip of South America.

Best time to visit / climate:

Herrera has a tropical wet and dry climate. The dry season is from January to April whereas the wet season is in remaining year. The best time to visit this place is in the dry season.

Location on Google Maps:

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How to get there:
There is a large regional bus terminal in Chitré from where there are bus services to and fro to the destinations like Las Minas, Las Tablas, Los Posos, Ocú, Panama City, Pesé, Santiago, and Tonosí. Chitré has a small airport that has flight service to and fro from Panama City on Aeroperlas.
To reach Panama City:
By plane: Tocumen International Airport is outside Panama City. This airport offers services for Copa Airline, American Airlines (Dallas/Ft.Worth, Miami), Delta Airlines (Atlanta, Georgia), Continental Airlines (Houston, Newark), Avianca (Bogotá, Colombia) and TACA (San José, Costa Rica and San Salvador, El Salvador) along with major Central American airlines, and several South American airlines and European Airlines. There are direct flights between Tocumen and New York, Newark, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Amsterdam, Madrid, and all major cities in the Caribbean area, Central America and South America, like Santiago de Chile.
By train:
Between Panama City and Colon, only one train service operates with a passenger car. This ride offers a scenic ride with views of the Panama Canal and the tropical rainforest.
To get around in local taxis is the best way of getting around.

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