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Travel – Freeport (Bahamas) – a city on the island of Grand Bahamas in the district of Bahamas

Freeport is a city on the island of Grand Bahamas and in the district of Bahamas. It is located 100 miles (160 km) east-northeast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This city is part of a free trade zone of the Bahamas, operated by the Grand Bahamas Port Authority (GBPA). There was an agreement signed called the Hawksbill Creek Agreement in August 1955 declaring that the Bahamian Government agreed to businesses in the Freeport area and will pay no taxes before 2054. The Pine yard of Wallace Groves, a Virginian financier, was the first development of the economy of Freeport of Bahamas. He owned 50,000 acres (200 km2) of land of this area. After the capital of Nassau, City of Freeport is known to be the most populous city of Bahamas. The Grand Bahamas International Airport serves this place.
Freeport’s land area is about 230-square-mile (600 km2). It is off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida and about 65 miles (105 km) off the coast. Many international companies use Freeport as their business sites. Tourism topped the list for quite some time but from 2004, tourism has decreased tremendously due to hurricane hits.

Things to do:
There are plenty of beaches. Diving, water biking, surfing, Parasailing and underwater cave diving are different activities of the place.

Places to see:
• The Rand Nature Centre: This Centre was named in the honor of James Rand.
• Rand Nature Centre – Bahamas National Trust, Freeport City: This is in the East Settlers Way in the Freeport City. One can take a guided tour through this tropical forest. This Centre has hanging vines, serene pools and unusual wild animals. This is the regional headquarters of the Bahamas National Trust. This centre is spread over 100-acre property. West Indian flamingoes flock to this centre.
• Petersons Cay: This is a small islet of about 300 yards off the Grand Bahamas shore.
• Lucayan National Park: This national park was found by Peter Barrat who was a former Architect. He was also the Freeport town planner. This park is spread to an area of about 40 acres (0.16 km2). This area includes five ecological zones which extend from south shore to the pine yard. There is an underwater cave beneath this park.
• Theo’s Wreck: This is the most popular diving site. This is actually a shipwreck of the ship named Theo Galanopoulos (228-foot cement hauler) which sank off the shore near Freeport in 1982. This is now laying at a depth of 100 feet right off the continental shelf. The marine life, including numerous moray eels have made their home here.
• Xanadu Beach, Freeport City: This is on the Southwest coast of Grand Bahamas Island in the Freeport City. This is a crowded beach. One can rent chairs and umbrellas and enjoy variety of fun things. Parasailing, banana boat rides and JetSkiing, enjoying tropical drinks and snacks are some of the things here. There is an international bazaar with countless eating, drinking and shopping.
• The Garden of the Groves, Freeport City: This is on the Magellan Drive in the Freeport City. This area has jungle and zoo in the 11-acre property. This garden has the most exotic wildlife. Macaws, alligators, pot-bellied pigs and pigmy goats and iguanas are few of them. There is a waterfall and tropical fruit trees all around.
• Pinetree Stables, Freeport: This is located at Little Crab Cay in Freeport city. One can gallop along the shoreline splashing in the Caribbean shores.
• Paradise Watersports, Freeport City: This is located in the Xanadu Beach in the Freeport City. One can enjoy many aquatic activities in this beachfront. Underwater marine life can be viewed by taking glass bottom boats. Reef-n-Wreck snorkeling and parasailing can also be done.
• Xanadu Underseas Adventures, Freeport City: This is located in Xanadu Marina in the Freeport City. Diving is the best here with amazing cave diving which is rare and shark diving is another attraction. One can dive in reefs, cave and tunnels.
• Grand Bahama Brewing Company, Freeport City: This is located in the Logwood Road in the Freeport City. This is a microbrewery in the Bahamas. One can taste the samples and buy too.

Best time to visit / climate:
Freeport enjoys a subtropical climate with mild winters. The average temperatures range in the low to upper 80s, with water temperatures never below 72°. The winters are usually cold and dry while the summers are usually hot and wet. This can be considered as an all year visit site.

Location on Google Maps:

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How to get there:
By plane: There are many flights available from South Florida. American eagle offers daily flights from Miami. Bahamasair, Continental Connection, and Spirit Airlines all offer daily flights from Fort Lauderdale.
By Boat: There are quite a number of cruises departing from Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale) that offer cheap tickets to Freeport and Nassau.

To get around: One can take rent a car to move around.

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