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Travel – Exuma – the largest of all cays in Bahamas

Exuma is located in Bahamas, and more important for tourists, is in the district which has numerous islands or cays (over 360). Great Exuma is a significant cay, and is the largest of all cays and is of about 37 mi (60 km) in length. The Exuma island chain is 130 miles (209 km) long in total. This is a part of isles whose capital is Nassau and has a population of approximately 2000.
The islands located in Exuma are mostly privately owned, with the one open to public being the Great Exuma, Fowl Cay, Iguana Cay, the Musha Cay which is also a resort and Staniel Cay.
The Cities located in Exuma are George Town which is located on Great Exuma, Saddleback Cay which is a private island (actually owned by Island World Adventures). It holds one day trips from Nassau on a daily basis. This island also has the Half moon beach which is known for its shallow reefs, with giant nurse sharks that are fed; this island also has other six beaches. The other city of Exuma is Thunderball Grotto which is known for its James bond flick as it was filmed at this place.

• Starfish The Exuma Adventure Center: This centre is in Great Exuma. One can see and enjoy the clear crystal blue waters of the Exuma cays here and look and explore the marine life. It is ideal for snorkeling and kayaking with private boat charters. There are some popular tours such as the very popular swimming pigs/thunder ball grotto tour, and half and full day fishing charters as a special ride.
• Roberts Island Adventures: Fishing, Sightseeing and Snorkeling-Half and full-day trips offered by Roberts.
• Exuma Water Sports: These offer a Thunder ball Safari Tour.
• Island Routes Caribbean Adventure Tours: This tour company gives us the best things to see and do in this area. They give us a guided one of a kind tour.
• Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park: It is a natural marine preserve with scuba diving and view of crystal clear water in a depth of 100+ feet. It takes tourists to the Exuma cays and is beautiful.
• Rolle’s Sea Kayaking Adventures: This Company offers sea kayaking adventures which is operated by a couple and guided by Gully and Shan.
• Dive Exuma: This is a PADI five Star Resort that offers snorkel tours, dive tours and boat charters along with courses and rentals.
• Exzooma: This Company too offers group boat tours around the place.
• Lee Stocking Island: This is a small island that is about three miles long, and is popular for Bone fishing, shelling, diving and skinny-dipping.
• Thunderball Grotto: This is a fantastic underwater cave and was used for filming of James Bond movies. Divers and Snorkels must see this cave.
• Explorer Ventures: These show the Geological formations and the Nature reserves around the place.
• Rolle Town Tombs: These tomb stones are a mark of the overseer with his wife who belonged to the old times when slavery was rampant.
• Exuma Wall: This wall is of Seventy-five foot height. It is a vertical underwater wall and is a popular diving site too.
• Dog Rocks Wall: This is unique as it is like a maze of coral. One can swim through this wall and also enjoy the marine life in it.
• Exuma Cays Adventures: This is also a tour company that offers group tour on boat.
• Bowe Family Plantation : This was a cotton plantation that is ruined as of now. It remains as a reminder of the colonial past of this island of Exuma.
• The Hermitage: This is a tomb or rather a cemetery that is from 1800s and is eight miles from the George Town.
• Sailing Regatta: Great Exuma hosts the famous Family Island Regatta every year in April. One can take part or watch and enjoy this sailing competition.

Best time to visit / climate:
Exuma is an all year round holiday destination but June to October is considered a stormy season with rains and high winds. But most of the time it is sunny and warm and temperature is moderate. The weather here is a treat as one can visit any time of the year.

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How to get there:
The northern islands are below an hour away from Nassau which can be reached by a speedboat and by tours. Great Exuma has the only airport in the islands and offers flights from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Nassau. It is about 10 mi (16 km) to the north of George Town.
Great Exuma can be gone around in a car whereas other islands are accessible only by tour charter or boat.
Car and boat rentals are available in George Town, Great Exuma. One must have international or US driver’s license.
Water Taxi to Stocking Island: This taxi goes daily from Peace and Plenty Restaurant in Georgetown Harbor to the neighboring Cay of Stocking Island.

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