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Travel – El Valle de Anton – a seven square mile town in Cocle in Panama

El Valle de Anton is a seven square mile town in Cocle in Panama. It is surrounded by a volcanic caldera which was a deep lake. The crater spit out richest volcanic soil onto the valley floor which is known as tierra negra or black earth. It is located at a 2,000 foot elevation. It is known to be the cultural, environmental and culinary bounty of Old Panama.
One can ride or walk to waterfalls, square trees, mud baths, a zoo, a museum, the forest canopy tour, pre-Columbian petro glyphs, farmers market, tours of the local organic farm, coffee roaster, artisan bakery, and guided birding and fauna surveys, El Nispero – a local private zoo, a large waterfall called “El Macho”, a grove of square trees, a etched hieroglyphic rock, lots of birds, bugs, butterflies, animals or cooking school. El Valle houses an orchid conservatory and the amphibian rescue station that are two world class eco sites in town.
Activities at the place include hiking, horseback riding, and bird watching as El Valle houses around 500 species of birds.
Attractions of El Valle de Anton and around:
• “El Valle’s Sunday Market”: It is the town’s public market, which is open 7 days a week, located on Avenida Central or Calle Central to the east-west of the town.
• “El Nispero”: This is a zoo as well as a historical and geological museum, and a small serpentarium and an orchid garden that houses local orchid species.
• Cerro Gaital National Monument: It is a house for Panama’s 10,000 plants, 1500 trees, 1000 birds, 220 mammals, or 354 amphibians and reptile species.
• El Valle Amphibian Conservation Centre, EVACC: Over 200 frogs, salamanders and toads are prevented from attack from an unstoppable fungus that has been known to be hit them. They are maintained in micro climate and treated and detoxed. This also houses exhibits like the local golden frog, a cultural icon and the republic’s emblematic conservation symbol.
• El Nispero Zoo-Nursery: This place has examples of the local fauna, flora and wildlife.
• El Valley Orchid Nursery: This is an eco-site where the orchidophile can experience orchidelirium. There are about 1300 varieties and 200 endangered samples housed here. The JICA, COSPA, APROVACA center is one sponsored by a consortium of Japanese and Panamanian orchid growers.
• Three Sisters Cooking School: This is a cooking school giving insight of history and culture of food ways of the place.
• Alquiler de Caballos: This is a stable that houses 30 horses, who are used for exploring the mountains that are nearby. One can enjoy the horse ride over the mountains.
• Canopy Adventure: This is a gliding adventure that uses cables, pulleys and harness to glide and view the rainforest from above the jungle which is a magnificent experience.
• Chorro de las Mozas: This is a waterfall or set of waterfalls that cascade down the hill sides into the valley. These falls are also called Young Women’s falls.
• Chorro El Macho: This is the popular waterfall of El Valle which is 85 feet high. Below the falls one has swimming pools for swimming which are made out of rocks and surrounding it is the rainforest, with the water of the river being fed into the pool. There are hiking trails too available here.
• Handicrafts Market: This is a popular attraction and one of the Panama’s largest handicrafts markets.
• La Piedra Pintada: This is a huge boulder which is a colored stone of pre-Columbian carvings and full of petro glyphs.
• Coffee Plantation of Boquete: This region is famous for gesha coffee which can be visited and enjoyed and one can buy coffee that is grown on volcanic slope. Cafe Ruiz and Kotowa are for touring.
• Whitewater River Rafting on the Chiriquí Viejo: River tours that are either about 1/2 day and full day rafting excursions. Among them are:
o Chiriqui River Rafting
o Panama Rafters
o Boquete Outdoor Adventure
• Visit Paradise Garden: This is a Wildlife Rescue Center in Panama which takes an entrance fee in order to support the centre.

Best time to visit / climate:
El Valle de Anton dry Season starts from December through March which is also known as summer, and a cooler Wet Season which starts from April through November and is known as Winter. The best time to visit this place is hence December to March which is summer.

Location on Google Maps:

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How to get there:
There are frequent buses to and from Albrook in the Panama City hub which connects to Costa Rica or the Caribbean side. Also from the Albrook bus terminal there are buses that are run by Panafrom, Padafront, and Terminales David to David every one hour.

Get around: One can either take foot or take a taxi to go around. Apart from this there are several tour companies offering packages of tour around the place.

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