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Travel – Cerro Punta, Chiriqui, Panama (a small village)

Cerro Punta which is also known as Cerro de Punta is a very small village / city in Panama. It is in the western highlands in the province of Chiriqui, at an altitude of 6,500 feet (2,000 meters) above sea level. This place is also known as “The valley of Clouds”, because of its high elevation. The inhabitants of the place are Native Americans. This land is said to be the best for cultivating strawberries and also for mixed vegetable gardens. This place can be reached by going towards north from the Pan-American Highway. This place is named after a grade school teacher and the Chircana poet named Caval Beatriz Miranda who taught in Cerro Punta.
The landscape is a rugged terrain with small plains and widely spaced city and cultivated land. The city is divided into villas, The Miranda, Guadalupe, Las Nubes, and Bajo Grande which are known to be located above 2,000 meters. Some of them are good hiking trails as well. The climate is tropical with a short dry season and rainy season which is almost about 9 – 10 months of the year. The temperature during night time is often cool due to high elevation.
The main economy of the place is agriculture due to its fertile land, formed due to dormant volcano and its high elevation. This place has a weather that is different from the rest of the country. Tourism is another rich source of money for the local economy. Ecotourism is also open in this place. The ecological trails, hiking, rafting (the rivers flowing of the great mountains are conducive to the sport) and the rugged geography is best for tourism. Horse racing is famous here.
The popular attractions of the place are: Finca Dracula Orchids farm, Sendero Los Quetzales Parque, Internacional La Amistad and Parque Nacional Volcan Baru.

The nearby cities to Cerro Punta are:
• Limon, Costa Rica: This city is about 76.1 miles.
• Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica: This city is about 50.4 miles.
• David, Panama: This city is about 28.3 miles.
• Boquete, Panama: This city is about 10.2 miles.

The popular events of the place are as below
• FLOWERS AND COFFEE FAIR (Boquete): January 7 to 17
• LA CANDELARIA FAIR (Bugaba): January 28 to February 7
• DAVID INTERNATIONAL FAIR (David): March 11 to 21
• ORCHIDS FAIR (Boquete): April 8 to 12
• SAN ANDRES FAIR (Bugaba): November 27 to 30
• THE CHIRICANO DRUM FAIR (David): November 28
• HIGHLANDS FAIR (Volcán): December 16 to 20

Attractions of Cerro Punta and around:
• FINCA DRACULA ORCHIDS FARM: This farm is five minutes from the Los Quetzales Lodge in Guadelupe. It houses one of the complete orchid collections that are found in Latin America.
• SENDERO LOS QUETZALES: This is also known as the Quetzales Trail. This is a Natural trail which is a link between the Boquete and Cerro Punta villages through La Amistad International Park.
• PARQUE INTERNACIONAL LA AMISTAD: This is also known as the Friendship International Park. It is a bi-national (Panama-Costa Rica) natural reserve which falls in the mountains of the provinces of Chiriquí and Bocas Del Toro which is on the Panamanian side.
• PARQUE NACIONAL VOLCAN BARU: This is also known as the Baru Volcano National Park and is the core of the reserve. This core is the highest mountain of Panama which is known as the Baru Volcano.
• Coffee Plantation of Boquete: This region is famous for gesha coffee which can be visited and enjoyed and one can buy coffee that is grown on volcanic slope. Cafe Ruiz and Kotowa are for touring.
• Whitewater River Rafting on the Chiriquí Viejo: River tours that is about 1/2 day and full day rafting excursions. Among them are:
o Chiriqui River Rafting
o Panama Rafters
o Boquete Outdoor Adventure
• Visit Paradise Garden: This is a Wildlife Rescue Center in Panama which takes an entrance fee in order to support the centre.

Best time to visit / climate:
The climate is tropical with a short dry season and rainy season which is almost about 9 – 10 months of the year. The temperature during night time is often cool due to high elevation. The best time to visit this place would be December through March, which can be considered the dry season.

Location on Google Maps:

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How to get there:

• By Plane: From Panama City one can take a flight which is about one hour from David and then take a bus to the valley of clouds in about one hour and a half.
The services of flights are also from San José, Costa Rica, three days a week, also one hour, to David.
• By Car: From Panama City it is about 440 kilometers to David and Cerro Punta is about forty kilometers and the drive is through landscapes and scenic beauty.
The drive from San Jose, Costa Rica is more or less 300 kilometers to David which crosses the border in Paso Canoas.

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