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Travel – Boquete – A small town in Panama

Boquete is in western Panama and is a village or a town in Chiriquí province. It is a small town on the Caldera River which is about 60km distant from the border with Coasta Rica. The town is at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level. It is popular for its location, scenic beauty, climate and naturalists among tourists. It is a district and has an approximate population of about 19,000.
It is also known as the “Valley of the Flowers”. It is on the northern highlands of Panama and its mountain ranges are shared with the neighboring Coasta Rica along with rainforests and wildlife. This place is popular for agriculture and for its cultivations of strawberries, oranges, and coffee. The Gesha coffee of this region is very famous and also sold in auctions as they are unique in growing on rich Volcanic slopes. People from Europe, America and Asia are popular tourists here.
Among tourists activities are rock climbing, canopy fly over, white water rafting, ATV adventures, hiking, bird watching and enjoying hot springs.
The nearby cities of this highest point Cerro Punta are:
• Limon, Costa Rica
• Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
• David, Panama
• Cerro Punta, chiriqui

The popular events of the place are:
• The Boquete Community Players
• The Boquete Jazz Festival
• The Chiriqui Art Expo

Attractions of Boquete and around:
• Animales de Boquete: This is an organization for improving clinics to improve animal health and to bring in stray animals like dogs and cats.
• SENDERO LOS QUETZALES: Hike the Quetzal Trail: This is a hike from Boquete to Cerro Punta which is about 5-7 hours (usually takes about a day to complete). This is also known as the Quetzales Trail. This is a Natural trail which is a link between the Boquete and Cerro Punta villages through La Amistad International Park.
• PARQUE NACIONAL VOLCAN BARU – Reach the Top of the Volcano Baru: This is a 12 hours hike on a round trip basis. This is also known as the Baru Volcano National Park and is the core of the reserve. This core is the highest mountain of Panama which is known as the Baru Volcano.
• Coffee Plantation: This region is famous for Gesha coffee which can be visited and enjoyed and one can buy coffee that is grown on volcanic slopes. Cafe Ruiz and Kotowa are for touring.
• Whitewater River Rafting on the Chiriquí Viejo: River tours that take about 1/2 day or full day rafting excursions. Among them are:
1. Chiriqui River Rafting
2. Panama Rafters
3. Boquete Outdoor Adventure
• Visit Paradise Garden: This is a Wildlife Rescue Center in Panama which takes an entrance fee in order to support the centre.
• Zip Line: This is a tour through the Canopy of the Cloud Forest.
• Hot Springs Caldera: One must tour and enjoy the hot springs of this place.
• Horseback Riding: One can go for a horseback ride in the mountains of Boquete which is from and through the downtown area and in Caldera which is about 40 minutes from downtown Boquete.
• Boquete Outdoor Adventures: this company offers Whitewater, sea kayaking, multi-sport and family adventure vacations.
• Boquete Mountain Safari Tours: This Company offers Yellow Jeep tours, Horseback Riding in the mountains, Hiking, Caldera Hot Springs, Coffee Adventures, and All Day Adventure Packages.
• Boquete Rock Climbing: The guided tour takes tourists to an unusual volcanic rock face just outside of town.
• FINCA DRACULA ORCHIDS FARM: This farm is five minutes from the Los Quetzales Lodge in Guadelupe. It houses one of the most complete orchid collections that are found in Latin America.
• PARQUE INTERNACIONAL LA AMISTAD: This is also known as the Friendship International Park. It is a bi-national (Panama-Costa Rica) natural reserve which falls in the mountains of the provinces of Chiriquí and Bocas Del Toro which is on the Panamanian side.

Best time to visit / climate:
Boquete weather. The warmer dry season starts from December through March which is also known as summer, and a cooler Wet Season which starts from April through November and is known as Winter. The best time to visit this place is hence December to March which is summer.

Location on Google Maps:

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How to get there:

One can reach Boquete
? From David: Every 45 minutes until 8PM there are buses that leave to Boquete which takes one hour.
? From San Jose in Costa Rica: From Tracopa terminal a bus leaves in the morning to David and from there the above bus can be taken to reach Boquete.
? From Panama City: AirPanama and Aeroperlas offers daily flights to David which is about 50 minutes.
? From the Albrook bus terminal there are buses that are run by Panafrom, Padafront, and Terminales David to David every one hour.
? There is a shuttle available between Bocas Del Toro and Boquete.

Get around
One can either take foot or take a taxi to go around. Apart from this there are several tour companies offering packages of tour around the place.

Places to stay (hotels / restaurants along with website / contact numbers):


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