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Travel – Bimini – Composed of a chain of islands

Bimini is a district of the Bahamas and is the westernmost of the Bahamas islands and is composed of chain of islands. It is located about 53 miles (81 km) to the east of Miami, Florida. Bimini is closest to the mainland United States and 137 miles (209 km) to the west-northwest of Nassau with a population of the island is 1600.
North Bimini and South Bimini are the largest islands of the chain. Bimini district includes Cay Sal Bank which is 62 miles (100 km) to south and is not a part of the Bimini Islands geographically. It is a separate unit. North of Bimini is seven miles (11 km) long and 700 feet (210 m) in width. Alice town is its main settlement. It has a collection of shops, restaurants, and bars on “The King’s Highway”, which is a single road. The Bimini Road is the most contentious of the sites. Bimini has many landmarks and historical places.
Bimini is derived from the words Bibi, which is known as mother and mini, which is known as waters. The words are Taino words which on the whole mean Mother of Many waters. Taino is the Native American language of these Caribbean islands and the name is originally a Pre-Columbian Taino Arawak name. A Bimini top is known to be a type of canvas shelter on a small boat.
The regions of Bimini are classified into:
• North Bimini: This is an island with only a population of 1600 residents. Alice Town is the main settlement and King’s Highway is the main road of the place.
• South Bimini: This has the new airport. There is a beach and is less developed.
Bimini’s main economy is fishing and the main name associated is Hemingway (the famous author) who spent some time fishing here and known to have written novels like ‘To Have and To Have Not’ and ‘Islands in the Stream’. There was a small museum to on his name which was later destroyed by fire in 2006. He was known to stay at Compleat Angler Hotel which was also burnt down along with the museum.

Bimini Attractions
• Fishing: Bimini is well known for sport fishing and the perfect spot for this is located just 50 miles from the coast. This place is famous for diving and popular among angler because of the deep waters. Bimini is made up of two small islands which are North Bimini and South Bimini. Since it is in the path of the Gulf Stream, it also serves as a topspot for marine life which includes sea turtles and dolphins. Tourists and locals take their boats for fishing and relaxing in Bimini. There are many mysteries and legends and myths associates with Bimini.
• Bimini Road and Underwater Relics: North Bimini is just off the shore which has huge limestone blocks which are 20 feet below the surface which form a sort of road. In 1968, these blocks were discovered and are believed to the lost city of Atlantis. These blocks can be explored by Divers and Snorkelers. There is also an old shipwreck and its vessels that lie in the shallow waters. “The Sapona”, a World War II freighter is one of them.
• The Healing Hole: This is hidden among the mangrove creeks of North Bimini. This is actually a freshwater spring pool of sulphur which is mineral-rich and offers magical healing powers. These pools are used for rejuvenating experience and tourists do enjoy the feel.
• The Bimini Museum: It is situated in Alice town on King’s highway. This highway is a single road which is the main road of North Bimini. This museum has collection of artifacts and exhibits on the island’s history. This museum houses the rag-tag collection of mementos of the celebrities like Martin Luther King Junior’s immigration card, Ernest Hemingway’s fishing logs and even a domino set that once belonged to Adam Clayton Powell Junior. Among the artifacts are the old rum kegs and fishing boats.
• Dolphins: Bimini is known for its wild Atlantic spotted dolphins. There are trips that are organized by Wild quest to interacts with these dolphins and swim along with them in their natural habitats.
• Beaches: Bimini has many unspoiled beaches. Bimini Bay beach is known to be the largest white sand beach of Bimini which is not crowded. Alice Town of North Bimini has three main beaches that are connected and very popular which are Radio Beach, Blister Beach and Spook Hills. On the South side there is a beach named Tiki Hut Beach. This beach is less visited and is spread over two miles and this is also a pristine white beach of Bimini.

Things to do:
In Bimini one can go for deep sea fishing and hence this island is also known as the “Deep Sea Fishing Capital of the World”. The tourists flock from April – July to enjoy and take the full advantage of the calm seas for fishing and diving. The number of bars are more than restaurants in Bimini. Bimini has many small beaches though not known as Beach Island. The other activities include bone fishing, scuba diving, boating and relaxing.

Best time to visit / climate:
The tourists flock from April – July to enjoy and take the full advantage of the calm seas for fishing and diving. The weather is hot in the summer with afternoon thundershowers and warm and windy in the winter months.

Location on Google Maps:

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How to get there:
One can take a taxi to the ferry which is about five minutes to North Bimini. The best way to reach Bimini is via Grumman seaplane from Ft. Lauderdale or Miami run by Chalks Ocean Airways. The airport is last option as chalks no longer fly the sea planes. Traditional land based flights are still available. Bimini Island Air and Continental Airlines also serve Bimini, flying in to the airport on South Bimini.
To get around, a bicycle or golf cart is all needed as the roads are small about the length of 7-mile long island. The main road is the Kings Highway on which most shops, hotels and restaurants are located. The smaller Queen’s Highway that follows the east coast and along which the beaches are located.

Places to stay (hotels / restaurants along with website / contact numbers):

• http://wikitravel.org/en/Bimini#Eat
• http://wikitravel.org/en/Bimini#Sleep
• Tripadvisor (hotel, restaurant)
• http://www.frommers.com/destinations/bimini/263_indacc.html

Blogs / Sites about Bimini:

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Images and photos of Bimini:

Google Search
• http://www.placesonline.com/central_america/bahamas/bimini/photos.asp

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