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Travel – Pontresina, a place known for hiking and climbing, in Switzerland

Pontresina is in the district of Maloja and Oberengadin sub-district. It is a municipality in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. It is at an altitude of 1820 metres. It is on the highest side of Engadine on the upper side. In medieval times, this city was known as “Pontem sarasinam” and later as “de Ponte Sarraceno” and “ponte sarracin”. Pontresina has an approximate area of 118.2 square kilometers (45.6 sq mi). Pontresina has approximately a population size of about 2,004. The official languages of Pontresina are German; Italian is the second most and Portuguese is the third most spoken language.
It is in the highest altitude valley of Val Bernina. This valley branches off the Upper Engadin Valley. Its neighbour is St. Moritz. It is on a south-west facing just 7 km from St. Moritz. This village has sections of Laret, San Spiert as well as Giarsun including Muragls.
Pontresina has pine and larch forests around the Engadine resort and this spa town.
The Morteratsch Glacier and the Roseg Glaciers are the nearby glaciers of Pontresina. As a matter of convenience, there is a ski lift in Morteratsch. There is a cross country ski trail along the Roseg valley. Among the Swiss heritage sites of national significance are The Church of S. Maria, Grand Hotel Kronenhof and the Spaniola tower. There is a village church which was a parish church in old times which has a Ramanesque structure. It has paintings of those times. The walls, north and west and the tower date back to the 12th century.
This place is also known for hiking and climbing. The architectural blend of fine old Engadine houses with their typical “graffito” (decorated walls) dated back from the 17/18th centuries are worth seeing. The hotels are elegant and in Belle Epoque style.
The Bernina railway line is about 2330 m high on Bernina Pass towards Italy and this rail ride passes the Morteratsch glacier. From the station of Bernia, the view is spectacular of the mountain lake of Lago Nero and Lago Biasnco. A wide variety of Puschlav valley that is in southern Grisons can be seen from the Alp Grum stop.

• Diavolezza – It is a panorama mountain which has a mountain restaurant at a height of 3000 m, skiing area and via ferrata climb. There is also a high-altitude cross-country track and glacier walks.
• Rosegtal (Val Roseg) – this is a car-free valley which is a delightful route for walking, biking or cross-country skiing. One can also go for trips on a horse-drawn carriage. There are options for sledge through beautiful larch woods. There are beautiful views of the peaks and glaciers of the Bernina range.
• Bernina railway line – The Bernina railway line is about 2330 m high on Bernina Pass towards Italy and this rail ride passes the Morteratsch glacier. From the station of Bernia, the view is spectacular of the mountain lake of Lago Nero and Lago Bianco. A wide variety of Puschlav valley that is in southern Grisons can be seen from the Alp Grum stop. There is a narrow gauge route across Bernia. This railway line goes into the Veltlin over the Italian border.
• Muottas Muragl: This is a funicular railway that takes to the 2453 m peak. This peak is right for walking and panoramic views, between Samedan and Pontresina along with views over the lakes of the Upper Engadine.
• Upper Engadine – This is an extremely popular holiday region. There is alpine setting at an altitude of 1800 m. There is a world-famous resort of St. Moritz.
• Museum Alpin in Pontresina – This museum is about the development of summer and winter tourism, hunting, wildlife and the environment, with collection of minerals.
• Touring in Engadine: The road trip to Engadine has beautiful and magnificent view of the trail heads, villages.

How to get there
There are several bus lines of the Engadin Bus Company and a chair lift for skiing. Pontresina can be reached by reaching St. Moritz from where it is only 7 kilometers. St. Moritz has its own railway station and a small airport where mostly all links of trains are available.

From St. Moritz to Pontresina
By car:
The route goes from Zurich to Chur, via Thusis and Tiefencastel, either crossing the Julier pass or the Albula Pass to St. Moritz to Pontresina.

By train: From Zurich one can take a train to Landquart and change to St. Moritz. The trains are available from Zurich each hour.

By air: One can fly to Zurich International Airport. From there either take a car route or train route to reach Pontresina.

The best way to reach the resort is to use the plane-car or plane-train combination. Zurich is the most convenient and closest airport.

Directly to Pontresina.
By car:
From Zurich take the road to Chur and there drive south on the A13. It will take you on the route 417/3, which goes to Pontresina. A second option is to take the A3 or A1 autobahn from Zurich International Airport, which go to Chur. From Chur continue following the above-described directions.

By train: There are four connections from Zurich to Pontresina and takes up to four hours.

Best time to visit / climate:
The place is right for both the weathers.
There are funicular railway rides to Val Roseg (Rosegtal) and the Muottas Muragl (2453 m), tours to upper Engadine, the alpine walk from Muottas Muragl to Alp Languard and the Nordic walking trails etc., to enjoy in summer at Pontresina with each of them having spectacular mountain views. Biking is another option.
The ski area on Piz Lagalb (2959 m), the Diavolezza (2973 m), with its 3 lifts and 9 km of slopes and other skiing areas in the Engadine, offering over 50 lifts and about 350 km of slopes, 200 km of cross-country skiing track and the high-altitude track on the Diavolezza that is 12 km long along with 45 km of walking trail are the places for enjoying a perfect winter in Pontresina.

Location on Google Maps:

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Places to stay (hotels / restaurants along with website / contact numbers):

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• http://www.albris.ch/
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Blogs / Sites about Pontresina

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Images and photos of Pontresina:

Google Search
• http://en.escapio.com/hotel/hotel-saratz/pictures
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Videos of Pontresina (Google Search)


Pontresina is a municipality in the district of Maloja in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland.

Sunset Trail Pontresina

Pontresina and its high standing events

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