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Travel – Gimmelwald – a small mountain village in Switzerland

Gimmelwald is midway of the mountain, between Stechelberg and Mürren. It is a small mountain village in Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. Gimmelwald is situated on the western ledge of Wiesse Lutschine valley. It is only visitable by cable run or by foot and is a car- free resort.
This village has a Mountain hostel, for which it is famous. It has 50-beds in it. The main occupations of this village are Farming and tourism. It has a few hotels and is not a ski resort as it was falsely said to be avalanche zone. It offers magnificent views taking train, Post bus and gondola. The whole village takes only 30 minutes to be explored. The laid back attitude is the best part of the village.
There is a path accessible by only foot between Gimmelwald and Murren. The main transportation to Gimmelwald is the Luftseilbahn Stechelberg-Mürren-Schilthorn (LSMS) which is an aerial tramway. The cable car travels down from Gimmelwald to Stechelberg on the floor of the Lauterbrunnen valley, where there is a bus to Lauterbrunnen where there are connections to the rest of Switzerland, and up to the town of Mürren and the Schilthorn.

Places to see and things to do:
• The Schilthornbahn gondola line runs between Gimmelwald and Murren, Birg, the Piz Gloria restaurant, and Stechelberg in the valley below. From Stechelberg you can catch a Post Bus that connects with other gondolas and the Lauterbrunnen train station, from which you can branch out and travel to Wengen, Grindelwald, Interlaken, etc.
• The Jungfraujoch: It is also known as the “Top of the Europe”. The train station is the highest on a peak which is 11,000 feet up. One can take a ride on the highest railway line in Europe for scenic, breathtaking, beautiful views. The Jungraujoch is a must visit place for all the tourist going to Swiss. The place is a beauty of nature with its shining snow, scenic mountains. The view from the top is a feel of never ending beauty. The highest place in Europe is Jungfraujoch, which is, 3,454 meters. The view is magnificent. This place can be visited by train from Interlaken (Interlaken Ost – Lauterbrunnen – Kleine Scheidegg – Jungfraujoch – Grindelwald – Interlaken Ost). The whole train ride is enjoyable with a scenic view.
Once you reach Jungfrau, you have some things to do. There is a sphinx observatory on the top. The view is enchanting. There is an ice cave too with exhibits and sculptures fully made out of snow, which is a rare thing to see. Adding to it there is a self service restaurant and a coffee stand. There is a snow paradise out from an opening. Sometimes it is full of fog, so check before going as if there is too much fog; one can’t take full advantage of the view. There is snow and ice that is present on the elevation of 3454 m which is the ultimate excursion destination in the Bernese Oberland. 1912, the Jungfrau railway is running through a 7-km-long tunnel to the ‘Top of Europe’ in the Bernese Oberland.
• Schilthorn / Piz Gloria – One can enjoy the magnificent views of 200 mountain summits and 40 glaciers from the Piz Gloria revolving restaurant.
• Trümmelbach falls – Trummelbach falls are in the valley and can be walked down from Lauterbrunnen, as it is 3 km behind Lauterbrunnen, with the help of the explanation signs near them. The falls are inside the rock and upon climbing on the stairs; one can experience the thunder of the fall. The railings are present to guard. These falls are open from April-November. These falls are considered to be the one of the wildest glacier ravines in Europe. Ten of the waterfalls of the Trümmelbach are hidden amongst the rocks, and are hardly visible. The wild glacier gorge and the underground waterfalls of the Trümmelbach lie hidden behind rock walls. The water flow can reach 5,200 gallons/20,000 litre per second. The source of the waterfall are the Eiger, Monch and Jungrau peaks snowmelt.
• Jungfraubahn – This route is the section that goes through rock. The ‘Eigerwand’ and ‘Eismeer’ viewing windows offer a great view.
• Hiking; the gimmelwald pass has many hiking trails. The one to the Schilthorn trail is absolute one to take for. The other one to go for is the 7-hour round trip hike from Gimmelwald to Oberhornsee. The most amazing series of flower-filled Alpine meadows, cow pastures, and waterfalls are bonuses that one gets to see during the trail.
• For a relaxing walk, take a stroll to Allmendhubel and Winteregg, a restaurant at the end.

How to get there:

• By Train/Gondola/Foot
Catch the Lauterbrunnen-bound train from the Interlaken Ost Station, and get off at Lauterbrunnen and taking the Grindelwald. Eurail/Inter-rail passes, board the train. Get to Gimmelwald, with the Post Bus and ride a gondola. At Lauterbrunnen, cross the street and board the yellow Post Bus heading for the Stechelberg gondola station, and get off there Ride the gondola up one station to Gimmelwald. One can also hike up to Gimmelwald from Stechelberg.
• Alternate Route via Mürren:
One can Catch the Lauterbrunnen-bound train from Interlaken Ost and ride Lauterbrunnen-Grütschalp cable car to Grütschalp and then get to Grütschalp-Mürren train at the same station and get off at Murren. Take 30 minute walk or ride the gondola to reach Gimmelwald.
• Get around: To get around, foot is the best option and the village is small enough to be explored by foot.

Best time to visit / climate:

The place has its own activities for summer and winter.
In summer, a cable-car takes you high over the rocks to Gimmelwald (1400 m). Hiking trails are many enough to go for. The Alpine village has 13 farms and its houses decorated with an array of flowers. Footpaths leave directly from the house and lead to green meadows, cool streams and scenery worth watching for. This place is known for its food like cheese, sausages.
In winter, skiing, snowboarding, getting on toboggans etc., are the activities to enjoy for in this place.

Location on Google Maps:

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Driving directions from Zurich to Gimmelwald:

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Places to stay (hotels / restaurants along with website / contact numbers):

• Wikitravel (restaurant, hotel)
• http://www.tripadvisor.com/RestaurantSearch?geo=1130592&pid=&q=Gimmelwald%2C+Switzerland&cat=&src= (list of restaurants)
Tripadvisor (list of hotels)

Blogs / Sites about Gimmelwald:

• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gimmelwald
• http://wikitravel.org/en/Gimmelwald
• http://www.travbuddy.com/Gimmelwald-travel-blogs-1190794

Images and photos of Gimmelwald:

• http://www.gimmelwald.ch/pictureshow.htm
Google Search
• http://photos.igougo.com/pictures-l3824-Gimmelwald_photos.html
• http://www.traveljournals.net/pictures/switzerland/gimmelwald/

Videos of Gimmelwald (Google Search)

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