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Travel – Sion – The Place of Castles in Switzerland

Sion is a city which is the capital of the Swiss canton of Valais in Switzerland. Its population is around 28,800. It is also known as Sitten in German and means “The place of Castles”. Sion was occupied during the Neolithic era but it seems to have started to really develop during the Celtic times. It has two jutting rocky hills, medieval castles Valère and Tourbillon and a flat valley floor.
Its landmarks include the Basilique de Valère and Château de Tourbillon. Sion also has an airfield and FC Sion which is a Swiss Super League Football team. The Airfield organizes Public Air shows. There have been Aerobatic steams; for example, the Frecce Tricolori from Italy was well as the Patrouille de France. The Roman Catholic diocese of Sion is the oldest in Switzerland and one of the oldest north of the Alps.

Places to see
• Basilique de Valère – The Valère basilica (Basilique de Valère), is a church in Sion. The church (Notre-Dame de Valère) was built during the 12th and 13th centuries. This church is full of Swiss architecture.
• Château de Tourbillon – The Tourbillon castle (Château de Tourbillon) is a castle in Sion in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. It is located on a hill and the Basilique de Valère, located on the opposite hill.
• FC Sion – FC Sion is a top league Swiss soccer team located in town.
• Vineyards: Just outside the city centre, Sion is full of vineyards. It is really nice to see bunches of grapes and to watch the landscapes. It shows the varieties of vines of different species of grapes and shows the different types of wines per district.
• NAX: This is a village around Sion. This village can be reached by a bus or a car. It is worth a visit because of its location on the top of a plateau and its views of Rhone plain and the “Bas Valais”. It is also known as “THE BALCONY OF THE SKY”. This village comprises of old wooden houses, oven, a church and magnificent Alpine Flora.
• Sierre – Chateau De Villa: There is a village close to Sion, called Sierre. It has a castle named CHATEAU DE VILLA. One can take a walk or get a train to reach the castle.
• Sierre – Chateau Merciere: The village Sierre has another castle name chateau merciere which is 15 minute uphill taking the Escaliers-Jean-Daetwyler from the train station. This castle and the villas have nice park with flowers.
• St. Leonard – The biggest underground lake: St. Leonard is a small village near sion which has the biggest underground lake in Europe. This lake is 300m long, 20m wide and 10m deep. One can take a boat to navigate.
• THE OLD TOWN: The Tourbillon Castle and the Valère Fortress are part of the Old town. The Old town is for a nice walk with nice buildings around and streets are traffic-free. There are many churches in the heart of Old Town.
• Notre Dame Du Glariere – It is a Cathedral with Romanesque tower built in 12th century and later rebuilt in the 15th century. Church has works of art; wood etc. Close to it there is the smaller 16th century EGLISE DE ST THEODULE.
• Chateau De Valere: This church is on a hill built in 12th century. It organizes old organ. Frescoe, postcard view from the terrace are its special features.
• Rue Du Grand Pont: It is a street of Sion which is full of flags. It is a 3D reconstruction of the old city, river inside the wizard’s tower. The Town Hall and an astronomical clock are the highlights.
• Tour Des Sorciers – WIZARDS’ TOWER: The Tour des Sorciers (12th C.) is remain of the medieval city walls. It is a 3D reconstruction of the old city, river inside the wizard’s tower.

How to get there:

To get to Sion, rail is the easiest method. The route the goes through Sion starts from Brig and goes towards Montreux.

By Train: From Milano (Italy) To Sion in Switzerland. There are at least 10 departures per day of trains from Milan in Italy to Geneva which have a stop in Sion. Four of them are direct trains (Cisalpino train). They pass through the Simplon pass and Tunnel

Get around: This area is excellent for hiking in alpine valley. One can view the Swiss Architecture and go up the shills to take a look of castles and churches.

By air: Sion Airport is the airport of Sion. This connects to other airports.

Best time to visit / climate:

The best time to visit Sion is summer, that is around May, June and August.

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