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Travel – Meiringen, famous for being near to the Reichenbach Falls

Meiringen is a town in Switzerland. There are two major attractions near Meiringen, the Aareschlucht Gorge. It’s much famous for the Reichenbach Falls, a mighty waterfall which falls from a height of 100m. There is also a Sherlock Holmes museum that is located in the basement of the deconsecrated English Church in Conan Doyle Place. Meringue is known to be invented in Meiringen. Meiringen has an area of 40.59 square kilometers (15.7 sq miles). The Reichenbach falls are a very nice attraction to visit with a fun funicular train ride to get up to them and a fairly spectacular set of falls when you get to the top.

Places to see:

• Reichenbach Falls: It is a mighty spectacular waterfall. This is a 656-foot waterfall is best known for its fictional significance as the place of Sherlock Holmes’s death. One can walk to and beyond the falls. One can enjoy a wonderful view at the Gasthaus Zwirgi which is just above the Reichenbach falls which takes 20 minutes by walk. It is also a starting point of unique walking tours through the Reichenbachtal Valley – Grosse Scheidegg – Grindelwald. It is open from May to October.
These falls can be reached by a funicular train ride. The Reichenbach-funicular was built in 1899. The track is just 714 meters long; the height-difference is 244 meters, which has been modernized. Trains run ever 15 minutes and the ride will take 7 minutes. Free parking is available at the station and to reach the funicular ride it takes only 20minutes from Meiringen station.
Timings are 09.00-11.45 a.m. + 01.15-05.45p.m.
In July and August between 09.00a.m- 06.00p.m.

Sherlock Holmes Museum
It is a specialty museum that is dedicated to the famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. The museum is very small and down a flight of stairs, (no obvious disabled access). It would be cramped if there were a lot of people.

It is a ski area downhill in a scenic mountain.

• The Living Museum Jobin: This museum is set up to learn about the traditional wood carving of the village.

• The Aareschlucht Gorge: Schlute is a gorge carved out over many years by the Aare River. Taking a walk along the board walk, supported on the wall of the gorge is enjoyable. The distance is over 1 km and the width of the gorge diminishes as you go from South to North. The walls are 180 m high.

• Gelmersee: One can see the Gelmer Lake and the mountain. The walk around the lake or to go on higher to the Gelmerhutte at 2412 m as the lake is at 1849 m.

Things to do:

• Bike through the Haslital
It is a 28 kilometer bike ride on the valley of Hasli. From Meiringen one can go to Balm/Unterbach along the canal to Brienz where one can visit the Living Museum Jobin which is to learn about the traditional wood carving of the village. The Ballenberg museum is on the way back.

• Tälli Klettersteig/ Via Ferrata
This is the first via ferrata of Switzerland and still one of the longest, 600m height difference (about 80m of ladders). Start at the Tällihut and hike for about an hour to the start of ferrata. One can see mountain goats run down sometimes. The other alternative is to drive up to the Tällihut by car or take the Tällibahn.

• Sidelhorn Hike
This one is a short hike up to the peak of Sidelhorn which is at a height of 2764 m. Hike difference is about 600m but it is a little rocky. The starting point is the Grimselpass. Then at the Totensee follow the signs to Sidelhorn. It might take more than an hour up and the same down. This hike is ideal before July or it will have much snow.

From Meiringen one can drive up to Grimselpass (past Guttannen). At the pass height there is enough parking.

• Trift Hut Hike
This is a stunning hike which lasts about 8 hours round trip along the Trift Lake and some waterfalls. One will have to cross Haning Bridge which is an adventure and highlight of the hike. Some ladders are built in so nothing to worry. The fist part of the hike can be done by cable car. The Trift hut was renovated in fall 2007.

• Gelmer Hut Hike
This is a nice three to four hours round trip to the Gelmer Hut along a little mountain lake and some waterfalls. It can be reached by a cable car. It’s the steepest hike. The ride is good for viewing around.

• Meiringen-Unterbach air base
One of three main air bases of the Swiss Air Force is located in Unterbach,near Meiringen. Among other aircraft, it operates F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets.

Meiringen did not become an official military airbase until after World War II. In 1998 Meiringen started to be redeveloped with extensions to the famous underground hangars that are used to house its aircraft. The work was completed in 2003. The F/A-18’s of FlSt 11 (Tiger Squadron) at Dubendorf were to be relocated, Meiringen was designated the wartime and training airfield and FlSt 11 moved here permanently in early 2006.

How to get there

Meiringen is accessible by train from Lucerne it take 1.25 hours by zb train to Meiringen. Zb means Zentralbahn which used to be called “Bruenigbahn”. This train continues to Interlaken Ost. From Lucerne you travel along parts of Lake Lucerne, Lake Sarnen, and Lake Lungern and up Bruenig mountain pass and back down to Meiringen. I advise you to sit on the “right” side coming from Lucerne.
From Interlaken to Lucerene to Meiringen railway station. Meiringen is served by Meiringen railway station on the Brünigbahn narrow-gauge railway. This station is also the terminus of the local Meiringen-Innertkirchen Bahn narrow-gauge railway, which links the town with the nearby village of Innertkirchen.
The lower terminus of the Reichenbachfall-Bahn funicular, which links the town to the Reichenbach Falls, is located at Willigen, some 20 minutes walk, or a 6 minute bus ride, from Meiringen station.

Best time to visit / climate:

The best time to visit Meiringen is summer that is around May to October. The Reichenbach Falls, which is also a starting point of unique walking tours through the Reichenbachtal Valley – Grosse Scheidegg – Grindelwald is open from May to October. Sidelhorn Hike is ideal before July or it will have much snow. The Meiringen-Hasliberg ski region is also accessible in this time.

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