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Travel – Ascona, in the district of Locano in Switzerland

Ascona is in the district of Locarno, and is a municipality in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. The official language spoken here is Italian and German. The village is located on the delta of the river Maggia that flows into the Lake Maggiore. Its average population is just about 5000. The village comprises of beautiful colored houses and hiking in valleys is one of the famous activities of the place. This place is scenic and beautiful. It is said to belong to Roman times. This place is actually located on two hills. It was once a small fishing port. Now it is a popular and sought resort. The city is filled with art gallerie and antique stores along with shops.

Places to see:
• Monte Verita: It is a hill above Ascona. It has a Lebensreform vegetarian artist colony of the 20th century. There are two museums comprising of art works in it. Anatta Casa Casa Selma is also located on Monte Verita.
• Brissago: It is a cigar factory that produces the thin-Virginia cigars. It is only ten minutes drive from Granzdorf to Ascona.
• Brissago Islands; the two islands of Brissago are of the Swiss lake basin. The biggest island comprises of a garden with many tropical plants. Over 1500 different plant species are there in this botanical garden. This garden has Mediterranean and subtropical flora. It can be reached within 10 minute by boat from the centre of Ascona.
• Cannobio: This is situated on Lake Maggiore and is a northern Italian town. It has a typical Italian market.
• Ronco: This town is small and is above Lake Maggiore and just 18kms away. It is located between Ascona and Brissago. It has a beautiful view point from Piazza by the church. One can go for a hiking trail from Roncho enjoying the mountain views of Ascona and Lake Maggiore.
• Erich Maria Remarque, the German author of All Quiet on the Western Front is said to have lived here and there is his commentary of the church.
• Bagno Pubblico – It is a public sandy beach. It is an ideal spot to enjoy with family and children.
• Locarno: It is four kilometers away for Ascona. This is another place to visit and enjoy the trails and scenic views.
• Mount Conero: This is also nearby to the south and contains three resort towns, including the pretty seaside village of Sirolo with its medieval centre, Roman ruins and pristine beach.
• Lugano is a lakeside city in Ticino, the Italian-speaking part of southern Switzerland and is a border of Italy. Lugano offers palm trees, picturesque boulevards, stunning views of the lake and the Alps, and plenty of opportunity for outdoor and indoor activities. The climate of Lugano is moderate to temperate.
• San Ciriaco: It is the medieval cathedral with decorated interiors. It comprises of Byzantine art and a pagan temple.
• Teatro delle Muse: It is a museum that belongs to the nineteenth century.
• Palazzo Bosdari: It is an art gallery.
• Cappelleis Coliegio Pontificio Papio: It dates back to1584. It comprises of one of the most beautiful renaissance courtyards in Switzerland.
• Casa Serodine (also called Casa Borrani): It was constructed in 1620. It has one of the most richly embellished façades of the city.
• Museo Comunale dArte Moderna: This museum holds exhibitions of modern art, as well as a permanent collection by Klee and Utrillo.

Things to do:
• Golf – On the delta of Ascona, there is a golf course
• Water sports – One can go for the Scuola Vela can sail; in addition, you have motor boats for hire and water skiing are driven.
• Hiking: A particularly nice walk is the nearly hour-long hike halfway up with grandiose Bilck Ronco direction of Lago Maggiore.

How to get there:
Car: From the north, drive either through the St. Gotthard tunnel or through the St. Bernard and take the exit to Bellinzona.
For Switzerland, however, you need the vignette, which can be bought at border crossings and at most petrol stations.

Train: From the north, the trains run through the St. Gotthard Tunnel to Bellinzona. One needs to change trains for departure. The nearest train station is located in Locarno from where regular buses to Ascona can be taken.

Plane: The nearest major airports are in Lugano and Milan to reach Ascona. In Ascona there is a boat landing. One can regularly commute by buses between Locarno and Ascona.

Best time to visit / climate:
Since the location is in the Swiss Alps and the weather in Ascona is fairly cool year-round, summer weather is generally cool and clear with low humidity and the best time to visit Ascona. Winters in Ascona, in December and January can get quite cold. The temperatures can average as low as the teens. By April, spring is usually in full swing in the region, temperatures are right enough for touring.

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