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Bodrum: Small in size, big in charm (located on the Aegean coast of Turkey)

Bodrum is a small but charming little port located on the Aegean coast of Turkey. It has a population of less than 50,000 people, with the main occupation being fishing, boat building and agriculture. Tourism has become the main Industry of port in the last few years, attracting thousands of tourists each year. Bodrum was once known as Halicarnassus. One of the seven wonders of the Ancient World, The Mausoleum of Mausolus was located here.
Until the 1960’s, this small port town was relatively unknown, but things changed when a group of Turkish intellectuals wrote about their visits to Bodrum. Cevat Sekir, an Oxford graduated Turk, especially, made a huge contribution to opening up Bodrum to the World and the rest of Turkey through his descriptions of Bodrum in his book “Blue Voyage”. Since, then thousands have been inspired to visit Bodrum and experience the same delights, making Bodrum one of the primary tourist destinations in Turkey. It is a perfect blend of the ancient and modern worlds. Along with numerous archaeological ruins, you would find a number of bars, clubs, discotheques and all the usual nightlife activities that are associated with Mediterranean tourist destinations. There are two contrasting faces of Bodrum.
The east side of Bodrum is more electric and charged up, with bars ,beach parties, glamorous people and a nightlife where people don’t sleep. The west side is a bit more sedate, catering more to people who are looking for some quiet time. All in all, Bodrum is a perfect tourist destination, having something in reserve for everyone.

Best time to visit /Climate:

The climate of Bodrum combines the best of Mediterranean and Aegean weather. Summers are hot and winters are mild, humidity is low and sunshine is available 300 days a year. It is perfect for people who love sun bathing. Summer highs can reach up to 35 degrees C. But it’s cooler in the evenings and night, making it the perfect romantic weather. Summers are virtually rainless in Bodrum. The best time to visit would be all year round, because winters are only two months long in Bodrum. But still, if you prefer leisurely beach weather, then spring and autumn (Feb-Apr and Sep -Nov) would be the best time to plan a trip, when the average temperature is around 24 degrees C.

Location on Google Maps:

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Directions from Ankara to Bodrum on Google Maps:

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How to get there:

The nearest international airport is 35 km from Bodrum. There are many local flights to Bordum from Istanbul and other big cities of Turkey. Turkish Airlines, flies to Bordum from many international cities via Istanbul. On arriving at the airport you can take a taxi or bus to the town. Things at the Bordum airport are generally very expensive.
You can also arrive via ferry or boat if coming from Rhodes or Cos (Greek Islands)
Buses, as usual, are the most common mode of getting to Bordum. It is connected to other Turkish cities through a network of bus services. Bus rides may just take a little more time, but are much cheaper.

Places to stay (Hotels / Restaurants along with websites / contact numbers):

From five star hotels to budget accommodations, there is something to suit everybody’s pocket in Bodrum. There are many 2-3 star hotels and bed and breakfast places in Bordum. The quietest places are near the hills. Hotels in the town centre are generally small, because of the popular nightlife. But around town there are many spacious hotels of all types.

Some of the top rated hotels are as follows:

1. Aegean Gate Hotel (5 star)
Guvercin Sokak, No.2 | Akcabuk Mvk, Kumbahce Mah, Bodrum 48400, Turkey
2. El Vino Hotel (5 star)
Omurca Mah.Pamili Sok.No 14, Bodrum 48400, Turkey
3. Hotel Samara (4 star)
Kaynar Mevkii Torba, Bodrum 48400, Turkey
4. WOW Resort Bodrum (5 star)
Gumbet Koyu, Bodrum 48400, Turkey

Some popular Bed and Breakfast places:
1. The Butterfly
Unlu Cadde 1512 Sokak No 24, Bodrum 48400, Turkey
2. Hotel Bizimtepe
Karaincir Akyarlar, Bodrum 48400, Turkey
Source: Trip Advisor

Eating out is a pleasure in Bordum. From local eateries to international restaurants catering solely to tourists, everywhere, the food is delicious and of high quality. Cuisines from all over the world are available in these restaurants. There are hundreds of eating places, from restaurants to local snack bars, McDonalds and pizzerias. The Sea food is excellent too.

Some of the top rated restaurants are given below:

1. Kafedaki Restaurant & Cafe
Oasis arkasi Karaburgaz Mevkii | Pedesa Villalari Alti, Bodrum, Turkey
+90 252 317 02 75
2. La Jolla Bistro
Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi No:174 | Across from Bodrum Marina, Bodrum, Turkey
Tel: (0252) 313 7660
3. Alp Kaptan
Dr Mumtaz Ataman Cad, Rasattepe Sok No 9, Bodrum, Turkey
Tel:0090 252 316 86 86
4. Mimoza
uyuk Iskender Cd | Gusmusluk, Bodrum, Turkey


1. A brief history:
“As a place where people have lived continuously for thousands of years Bodrum has an incredibly deep history. Its position in or near so many of the great civilizations and events of ancient history also makes Bodrum (Bodrum’s ancient name was Halicarnassus) an important site for historians. Finding one source of complete historical information on Halicarnassus is apparently impossible, so the account that follows is a distillation from several sources.
The Father of History, “Herodotus“, was born in Halicarnassus…
The first settlement in Bodrum which left structural evidence behind was on the rocky little island where the Castle of St. Peter now stands (the castle was once completely surrounded by sea). When the Knights of St. John arrived to build their fortress, they found the ruins of an old castle, now known to have been built by the Dorian’s roughly around 1100 BC.”

2. Things to do, sightseeing and attractions:
“During the peak season, the beach that stretches between the castle and Halikarnas is very good for swimming; The water is roped off to prevent boats coming in, and the beach and water is cleaned daily by the restaurants and by the city authorities. Sun beds and beanbags on the beach are free of charge, although the restaurants that own them will bring you menus or offer you drinks every half hour. Another option is to go to the nearby beaches of Gumbet or Bitez: Grab a Taxi (15/25 Lira) or go to the bus station and hop on a Dolmus (2/3 Lira). These beaches are much more suited for sunbathing and have actual sand (Bodrum’s beach is mostly pebbles, whereas the water at Gumbet & Bitez is very shallow), sun beds are free of charge and loud music is also there to entertain you. There are several pools with bars that do not charge an entrance fee even if you are not ordering anything. A variety of water sports is offered.”

“Bodrum has been famous for nightlife for decades, ever since an old Ottoman-Greek mansion overlooking the water was converted from a family pension to be the renowned Halikarnas Disco. But loud music and dancing clubs are not the only thing to do at night. I prefer a quiet dinner at an open-air table in a waterfront restaurant along Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi.”

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