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Antalya: A Mediterranean Paradise located in Turkey

Antalya is the capital city of Antalya Province, located on the Mediterranean coast of south western Turkey. Surrounded by the Taurus Mountains, the city is immensely popular with tourists because of its spectacular scenery and beauty. The beautiful and clear Mediterranean coast, combined with the Taurus Mountains on both sides give the city a divine look, which has transformed it into the primary tourist destination of Turkey and an international holiday destination. Its splendid combination of historical, natural and archaeological beauties, along with the perfect summer climate makes it a paradise for tourists. Ancient ruins scattered all over the city give us a peak into its mystical past. This is a city that has seen many successive civilizations. The Romans, the Arabs, the Greeks, the Turks, the ottomans etc. all have left their mark with their architectural leftovers.
Kaleici is the historical centre of the city, which has been restored to its original ancient past. It has a magnetic appeal to tourists with its restaurants, hotels, entertainment and shopping facilities. It still preserves the old Turkish archaeological characteristics. It won the Golden Apple Prize for its restoration achievements, the Oscar of tourism. All over the city, architectural ruins and traces of Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman cultures can be seen. The beaches with their crystal clear Mediterranean blue water are another tourist attraction. Konyaalti Plaji is the main beach, with rough sand and pebble, running several kilometres. The place has a very exciting nightlife complete with bars, discotheques and alcohol. The beaches are surrounded by clubs and many old houses in Kaleici have been turned into bars.


The climate of Antalya is almost heavenly. The weather is typical Mediterranean with summers being hot and try and winters being temperate and rainy. Antalya can be visited all year round but the best months would be between May and October when the temperature is around 25 degrees C. July and August can get a bit hot with temperatures reaching 36 degrees C. Overall the climate is mild and summers are 8-9 months long.


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Driving directions from Ankara to Antalya on Google Maps:

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You can reach Antalya from almost any part country even from the remotest parts. Antalya has an international airport, complete with all modern facilities, connecting to major European cities. You can use the sea and arrive by ferry/ boat. The Turkish have a very comprehensive bus system. Trains are also available. Contact your local travel and tours provider to explore your options.

Almost every house in Antalya is a potential hotel. Locals are willing to offer rooms for money, and many traditional houses in Kaleici have been converted into hotels. Tourists looking for just a place to spend the night, or people who wanted to be pampered in luxury, there is something for everyone in Antalya. Some of the top rated hotels are given below:
1. Puding Suite (4 star)
Barbados Ma. Mescrit Sok. 25, Antalya 07400, Turkey
Tel: +90 2422438050
2. Delphin Diva Premiere (5 star)
Kemeragzi Mevkii, Antalya, Turkey
3. Barut Lara Resort Spa & Suites (5 star)
Lara, Antalya 07100, Turkey
4. Tuvana Hotel (3 star)
Tuzcular Mahallesi, Karanlik Sokak 18, Antalya 07100, Turkey
Source: Trip Advisor

Almost every kind of food is available in this tourist heaven. From a kebab bought for a few cents from a street shop or fancy gourmet meals prepared by the best chefs. There are number restaurants to enjoy the food you like and to try out new foods. Kaleici has some of the best restaurants serving everything from local Turkish cuisine to Italian and even Japanese. Sea food is amazing but a bit expensive. The food coupled with the views makes it an experience to cherish forever.
Some of the top rated restaurants are given below:

1. Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant
Tuzcular mah. Karanlik sok. No:18 Kaleici, Antalya 07100, Turkey
Tel : +90 (0) 242 247 6015
2. Mama Rosa
Cuisines: Italian
Tuzcular mah. Karanlik sok | Kaleici, Antalya, Turkey
3. Konukzade Konagi
Cuisines: Turkish
Kilicarslan Mah. Hidirlik Sok. | House No 20-22, Antalya, Turkey
4. Alp Pasa Restaurant
Cuisines: Turkish
Barbaros Mah Hesapci Sok. No:30 Kaleici | Alp Pasa Hotel, Antalya, Turkey
Tel : 90 242 2475676
Source: Trip Advisor


1. A brief history of Antalya:

“From the findings resulting from the archaeological digs carried out in and around Antalya, it has been ascertained that the region was inhabited 50 thousand years ago. The proof was uncovered in the Karain Cave situated near Yagcikoy, 27 km north-west of Antalya. Remains of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Bronze ages were unearthed in this cave.
The Hittites, who are believed to have come to Antalya from the Caucasus and Mesopotamia, exercised sovereignty over Antalya during the years 2500-1400 B.C. Historical maps of the region during the years 2000-1400 B.C. show that the Kingdom of the Hittites encompassed Antalya.
The tribes which came from Trakya during the 8th and 7th centuries B.C. put an end to the Hittite Civilization, and the city states of Pamphylia, Lycia and Cicilia were founded. “

2. Things to do and attractions: (
Kaleici : “This is a lovely area to wander about. Lovely restaurants (Aynali for lunch was a good choice – nice seafood, good service and outstanding views); nice views too of the marina and old Ottoman houses as you walk around. Some streets are a bit steep for those who find walking difficult and you may encounter a few steps. But worth it. Great shops – Pikamo for leather handbags is a must. Bought a couple of beers and several bottles of water at one shop and the owner tossed in a few packets of sunflower seeds jus because I said “Thank you” in Turkish. Got lost / disorientated in the back streets looking for Hadrian’s Gate and 4-5 teenagers wanting to practise their English helped out. Good kids and Hadrian’s Gate is impressive”

A brief intro of Antalya:
“Antalya attracts millions of people with its beautiful nature and historical riches for visiting this city. The combination of the sun, deep blue sea, the mountain covered with trees cannot be seen easily all together everywhere. Antalya Guide has detailed clarification on Antalya, hotels, beaches, shops, transportation, photos, archeological sites etc”.

“City Walls: The memorial Hadrian Arch and The Clock Tower are remarkable and date back to Hellenistic era.
Kaleici: This is the nucleus of a city which embraced many civilizations during time. It is now restored and has become a most attractive touristic centre with its hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment facilities. Kaleici retains all the original ancient Turkish archaeological characteristics. The port’s marina has been completely restored and is well worth visiting. The restoration activities in Kaleici won the Golden Apple Prize, the Oscar of tourism.
Antalya Museum: A prize winning museum and one of the most notable archaeology museums, of the world. It is also the only museum in Turkey with a children’s department exhibiting ancient monuments appealing to children.
Hadrian’s Gate: This ornamental marble arch was constructed in 2nd century BC by the Romans in honour of the Emperor Hadrian. It is the most amazing area in the whole ancient Pamphylia region.
Kesik Minaret (Broken Minaret): Once a Byzantine Panaglia church, later converted into a mosque.
Yivli Minaret: This fluted minaret of 13th century was built by the Seljuks. Decorated with dark blue and turquoise tiles, the minaret eventually became the symbol of the city”

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