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Schaffhausen – City with beautiful culture, buildings and frescos

Schaffhausen is the capital of the canton of Schaffhause, and is located in the northern Switzerland. The old city has many Renaissance era buildings with frescos and sculpture and a fortress, the Munot and is famous for these very reasons. Schaffhausen entered the Swiss Confederation in 1501. Schaffhausen is mostly agricultural land. The town is located between the Black forest and Lake Constance on the upper Rhine.
Rhine Falls in Neuhausen (also known as Rheinfall) is the largest waterfall of Europe and one of the most tourist attractions of Switzerland. One has an accessibility through a train that runs out of the town to the Rhine falls. The 35 buildings in Schaffhausen are listed as Swiss heritage sites of national significance and they include the following: the entire old city of Schaffhausen, the city walls, the Giesserei Werk I factory, the city and cantonal archives, the Schweizersbild Paleolithic cave and the Herblingen and Grüthalde Neolithic settlements. There are four former guild houses and seven houses on the list. The two religious buildings on the list are the former Benedictine All Saints Abbey and the Church of St. John.
The town is surrounded by vineyards and excellent destination for touring. Like many towns in Switzerland, this town is traffic-free and because of its oriel windows and painted facades, the town is considered the prettiest in Switzerland. Most of the guildhouses are from Gothic and Baroque times. The old town is perfect for shopping and the street market is known as the Vordergasse. The Munot fortress, the city emblem was built and designed by Albrecht Durer between 1564 and 1589 and the huge bell of the fortress when rung is a sign of its closing. There are cycle rides one can talk or just walk on the vine-clad slope of the hilly region of the Randen.
In Trasadingen Wine Trail or in the Museum of Viticulture in Hallau, one can learn how to make wine. Along Rhine riverside, the area is ideal for for cycling, walking and boating. The Untersee Lake-Rhine boat trip from Schaffhausen to Kreuzlingen is the most popular and is nearly 50 km long. The Benedictine monastery of St. Georgen now houses the monastery museum. Over the town the castle of Hohenklingen is present.

Places to see:
• Old Town –This Old Town in Switzerland is filled with wonderful Baroque houses and 170 oriel windows and the fortress which were a status symbol on the houses of rich merchants.
• Rhinefall at Schaffhausen – It’s the Europe’s largest and most powerful waterfall, where the water crashes down 21 metres, across a width of 150 metres. In July the water levels are highest.
• The Untersee Lake – Rhine boat trip from Schaffhausen to Kreuzlingen is the most popular and is nearly 50 km long.
• Boat trip on the Rhine from Schaffhausen to Steinam Rhein and on across the Untersee to Konstanz and Kreuzlingen – one of the finest river trips in Europe.
• Former Benedictine abbey of Allerheiligen – the monastery is a church with its 11th century cloisters. It is an important Romanesque historic building, with a herb garden and museum about the town’s history and industry.
• Modern Art Gallery – This art gallery is a former textile factory houses that has large installations by internationally renowned artists.
• The Munot fortress and enjoy the view over the old city and the beautiful landscape. The Munot fortress, the city emblem was built and designed by Albrecht Durer between 1564 and 1589 and the huge bell of the fortress when rung is a sign of its closing.
Other Highlights of the city of Schaffhausen
• Fireworks Display: The Rhine Falls big fireworks display takes place every second last weekend in August. This is a time to be there in the place and enjoy the view.
• Culinary Tour Schaffhausen: Schaffhausen has its culinary side too which can be known in this tour.
• Night watchmen Tours: This tour is for the olden stories of Schaffhausen which are on the scarier side, so if you have a strong heart or like these kinds of scary stories, then go for it. At nightfall the night watchman will tell you frightening stories of terrible court sentences, hangmen, the plague, fires in town, etc.

How to get there:

• By train: From Zurich within 45 minutes to one hour one can take S-Bahn S16 or S33 vi 3 times an hour to Winterthur S33.
• By car: From Zurich one can take the A4/E41 direction north. One can reach right to the city. One shall need a vignette for all Swiss highways.
• Get around: To get around the place take Local buses or walk by foot in the old city.
Buses to all directions are available every 20 minutes when busy or else one can get in 10 minutes itself. One get can get a “Tageskarte” which is like a bus ticket that allows you to use all buses for a whole day.

Best time to visit / climate:

The best time to visit Schaffhausen is around July-August when the weather is just right for boating, viewing and the Rhine falls also at its highest during this time. The view is splendid and enjoyable at this time.

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