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Sattal located in the Kumaon lake region in North India

Sattal is located in the Kumaon lake region (in Uttranchal) and as the name, is an interconnected group of seven freshwater lakes. These lakes are located 22 kms from Nainital and are at an altitude of 4,000 feet, situated in the Lower Himalyan Range near Bhimtal. These lakes are surrounded by oak and pine forests. This area is rich in birdlife and butterflies. Hence it is a spot for nature walks and butterfly watching. Below are the lush orchards in the Meheragaon valley. Trekking, rappelling, biking are the different adventures one can look forward here.
The fresh water here is one of few unspoiled and unpolluted biomes in India. Lot of birds migrates here. Since it is situated in the Lower Himalayan Range, one can observe tectonic activities and uplifting of sediments. The activities are between the Tibetan plain and Indo-Gangetic plains. One can find quartzite here.
Known for its biological diversity, the region has 500 species of resident and migratory birds, 20 species of mammals and 11,000 species of moths, beetles, bugs and other insects and over 525 species of butterflies. The flora comprises of Bryophytes, orchids, rare climbing plants, ferns, lichens, fungi, medicinal herbs and shrubs. Each individual lake has its own unique Diatomindex (The Trophic Diatom Index uses the composition of freshwater diatom assemblages to assess water quality and ecological status).

The seven lakes of Sattal are
• Panna Tal or Garud Tal
• Nal-Damyanti Tal
• Purna Tal
• Sita Tal
• Ram Tal
• Laxman Tal
• Sukha Tal or Khurdariya Tal

The unique avian fauna of Sattal includes red-billed blue magpie, kingfishers, blue-throated and brown-headed barbets, lineated barbet, golden-throated barbet, crimson-fronted barbet, coppersmith Barbet plum-headed parakeet, slaty-headed Parakeet, chestnut bellied rock thrush, woodpecker, grey-capped pygmy woodpecker, brown-fronted woodpecker, stripe-breasted woodpecker, titmouse, babblers, jungle Owlet, fish eagle, pied woodpecker, brown-capped pygmy, yellow-crowned woodpecker, rufous-bellied woodpecker, crimson-breasted woodpecker, Himalayan dollarbird, leaf birds,crested kingfisher, white-throated kingfisher, pied kingfisher, common kingfisher, blue-eared kingfisher, Himalayan kingfisher, Mrs. Gould’s sunbird, green-tailed sunbird, black-throated sunbird, black-breasted sunbird, Crimson sunbird, fire-tailed sunbird, thick-billed flowerpecker, plain-leaf flowerpecker, and many more.

Fish: Sattal has many different varieties of fish. Mahseers are found here in large numbers. Labeo roha, Cirrhinus mrigala, Schizothorax richardsonii and Catla catla are some of the other fish found in the lakes.
Butterflies: Some of the butterflies found at Sattal includes Indian fritillary ,peacock panzy, blue peacock, Paris peacock, red-base Jazebel, red lacewing, yellow pansy, tawny Rajah, red Helen, large silverstripe and thousands of others.

Places to see:
Butterfly museum: There is a rich butterfly museum built by Frederic Smetacek at Jones Estate, which has over 2,500 butterfly and moth specimens and 1,100 species of insects that are found in this region.
Sattal Mission Estate and Methodist Ashram: This is a christian Ashram established by E. Stanley Jone (1884-1973). This ashram is situated on the banks of Sattal lakes, which was one a tea plantation estate. Revered Stanley Jones was a friend of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Earl Denman, who attempted Mount Everest alone and secretly with Tenzing Norgay in 1947, stayed in this Ashram for many years.
Subhash Dhara: There is a spectacular natural spring of fresh water arising out of dense oak forest west of Sattal.

Places around Sattal are
• Town of Bhimtal
• Town of Bhowali
• Naukuchia Tal (Nine-Cornered Lake)
• Ghorakhal
• Golu Devata Temple
• Nainital – 22kms
• Mukteswar-45kms
• Rajkhet
• Shimla

Sattal Festivals
The Shivaratri celebrations during February-march, Dussera during October and 5 day long celebrations, the Bageshwar Mela pilgrimage, during January are the major attractive festivals in Sattal.

Best time to visit / climate:
The best time to visit Sattal is March to June and September to December. April, May and June are summer months offering very pleasant and warm climate within a temperature range of 10°C to 27°C. During winters in December to February, the climate is very severe and the temperature reaches to 2°C and winters are accompanied by heavy snowfalls. The months July and August are the season for rainfalls.

The Shivaratri celebrations during February-March, Dussera during October and 5 day long celebrations, the Bageshwar Mela pilgrimage, during January are the major attractive festivals in Sattal.

Location on Google Maps:

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How to get there:
• Sattal by Air: Pantnagar is the nearest airport, from where you can hire taxi to Sattal. Delhi is the nearest International airport, which is 320 km away from Sattal. Delhi airport is well connected with major cities within the country and abroad. Taxis are available from Delhi and the fare is about Rs 6500.
• Sattal by Train: Kathgodam Railway station, about 36 km away from Sattal, is the nearest railhead. Pre-paid taxi services are available from Kathgodam to Sattal which costs about Rs 750. Regular train services are available from Kathgodam to Delhi and also to other cities in India.
• Sattal by Bus: National highway 87 to reach Kathgodam, from where you will be diverted on the road to reach thisdistrict.Sattal is well connected with nearby cities like Nainital and Ramgarh in the state. Tourist and State owned bus services are available from Delhi to Sattal, covering the distance of 320 km. Bus fare is nearly about Rs 1100.

The distance chart is as below:
From and Distance
Delhi-302 km
Nainital-52 km
Almora-109 km
Kasauni-158 km
Haridwar-237 km
Rishikesh-254 km
Rajaji National Park -280 km
Dehradun-289 km
Mussoorie-314 km
Auli -317 km gives exact train names and flight names with details of distances, timings and days when available.

Places to stay (hotels / restaurants along with website / contact numbers):
? Sat Tal Birding Camp is located at 4400 feet in a small village of Bhakgtura, 4 km from Sat Tal in Nainital district.
? This deluxe has 5 tents with ensuite facility. The can has local village character overlooking a wooded valley.
? The camp is flanked by pine and oak forest. Little dip pools attracts various species of birds.
? This is an ideal base for birders, nature enthusiasts, walkers and the visitors wishing to explore Sat Tal and surrounding area.
• give hotel names, addresses, price etc.,
• gives touring offices with addresses and contact numbers.
• gives numbers, names, and locations of the restaurants in Sattal.
• it’s a camp that takes u in and around Sattal.

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