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Saint Moritz – one of the most well known places in Switzerland

St. Moritz is a town in the Engadine valley, also known as resort town in Switzerland. The Eastern Alps lie in the south of the town and are in its highest summit. St. Moritz is in the district of Malorja. It is a municipality in the canton of Graubünden. St. Moritz is also called as Alpine Metropolis. It has several Tourist attractions. The best of them are lakes, mountains, spas, luxury hotels and shops.
The people of St. Moritz speak mostly German and Italian as second most common and Portugese as the third most common language. Saint Moritz’s scenic beauty is breathtaking and enjoyable both in winter and summer with its own uniqueness. It is a good place for hiking, biking, skiing, touring and resting.

Places to see:
• The Segantini Museum: A Swiss heritage site of national significance. Plazza da Scoulaand is dedicated to Giovanni Segantini, who was a painter. Enganide painting was his life.
• The bobsled run: It is a very rare natural bob sleigh. It runs by mid December each year.
• Glacier landscape view: This can be seen by descending from Diavolezza to the Morteratsch Glacier.
• Piz Corvatsch: The 3300 metres high Piz Corvatsch with its ice cave is splendid and beautiful. The Glacier Grotto at the summit station is another one worth visiting. Its eight-kilometer long ski slope is down to St.Moritz-Bad. There are hiking trails on the Corvatsch. From Murtèl to Furtschellas, they run past mountain lakes and Alpine pastures.
• Bernina Express – This train is the most scenic railway in Europe to the Puschlav.
• Muottas Muragl – It is most impressive view over the lake region of the Upper Engadine. In winter one can reach by toboggan from the summit to the Valley Station.
• Piz Nair Wall – This is a ski point and top skiing skills are a must and it is very steep.
• Swiss National Park – It is spread over 172 square kilometers. It is Switzerland’s biggest nature reserve.
• Olmpia Bobrun: It is a sports complex. One can have a fantastic experience here.
• Lake of Staz (Lej da Staz): This is actually a hotel with its unique mountain view and a stylish cuisine. It has a frozen lake by its side (around February) and is in the middle of the larch forest. One can walk to the hotel either from St. Moritz or through other surrounding villages. The view of the mountains, middle of the forest and the lake makes it worth it in winter.
• Engadine: It is a valley.
• Engadine Museum: This is a historical museum.
• Casino St. Moritz: This is a casino, a place to have good time.
• St. Moritz Bader (Spa Complex), Ayurvedis Medical Center, Medizinisches Therapiezentrum: These three are different types of spas and can be visited on the basis of choice of the method.
• Kulm Executive Golf Course: If one is a golf lover, this is a golf course where some sporting can be done.
• Riding Center St Moritz: This is a horse-riding stable.
• Palm Express: This express will take one on a scenic ride by bus from St Moritz – Lugano.
• Piz Bernina: This is a view point from the highest peak in the eastern Alps.
• Berry Museum, Galerie Gmurzynska: These are Art galleries, a perfect place for art lovers.
• Corviglia Tennis & Golf Center: This place features an indoor driving range. It is a sports complex.

How to get there:

One can get to St.Moritz by train, bus, car, or air.
By train: There are train connections from Chur over the famous Albulapass, from Tirano (Italy) over the Bernina Pass.
From Milano: “Bernina Express” – take train to Lecco
From Tirano – The Bernina Pass to St. Moritz is enough.
“Glacier Express” to Brig / Zermatt will take 8 hours.
By air: Basel (4 hours by car) or Zurich (3 hours by car) has International airports. There are Aeroplane connections from Zurich to Samedan, which is the local airport near St. Moritz. Samedan is about twenty minutes drive from St.Moritz
For one travelling by car from Switzerland Julierpass are the only passing which is open in winter. One has to take the highway A 13 as far as Thusis – from there the roads lead into Engadine valley over the Julier Pass. In winter, it’s one’s choice, whether to drive or take a train, which is preferable.
For people coming from Davos or Klosters , take the cartrain from Klosters through the Fluelapass.
If one is driving from Italy then drive over the Bernina or the Maloja.
The next airport is in Samedan.
There is a postbus from Lugano to St.Moritz provided one has reservations for it.
To get in and around St. Moritz, there is a very good system of Public transport.
Biking is very good around St. Moritz but in winter few parking places are available.

Best time to visit / climate:

The best time to visit in summer is from mid June through mid-October and in winter is December through early April. For skiing, skating and other winter sports and for snowy view, the time is winter and for hiking, biking, mountaineering, sailing etc., best time is summer.

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