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Grindelwald – a great place for trekking

Grindelwald is a village and a municipality, located in the Interlaken-Oberhasli administrative district (in the canton of Bern) in Switzerland. It is located at an altitude of 1,034 meters (3,392 ft) above sea level. Grindelwald is famous as being a starting point for Eiger and Wetterhorn. One can say it is a right place for trekking on Alps. Grindelwald is famous for its accessibility of ski lift to First. There are many spots as tourist’s attractions.
This place is also famous for INTERNATIONAL SNOW FESTIVAL that takes place in early January and is held for 6 days. People, in a team, come from the world to create sculptures from snow blocks. The best ones are awarded.

Hence it is a place for tourists in the weathers, summer and winter.
The summer is a good time for biking, hiking, view points, mountaineering etc.
Winter is a good time for skiing, snow skating, snow festival etc.

Places to visit in Grindelwald
• Maennlichenbahn Jungfraujoch: A must visit place for all the tourist going to Swiss. The place is a beauty of nature with its shining snow, scenic mountains. The view from the top is a feel of never ending beauty. The highest place in Europe is Jungfraujoch, which is, 3,454 meters. Jungfrau can be visited by train from Interlaken (Interlaken Ost – Lauterbrunnen – Kleine Scheidegg – Jungfraujoch – Grindelwald – Interlaken Ost). The whole train ride is enjoyable with a scenic view. There is a sphinx observatory on the top, at Jungfrau. There is an ice cave too with exhibits and sculptures fully made out of snow, which is a rare thing to see and which children really enjoy. Adding to it there is a self service restaurant and a coffee stand. There is a snow paradise out from an opening. Sometimes it is full of fog, so check before going as if there is too much fog; one can’t take full advantage of the view.
• The Wetterhorn Vetter horn: For an awe-inspiring view from Grindelwald, this place needs to be visited. There is a ropeway from Firusuto observatory located in the village. From this observation tower, the horn can be viewed. To the right is a nice view of the Eiger North Wall. There are hiking trails through Bahhaarupu Lake which has stunning views of the Berner Overland.
• Bachalpsee: from the “First” Station, one can reach Bachalpsee by walk. Hiking poles from Bachalpsee to Faulhorn would be helpful for hiking. The view at Bachalpsee is very beautiful. In addition, here, Faulhorn is the oldest Mountain Hotel in Switzerland. Roundtrip First to Bachalpsee to Faulhorn and down to Busalp is a total duration of five hours with beautiful scenic ride with stops.
• Firusuto Reach; The place is an observatory, with a bonus, there is a cable car from the way. One can view glaciers and peaks of the Alps, something which is enchantingly beautiful.
• Lutschine Gorge – It goes through the rock in Mettenberg. One can reach the end of the glacier by trekking.
• Jungraujoch Railway – One can take a ride on the highest railway line in Europe, famous for its scenic, breathtaking, beautiful views.
• Other places to see are Aelfluh, Schwarz horn Alpigeln, Grosse Scheidegg Pfingstegg(biker’s paradise), Bussalp(ski area).

How to get there:
• By train: A regular train can be taken from Interlaken. Grindelwald has two train stations: Grindelwald and Grund. The train station of Grindelwald is in the centre of the town. On the way to Kleine Scheidegg, in the valley floor is the Grund station. The Wengernalpbahn connects Grindelwald to the Kleine Scheidegg from where the Jungfraubahn ascends inside the Eiger to the Jungfraujoch and trains descend to Wengen. Many major Swiss cities are connected to Interlaken. The Gondelbahn Grindelwald-Männlichen connects Grindelwald with the Männlichen and with onward travel on the Luftseilbahn Wengen-Männlichen offers an alternative route to Wengens
• By road: The other best main option to get to Grindelwald is car. The other possibilities of travel are Charter/Tour buses, taxis, and car rentals. By road it takes 30 minutes by scooter to Grindelwald from Interlaken.
• Hiking: In summer and early fall, hiking into Grindelwald from Bernese Oberland trails, with the assistance of gondolas / cable-cars is an option.
• Getting around: One can take any local bus service can be taken to get to nearby destinations.
Best time to visit / climate:
The place of Grindelwald is best to visit both in summer and in winter, it being both a winter as well as a summer tourist destination since you have both sets of activities in both the weathers. It accommodates beginners, intermediates and those experienced with skiing, hiking, and biking. During the summer, Grindelwald is full of flower blooms and its scenic views, lakes are best enjoyed. Hiking, biking etc., are the best things to do. During winter, skiing, snow skating etc., are famous. This place is famous for its International snow festival which is in winter. It is poetically described as that in the winter months it turns into a picture post card with its traditional wooden chalets and pastures. They are enchanting as they are covered with a blanket of snow.

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