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Berne – a beautiful city in Switzerland

Berne is located in Switzerland.The city of Bern or Berne population of 122,925, the fourth most populous city in Switzerland. Bern is also the capital of the Canton of Bern, the second most populous of Switzerland’s cantons. The official language of Bern is German, but the main spoken language is the Alemannic dialect called Bernese German; most residents of the city speak both. In 1983 the historic old town in the center of Bern became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Bern is ranked among the world’s top ten cities for the best quality of life.
Berne is a medieval city founded in 1191, on and around the River Aare. It was here in Berne that Albert Einstein worked, the Toblerone chocolate bar is made, and Emmenta cheese, known as Swiss cheese, reached out to the world. With its stately sandstone buildings, historical towers and 11 magnificent fountains, Berne is one the most impressive examples of medieval town architecture in Europe. Berne provides immense entertainment opportunities to the visitors. The city houses a number of theaters and opera houses, where you can witness some classic performances and music. Moreover, there are a variety of fairs and festivals organized in Bern, which spreads vibrancy and enthusiasm all over. Some of the important festivals are Gurtenfestival, Queersicht, Buskers, etc. Zibelemärit (onion market), an annual fair held on the fourth Monday of November, is a great attraction here.
The places to see are Botanical garden, prison tower, Christoffle tower, Schweizerische Alpine Museum and others as below.
• Arcades – These arcades extend throughout the town shopping is a delight, whatever the weather may be.
• Seat of Government – the Houses of Parliament are one of Bern’s landmarks as well as being the seat of the government.
• Old City of Berne: Sandstone houses, narrow streets, fountains and the medieval air make this city unique. It was found in the 12th century on a hill site surrounded by the Aare river, Berne developed over the centuries in line with a an exceptionally coherent planning concept. The buildings in the Old City, dating from a variety of periods, include 15th-century arcades and 16th-century fountains. Most of the medieval town was restored in the 18th century but it has retained its original character.
• Rose Garden -This garden is a lovely place to visit. Here you can see the city and the river and all the mountains surrounding the area. One of the best places for taking pictures and resting.
• Gurten – The view of the Alps was fantastic, and climbing up the viewing tower gave wonderful views of Bern.
• Einstein museum – The museum was once the apartment of Albert Einstein, it was here where the great scientist developed the theory of relativity. It is interesting to see where he and his wife lived while he came up with the greatest ideas of the 20th century. The apartment is quite small and modest. There were some interesting displays on his scientific work, but that is covered much better in the History Museum.
• Federal building – The home of the Swiss national government; this building’s political significance stands out. The Federal Palace contains the two chambers of the Swiss Parliament.
• Clock Tower (Zytglogge Zeitglockentrum) – This clock tower served as Bern’s west gate from 1191-1250. The tower was once used to imprison prostitutes. This clock tower once served as the western gate of the city. The clock was put in 1527-30 and was made by Caspar Brunner. People lover astronomical clocks and this square are always crowded at four minutes to the hour when the mechanical figures start their round. The show ends with a crowing rooster. The surrounding shops and cafes are plentiful and attractive.
• Museum of fine art – This large art museum houses the world’s largest collection of Paul Klee works and has an extremely impressive selection of 20th-century artists.
• Zentrum Paul Klee (Paul Klee Center): It has worldwide biggest collection of works by the artist Paul Klee and is the cultural centre designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano consists of three wave-shaped building sections.
• Bern Cathedral – Located in the center of the Old Town, this 15th-century cathedral sports a towering 328-foot-tall spire that dominates the city skyline.
• Bern’s Historical museum – This museum features furniture and other antiques that demonstrate how people have lived in Switzerland for the past two centuries.
• Bear pits – Brown bears have been associated with Bern since the Middle Ages and had been kept in a bear pit since the sixteenth century.
• Cathedral at Munsterplatz / St. Vincent (Munster Kirche) – The Germans influenced late Gothic style is at its height in the Munster St. Vincent, Bern’s cathedral. The architect was from Strasbourg, Matthaus Ensinger who began work in 1421.
• Golden Knight clock tower – This is a must-see Bern landmark’s bell has rung on the hour since 1530.

How to get there:

Public Transport: Bern is directly connected to the international train system and is the only European capital serviced by all three high-speed trains, the TGV, ICE and Cisalpino.
By Car: The Autobahn junction Bern is connected to European highway E4. The road connection to the south is warranted by the car-train transfer through Mt. Lötschberg, or the road tunnels of Great St. Bernhard or Gotthard.
By Air: The airport Bern offers numerous international connections. It is situated 9 km from the city center and is serviced by scheduled buses (from the train station). There is a direct train link to the international airports of Zürich and Geneva.

Best time to visit / climate:

The best time to visit Berne is from May to August and in July, August month’s tourism is the busiest here. Many people consider June and September the best time to visit Berne, when the weather is still pleasant, but there are fewer tourists and hotel prices can be cheaper.

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