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Basel – a historic city in Switzerland

Basel is located in Switzerland, in the northwest corner near borders of France and Germany. This city was called a Roman fort by the name of Basilia, around 370 A.D. Basel sits near the oldest known Roman settlement on the Rhine River, Augusta Raurica. The colony of Augusta Raurica was founded in 44 BC, though evidence of older Celtic settlements has recently been unearthed in the area.
Basel has running tours in the city, making it easy to explore. Imagine exploring a city at your own pace, seeing the sights, discovering secrets usually only known to locals, while getting some exercise in. Basel Running Tours has designed a selection of accompanied tours to jog guests around the city, explaining the landmarks, the history and things to do. The guide runs at your speed with stops every five minutes at key points of interest.

The different places to see in Basel are:
Anatomisches Museum, Kunsthalle, Fine Arts Museum (Kunstmuseum), Museum for Contemporary Art (Museum fur Gegenwartskunst), Historisches Museum Barfusserplatz, Offene Kirche Elisabethen, St. Joseph Kirche , Spalentor (City Gate), Pharmazie-Historisches Museum, Peterskirche, Naturhistorisches Museum, Matthauskirche.

The popular locations are as below
• Munster (Cathedral): A visitor would be entranced with its architecture. One cannot believe its size and the size of its main doors.
• Basler Zoologischer Garten: It is near the market plaza in one of the largest zoos in Switzerland. The zoo, built over 130 years ago, encompasses 10 hectares (26 acres) and houses some 4,500 animals from over 600 species. Etosha House- is a particularly impressive section of the zoo. The facilities emulate savannah conditions and contain animals native to the African desert such as cheetahs, meerkats, dung beetles and wild dogs. It is called Zolli by the basel folks.
During the last 133 years many spectacular breeding successes could be celebrated, a big vivarium was connected to the zoo, with many fish and even sharks and animals are presented as naturally as possible to the guests. The standard and reputation of Basel Zoo is regarded as being very high throughout the world. The zoo is located not far from the railway station and can be reached from the city center by using tram line no. 10.
• Flohmarkt – It is a flea market.
• Jean Tinguely Museum – Take the tram #2 or 15 to Wettsteinpl and bus #31 or 36 to “Museum Tinguely.” The museum is open Tuesday-Sunday from 11am-7pm. Admission is 10 Francs for adults and 7 Francs for students. Children under 16 are admitted for free.
One of his pieces, Fasnachtsbrunnen, is featured on Theatreplatz right in the center of Basel. The rusty looking sculpture with the hose wildly spitting outside of the Tinguely museum is the perfect preview. Jean Tinguely’s artwork mainly revolves around moving metal structures that make lots of noise; this makes the museum a fun place to be for kids as there are big red buttons just asking to be pressed at every stop. Every room of this museum is filled with Tinguely’s monstrous, kinetic chef’s d’oeuvres. Anyone who thought art museums have to be stodgy will likely change their minds.
• Music Museum of the Basel History Museum (Musikmuseum): Jailhouse Blues (1835-1995) in Basel’s Old Town, there was a prison (1070) that had been an Augustinian monastery.
• Puppenhausmuseum (Dollhouse Museum): This museum features a historic variety of play objects including dolls, dollhouses, Teddy bears, carrousels and miniatures from all over the world.

The other things to do include Day trips to many sights, scenic and historical, are within easy driving distance of the city. Frances Alsace region and Germanys Black Forest are only a short drive away. Rolling hills offer fantastic views of the beautiful countryside. Old castles are scattered throughout and the ruins of Augusta Raurica are only 10kms away. Bern and Zrich are only an hour away by car and the Swiss Riviera is a 1-hour 30-minutes drive past Bern.

Activities and leisure
In warm weather, swimming in the Rhine is a common way to pass the time. The river is perfect for cooling off during warm summer afternoons. Basel is small enough to get around on foot. Many visitors enjoy strolling along the charming cobbled lanes, flanked by nostalgic shops and cozy cafes.

How to get there:

EuroAirport: Basel Mulhouse Freiburg is located about four kilometres away, on the French side of the border. Frequent flights link EuroAirport to locations in the rest of Europe. Currently, direct flights outside of Europe only connect to Cuba, Jamaica and the United States. Facilities at the airport are sufficient for most travellers and include a bank, ATMs, a bureau de change, a duty-free shop, a restaurant and some bars as well as disabled traveller access and assistance. Switzerlands rail system is so well developed that it is possible to fly into Geneva or Zrich and catch a train to Basel.

Best time to visit / climate:
If one wants to avoid the crowds, try visiting in April or November, when the weather is still comfortable and prices are more reasonable. Basel receives an amazing 330 days of sunshine, on average, every year. Only in autumn does a fog threaten to obscure the sun. Summers, while occasionally humid, rarely get warmer than 30C. Rainfall is very slight, ranging from 50mm during the winter months to just under 100mm in the summer months.
Located in the northwest corner of Switzerland, near the borders with France and Germany, Basel is surprisingly one of the warmest places in the county. Winters are mild and temperate, and summers quite warm, sometimes uncomfortably hot.

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