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Mori, a hill station located in North India

Mori, is a hill station located in the North Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is located along the banks of Tons river, in the Jaunsar Bawar region. The pleasures of Mori lie in it being a mixture of both being good for relaxing and as an adventure spot. The best part of the adventure is white-water rafting on the Tons river. One can swim in the river and enjoy to your fullest but with safety. There are a few camps like Aquaterra adventures where you can enjoy. These camps allow us a glimpse into the tantalizing world of this yet unexplored Himalayan belt.
For kids these water adventures and sandy beaches of the Tons rivers are heights of enjoyment, and they can spend a large amount of time over there. Guided nature-walks and bird watching, diverse flora and fauna are part of the enchanting experience for one and all. In addition to these, Rock climbing, River rafting, Kayaking, playing cricket and volley ball and other activities await kids who come here. Tons river is an offshoot of Yamuna river, originating at Bandarpunch peak of 20,720 feet.
Outing and camping are the biggest attraction of Mori because of its scenic appeal and tons river. There is Icchhari dam, which can be reached on the Tons river. The day here begins with a wake-up call from the birds and scenic first rays of sun. There are options of cycling, rafting, trekking or just having a picnic in the shade of pine trees. The Tons Valley also boasts of the only Indian temple dedicated to Duryodhana.

Places to see in and around Mori

1. Ancient Duryodhana Temple: This beautiful wood–crafted temple is built by the Pandavas. An interesting point to note here is that whereas the Svargarohini peak in the Jaunsar Bawar region is venerated for its Pandava connection, the region’s temples are dedicated to their antagonist cousins, the Kauravas, and Karna and King Shalya.
2. Lunagad Creek: It is a small waterfall which is a half-hour walk. It is surrounded by Pine forests, with a few Gujjar huts scattered in between.
3. Netwar: Netwar is 11 Kms from Mori, and is the point of confluence of the Rupin Gad (a tributary stream) with the Tons river. There is a charming temple dedicated to Karna, an ally of Duryodhana. The Jaunsar- Bawar is probably the only region where Duryodhana, villain of the Mahabharata epic, is venerated, and it’s interesting to see Jaun­sari villages having beautiful wooden temp­les dedicated to Duryodhana.
4. Jakhol: The Duryodhana Temple at Jakhol – at a distance of 20 km from Mori, and on the Har-ki-Dun trek route – has an actual idol of the lord (unlike other temples in the region that are devoid of an idol ) and is treated as a seat of divinity.

Mori – Best time to visit/climate

Best time to visit is April – September and particularly May is a good month to visit. The Weather is pleasant. Temperature varies from 12 to 21°C. The outdoor activities peak up during this month. May is pleasant with warm days and cool nights.

Location on Google maps

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Route from Mussorie to Mori:

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How to get there

• By Air: Jollygrant which is 175 km away from Mori and is situated in Dehradun is the nearest airport. Jollygrant airport is connected to Delhi airport. Taxi services are available from airport to Mori and it costs about Rs 3300. Delhi is the nearest international airport which is 410 km away. Delhi is well connected to all major cities in India and many cities abroad
• By road: Mori is well connected to many cities in the region by buses. Private and public buses offer services from Mori to all nearby cities. Regular frequent bus services are available from Mori to Mussoorie (139 km).
• By train: Nearest railway station is also Dehradun, which is nearly 175 km away from Mori. This station is connected to all cities in India. Taxi services are available from Dehradun to Mori, costing about Rs 3300. Convenient rail heads are Haridwar Jn.(195km) & Dehradun (175km).

Places/hotels to stay

The Three most famous Camps here provide with every thing.
• Aquaterra Adventurers
They set up a rafting camp at the confluence of the Lunagad creek with the Tons, the camp operates from mid-April to June, offers 25 well-spaced-out tents and a warm central dining area. Each tent has two beds (a third bed can be accommodated for a small child), a bedside table, two chairs and a small patio. Activities at the camp include river-rafting, rock-clim­bing, rappelling, nature and village walks, midnight rambles, and team-building exercises.
For more contact 011-29212641/ 2760
• Great Indian Outdoors’
Their camp, Mystic River Campsite, operates from mid-May to mid-July, and offers 25 comfor­table Swiss tents, a multi-cuisine kitchen and, of course, rafting on the Tons. They also organize treks to the Ruinsara Tal.
For more contact 0124-4081500
• Himalayan River Runners’
Theirs is a self-contained campsite that tries to make the most of the great outdoors. It offers 12 tents and a range of activities, including rock-climbing, rap­pelling, river-crossing, still-water kayak­ing, waterfall treks, nature walks and bird ­watching.
For more, contact 011-26852602
• http://www.holidayiq.com/India-Hotels-Resorts-Vacations.html
• http://www.indiatravelnext.com/mori/hotels-in-mori.html

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Images of Mori, Uttarakhand

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