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Zurich in Switzerland: A beautiful city, one of the most attractive European cities with a host of things to do


Zurich is one of the most famous cities of Switzerland, situated at the northern corner of lake Zurich. The city is bordered by wooden hills, with the centre of the city being the “Lindennof”‘ a small natural hill on the west bank of ‘Limmat’ (river). The city has a number of tourist attractions such as museums, art galleries, walks, the lake, railway journeys, access to Winter Sports, cultural events, etc. The city has the busiest airport, railway station and most people travel to Zurich by either air or train. However travelling to Zurich is also possible by roads. Zurich is a historical city, being 7000 yrs old city that was actually founded by Romans (who called it Turicum). In terms of being described as a place to live, the city has been acknowledged to be the city with ” The Best Quality Of Life” and is also the richest city in Europe, and a financial center for the whole region. When we talk about the areawise division of Zurich, it is currently divided in to 12 Municipal Districts.


Historically, in Roman times, the city known as Turicum at that time, was a point more in the nature of a tax collection point, on the border of Gallia Belgica and Raetia, for goods transported on the river Limmat (that runs through the city of Zurich). Their was some expansion of the city over a period of time, with a city wall being built during the 13th century and enclosing an area of 38 hectares. Over a period of time, there were political transformations, including being part of several treaties, with the power of the city increasing and decreasing.


Zurich is very significant in terms of transport, with the city having the busiest train station and airport in the country. The main mode of transport in the city are through the Railways, Trams, Buses; with a number of people coming to the city via air, through the Zurich International Airport which is situated around 10 kilometers northeast of the city. Public transport network, in addition, also has the following modes – Boats on the lake & on the river. One good facility is that once you buy a ticket for a trip, this ticket is valid on all means of transport (Public transport such as Train, Tram, Bus, Boat), and is one of the major strong points of the city’s transport network.

Economy and people

Zurich is significant in that it is the main economic zone of Switzerland. The city of Zurich is an attractive destination for banking giants and a hub for leading financial institutions. Zurich also serves as one of the main destinations for cultural events. The city is not very large in terms of population, having approx 3,00,000 population, but this is enough to make it the largest city of Switzerland. This population actually contains maximum no of Swiss citizens followed by Germans & Italians.
The most popular language of Zurich is Zurich German as it is the mother tongue of more than 75% of the population. The second most used language is Italian which is followed by a few other language like Serbian, Crotian, Macedonian, Spanish, English, and Albanian. However, since it is a tourist location, language is typically not a constraint when traveling in the city.
In terms of religious proportion, the 20th century saw a shift towards a larger section of the population having Catholicism as their faith, and they form the largest section of the city; however, like many other sections of western thought, there are an increasing number of people who declare that they do not have any religious affiliation.

Climate and Attractions

If we talk about climate of this beautiful city, the statistics are a simple example of why people enjoy being there. Zurich city has four distinct seasons, with summers being much warmer, with average high temperatures of 21-24 degree C (and a low temperature of 10-12 degree C), winters being much colder with average temp. of 10-12 degree C. The months of Spring and Autumn are much better, being cool and mild. The overall classification of the city in terms of weather is a humid continental climate.
What is Zurich’s claim to being a good tourist location ? It can be called a heaven on earth, with a bountiful quantity of such attractions as a great climate, some incredible locations, churches, museums, etc. Some of the many sights to visit are the Church of Grossmunster, Fraumunster, St.Peter are some of the great places that one should visit during a tour to Zurich. For museums, Kunsthaus Zurich, Swiss National Museum, Haus Konstruktiv are great museums that have a collection of modern art, and whose construction, and design tells the story of a city that showed the transformation of an old city in becoming global and one of the attractions of the world. In addition to all these, the Sun Rise Tower of the Serbian district is also a great attraction to the tourist. A more detailed list of such attractions in the city are:
A listing of the attractions of Zurich:
1. Rhine Falls
2. Museum of Art (Kunsthaus Zurich): This museum has a very impressive selection of modern art, and a comprehensive collection all th way back to the 1600’s
3. Church of Our Lady (Fraumunster): A beautiful church, with stained glass windows and a spire seeming to point towards heaven
4. Zurich Toy Museum: A thrill for all kids, this museum has a collection of toys
5. Zurich Zoo: A large collection of animals from all over the world
6. Swiss National Museum: Visit to learn more about Swiss history
7. Great Church (Grossmunster): Originally constructed a very long time back by the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne
8. Belvoir Park: A large park, enjoy strolls through this park
9. The Old town on the banks of the Limmat river
10. Johann Jacobs Museum: Specialty museums
11. Bahnhofstrasse: Enjoy shopping on this famous street of Zurich
12. Criminology Museum (Kriminalmuseum)
13. Museum of Masks (Bündnermasken-Keller)
14. Paleontological Museum (Paläontologisches Museum der Universität)
15. Opera House: A pretty famous cultural location in Zurich, it opened in 1891
16. Flea market Bürkliplatz: Flea markets can be a lot of fun to shop in for all sorts of stuff; open 6am-3:30pm every Saturday, May to October.

Here are some photos from the time that we had spent some time in Zurich.

The exterior architecture of a building in Zurich, Switzerland

Streets in Zurich have large electric overheads because of the train and tram system
Streets in Zurich have large electric overheads because of the train and tram system

Inside the train station in Zurich
Inside the train station in Zurich

Angular view of the bridge over the river Limmat in Zurich
Angular view of the bridge over the river Limmat in Zurich

A view of the Bridge on the Limmat river in Zurich, Switzerland
A view of the Bridge on the Limmat river in Zurich, Switzerland

A tourist bus conducting tours of Zurich in Switzerland
A tourist bus conducting tours of Zurich in Switzerland

A river cruise on the Limmat river in Zurich, Switzerland
A river cruise on the Limmat river in Zurich, Switzerland

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