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Karjat – Mountainous Wonder – Located in Maharashtra, India

Karjat – Mountainous Wonder
State : Maharashtra
Location : Mumbai’s closest trekking destination is by the banks of the Ulhas river.
Distance : 88 km SE of Mumbai.
Time : By Road : 21/2 hrs, By Rail : 13/4 hrs.

How to get there from Mumbai :
Vashi bridge to Panvel ; NH4 till Chauk; state highway to Karjat.

Best time to visit Karjat :
Karjat is great in Monsoons. The area is green even from September to December but can be excruciatingly hot from March till June. Karjat gets pretty cold in the winter.

Std Code : 02148

Location of Karjat on Google Maps:

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Karjat is where the coastal plains of the Konkan end and the Bhor Ghat begins. In the monsoons and just after, the area is a luxuriant green. Karjat has a number of health resorts, farmhouses and is a base for some easy treks in the area. During the monsoons tourists enjoy rafting in the upper sections of the Ulhas River, near Karjat.
At a great height, surrounded by an expanse of agricultural land and dotted by farmhouses, Karjat comes close to a fantasy hilly town. Karjat, well connected by road and rail from Mumbai, is one of the cleanest hill stations of Maharashtra. Well known for trekking, Karjat is surrounded by steep slopes.
Karjat provides excellent roadways to the mesmerizing Western Ghats. Tourists frequent Karjat because of its accessibility and closeness to Ghats. Karjat’s scenic view makes it a flawless beauty.
The entire area consists of mountains. These mountains are easily connected by rail from Mumbai. Karjat is centrally located with roads branching out to Murbad, Kalyan, Shahpur, Kasara Ghat on one side and Khapoli , Khalapur,
Neral, Ambarnath, Badlapur, Panvel, Pen on the other.

Places to visit in and near Karjat

– Kondana Caves situated in Karjat offers the ancient lifestyle of Buddhist followers. Ancient rock-cut caves, Kondana Caves are very famous Buddhist caves. These caves enclose sculptures, vihara, cahitya and stupa. Sculptures and stupas are specimens of the ancient period Buddhist architecture. There was a natural disaster in the form of an earth quake in early 1900 by which many stupas, front entrance and floor of the caves were damaged.
From Karjat, drive or take an autorickshaw to Kondana village. From the village, follow an easy trail to the ruins of the rock-cut caves of Kondana.
– Peth Fort, also known as Kotligad, is a major attraction of the small village Peth nearby to Karjat in its north east region. Peth is a conically shaped hill and it offers a panoramic view of the foothills. The fort is at the pinnacle of the mount and it is placed perfectly on the back drop of Matheran ranges and Western Ghats. One can view the Konkan country side from the fort and the beauty of this view is majestic.
– Health Resorts, these are main attractions for health conscious tourists. The resorts offer all facilities for perfect traditional holistic therapies. These resorts provide facilities for inpatient Ayurvedic treatments such as Massaging, Nasyam and other forms of Ayurvedic treatments. These places have facilities for natural therapies and aroma therapies as well. Diabetics control, stress control and obesity control programs are proved to be very efficient for the people who suffer from these disorders. Meditation and Yoga are integral parts of the therapies offered in these health resorts. These resorts offer absolute solitude and a pretty life by merging with the nature.
– ND Studio: When Bollywood shifted to Karjat, this scenic village was on the map of not just directors but also tourists. ND Studio has become a major stopover for people traveling to Karjat. Several films, TV serials, commercial ads have been shot here.
– River Rafting : Karjat on the banks of the Ulhas river is a perfect place for many water sports activities. River Ulhas tempts the tourists to have a great experience of river rafting in the most exciting cool and calm waters. Perfectly blended with nature, Karjat’s river rafting is really an adventurous experience, with many of the visitors offer themselves for the passion.
– Trekker’s heaven : Karjat is a renowned area for trekking due to its undulated hilly terrains and slopes. Karjat offers medium to very demanding adventurous trekking trails. The main trekking trails from Karjat lead to Matheran, Peth and Chanderi fort. The villages in Karjat namely Sandshi, Kondiwade and Khandpe are offers good trekking facilities to enthusiastic travellers.
– Bhimashankar Area : Located in the Sajyadri ranges, Bhimashankar is a huge massif, with a thick reserve forest. It stands at an altitude of 1005m. At the top of this massif, there is a huge plateau where the Bhimashankar town and the Bhimashankar temple are situated. Bhimashankar is a popular pilgrimage spot, since the Bhimshankar templem dedicayed to Lord Shiva is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Shiva. The highest point of the massif is Nagphani, because it looks like the hood of a cobra from a distance. The Bhima river originates from here and flows down towards the Deccan.

Places to stay in Karjat

– Satya Health Farm : On the banks of the beautiful River Page, lies Satya Health Farm. It is located at Karjat, just 85 kms from Mumbai and offers rejuvenation, recreation and relaxation.
Vanjerwadi, Karjat, Raigad – Dist, Maharashtra – India
Website : satyahealthfarm.com
Tel : 02148-246154,246208
– Dr. Modi’s Health Resort : Nestled amongst soaring mountains, Dr. Modi’s Resort is spread across 50 acres of lush greenery. It is the perfect venue for conferences, seminars, banquets and parties.
Post Kirauli, Village Wanjale, Taluka Karjat, District Raigad ( Maharashtra ) 410 201
Website : modiresort.com
Tel : 02148-222316
– River Gate Resort : It aspires to set up world class facilities for the discerning travelers, set on 26 acres of lush green landscapes and manicured gardens lying nestled between the majestic mountains of Matheran, Murbad & Lonvala. The River ‘Pej’ flows on the periphery of the resort.

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