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Tree House Hideaway – Bandhavgarh National Park, India

People look for exotic holidays, and vacation providers try to provide such services. One such trend is to move away from the same old house like structure and instead provide a different way of living. So, welcome to the concept of living in trees, and this is not the Tarzaan type of living in trees, but more of a proper treehouse, with privacy, with a great view of the trees, with proper bathroom facilities, and food, and of course, since the facility is located in a wildlife sanctuary, you get the chance of being able to see wild animals from the relative safety of the treetops.
So what is the Tree House Hideway ? These are an exclusive setting of 5 Tree houses are spread in a dense jungle on the edge of the Bandhavgarh National Park, in a total area of 21 acres. The design is such that they seem to be merging into the jungles of one of the finest tiger reserves of the world. Because of its unique location and blending in with the local environment, you are more likely to spot animals (including the elusive tiger) from the privacy of a wood balcony, which is part of the luxurious tree top cottage in which you are living. For somebody who thinks of a tree house as having a rudimentary design, these can be surprising. They are made to appeal to even people who appreciate design, in a fetching fusion of traditional jungle living and contemporary design. These tree houses are self contained, meant for people who want to live in the lap of nature, as well as a perfect getaway for a couple that is fanatical about privacy. The bedrooms are furnished with understated accessories in natural and earth tones. And of course, you would really enjoy this, every tree house has an open air shower overlooking the forest while the attached washroom receives a continuous supply of hot and cold water round the clock.

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Once you are in the tree house, one of the activities you would really like to do is to enjoy the national park, and for that purpose, you have a Morning and Evening Jeep safari that is organized in the Tiger reserve, with all the vehicles being 4 x 4 Suzuki open jeeps, fitted with comfortable bucket seats and fridges. Inside the park you have the option of leaving the jeep and getting on the elephant to take your chance of getting close to the tiger. In addition, you have the Bandhavgarh Fort inside the park which forms the heart and the highest point of the park which you can plan to visit.
In addition, to increase the chances of spotting a tiger, there is a small water body at the hideaway. This water body is frequented by many animals including the Tiger, and if you have the patience, then spending of a few quite hours on the machaan may prove rewarding especially for photographers. And like any other nature park, you will have a large number of bird species, so carry your binoculars.

How to get there:

By Road: Bandhavgarh is located in the heart of central India, and takes time to reach, not being relatively easy to reach, the road journey towards the end is through beautiful forests, jungle villages and stunning landscapes. The beauty of Bandhavgarh combined with the call of the wild makes the journey worthwhile especially when you are expecting an audience with the King of the jungle.
Bandhavgarh is 34 km away from Umaria, it is 220 km away from Jabalpur, the nearest railhead and airport. Khajuraho is 280 km away while Satna is 112 km away.

Distances from important towns to Bandhavgarh.
Delhi : 880 Kms (approx.21 hours)
Khajurao : 280 Kms (approx.6 hours)
Satna : 112 Kms (approx.4 hours)
Katni : 95 Kms (approx.2 hours)
Kanha National Park : 240 Kms (approx.6 hours)
Jabalpur : 220 Kms (approx.4 hours)
Varanasi : 475 Kms (approx.9 hours)
Allahabad : 345 Kms (approx.7 hours)
Rewa : 225 Kms (approx.2 hours)
Umaria : 34 Kms (approx.1 hour)

By Air :
There are daily flights to Khajuraho from Delhi by Jet Airways, Indian Airlines and Kingfisher and from Khajuraho it is a 5-6 hour road journey. There are also daily flights to Jabalpur from Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, Gwalior and Bhopal by Deccan airways, Kingfisher and Indian Airlines, from Jabalpur it is a 4 hour drive.

By Train :
Bandhavgarh is connected by train, Umaria, Katni and Jabalpur are convenient rail head and many trains connect there from all parts of the country.

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But once at the resort, you feel like king and queen. The rooms are very well furnished, keeping alive the feel of the woods around. The wooden deck attached to every room is just the kind of place where you can spend hours and hours.

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Bandhavgarh, because of its smaller area and abundance of deers and sambar is the ideal place to see tigers in their natural habitat (We got to see 4!). The forest is deciduous and grasslands sparse which make tiger sighting easy. But do not go there for the tigers alone…the rest of the flora and fauna is equally interesting (at least after you have seen the tiger!). They have one safari in morning at around 6, when the jeeps are divided into 4 groups and reach a meeting place through 4 different routes through the jungle.

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The next day the Mahouts (the Elephant ‘drivers’) had found a tiger, fit for a ‘Tiger Show’. This means that they have located a tiger, somewhat off the road (where the jeeps can’t get close), but close enough to make it in reach for a small walk of the elephant. The tiger normally just had breakfast and hence will be laying and sleeping with a full belly. This time they had located ‘B2’ the Alpha Male of Bandhavgarh!

Photos / Picture of the Tree House
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